How to make a harness-lead for a decorative ferret do it yourself


The ferret is a funny, agile and curious animal. Walking around the apartment will quickly bore him, he will want to explore uncharted territories. It is impossible to release a pet into the will of one. Ferret harness is sold at any pet store. The accessory is quite expensive, so it’s better to make it yourself.

  1. Why do we need a ferret lead
  2. Materials for sewing the harness
  3. How to make the harness to the home ferret
  4. How to wear the harness to the ferret

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Do-it-yourself harness for a ferret Why a ferret needs a leash

Owners of domestic ferrets know how cute these animals are They’ll climb into any corner, they’re all curious, they need to know everything. You can walk with your pet only within the house. But the owner and the beast will soon get bored with it. Any animal should be in nature, at least a little bit. How to walk with a rodent down the street? If you let him out, he will feel freedom, he will run everywhere, and the owner will have to run after him. You can walk calmly only with a ferret on a leash.

There are special harnesses for ferrets, they do not fasten to the collar. A simple collar will choke the animal, cause discomfort. Sewing a harness for a ferret is easy with your own hands. This does not require large time and financial costs.

A ferret leash should have an average length (less than 2 m).

There are many problems with a long fixture. The pet can run away far, get confused in the bushes. At the end of the product, they make a loop to make it easier for the owner to restrain the pet.

Materials for sewing the harness

Ready harness for the ferret in stores is expensive. It is very simple to make it yourself. To stitch the harness, you need to prepare materials and accessories. These include:

  • tape made of strong and durable material (tape length – 3-3.5 m, width – 10-15 cm);
  • carabiner and half ring (connection leash with a base);
  • a couple of fasteks (fasteners that are used in the manufacture of backpacks);
  • adjusters.

The harness pattern is done after volume measurements chest and neck of the pet. The measurement results are transferred to the tape with a seam allowance (2-3 cm). This must be done to ensure the animal proper comfort. Also, an allowance is useful if the animal grows up or recovers.

How to make a harness for a domestic ferret

Before making a harness for a ferret with your own hands, you need to prepare materials, measure the neck circumference and the chest of the pet. An example of a finished pattern of a harness can be easily found on photos and videos on the Internet.

Instructions on how to make a harness for a ferret:

  1. Using previously made measurements, cut 2 pieces from the tape (for the neck and for the chest).
  2. Cut the jumper.The length of the tape is equal to the distance between the neck and the front legs.
  3. Attach the adjuster to the edges of each piece (for the neck and chest) and sew on the fastener parts.
  4. Attach the carabiner ring to the jumper.
  5. Stitch the parts with a jumper.

The leash can be made even easier than the harness base. A carabiner clings from one end of the tape, and a loop for the hand is made from the other. The length of the product should be less than 2 m.

If synthetic tape is used for sewing the harness, its edges will necessarily be scorched so that the fabric does not crumble in the future. This will ensure a long product life.

If you don’t want to bother and do the harness for the ferret yourself, you can spend money on the finished accessory, but you must measure the animal before buying.

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How to wear a harness to a ferret

A ferret is a beast that appreciates freedom. Even designer leashes for ferrets will not appeal to him It’s not easy to dress a pet for walking: he will break out, fight and bite, and then he will also try to rip off a leash or cross shrink it.

How to wear a harness on a ferret:

  1. Begin to put the accessory on the ferret on top. First you need to fasten the collar. The optimal gap between the neck of the animal and the tape is the thickness of the index finger.
  2. Fasten the harness on the chest tightly.
  3. After a few minutes, so that the animal could get used to the new state of affairs, fasten the leash carabiner to the base.

the pet will kick while dressing, but on the street all fears and dislikes will pass: he will happily walk, because there are a lot of interesting things around go.

Gradually, the pet will get used to the harness, dressing the accessory will become easier. If the animal kicks constantly and behaves sluggishly on a walk, he is uncomfortable.The harness is too crushing, you have to adjust the size.

To enjoy a walk with a domestic ferret, you need to buy or sew a harness for the ferret. Making an accessory takes less than an hour. The product should fit snugly to the body of the pet, but not squeeze it.

It is difficult to dress the pet before walking, you will have to be patient. Time will pass, and he will even like to walk on a leash.

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