Description of the American Blackfoot ferret

The Red Book is full of different views animals that are on the verge of extinction or have disappeared altogether. Among them is the American Black-footed Ferret. This animal belongs to the family of marten and due to the fault of poachers it almost disappeared from the mainland. Thanks to the efforts of livestock breeders and local history experts, Black-footed ferrets are already slowly recovering their population.

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Характеристика хорька породы Американский Черноногий

Characteristics of the American Blackfoot ferret

This is a very unusual animal both in color and in habit. Its habitat and historical homeland is North America, where they are now actively reared. After being listed in the Red Book, the trochees began to be actively protected, and from Now any hunt for these animals is strictly punishable by law.

Description of the American Blackfoot ferret

The description of this type of ferret is worth special attention because this breed has remarkable appearance features.

Distinctive features of the Black-footed ferrets:

  • The ferret has a long elongated body and neck, short and thick legs.
  • The fur color of such animals is yellow-brown, on the back is darker, and towards the tail and paws it generally turns black (hence the name Blackfoot American ferret).
  • Exc considerably below the ferrets was a rock is a so-called mask around the eyes (coat color around the eyes of these animals black).
  • Do ferrets of this type of large rounded eyes, standing out against the white muzzle, which is seen as a black nose.
  • The shape of the claws is pointed and slightly curved.
  • The average weight of the female is in the range from 650 to 850 g, and the male can reach a mass of 1200 g.
  • By the average length of the body of the described trochae is 350-600 cm, and according to statistics, the females are always 10% less than the male representatives of this breed.
Внешний вид хорьков породы Американский Черноногий

Appearance of the American Blackfoot ferrets

Such an expressive appearance does not leave anyone indifferent, which is why hunters highly enyatsya skins of small animals, although it is important to remember that what is now The Red Book contains the name Blackfoot American ferret, which automatically prohibits any activities aimed at the type of depopulation.

American Blackfoot ferrets can be seen in the reserves of North America. Or, if you can’t visit another continent, anyone can easily admire the photo of the Black-footed ferret on the Internet.


Black-footed ferret is an animal that until the beginning of the last century was quite common. The historical range of animals is a territory stretching from southern Canada to northern Mexico. For North America, this species is the only indigenous representative.Today, a tourist can observe the described choirs only in 3 territorial limits in the northeast of Montana, in the western part of South Dakota and in the southeast. Wyoming. In addition to natural habitats, people can also see how the American ferret behaves in a zoo or reserve. In places of natural settlement, the population has been restored. Recovery continues to this day.

Knowing the range of these animals, it’s quite easy to guess the conditions of their living:

  • Steppe and hilly terrain in the vast expanses of North America.
  • The abode for the American trochee often becomes an abandoned hole that a meadow dog left (in such holes it’s easier for animals to make tunnels and hide from hunting).
  • To get food, one representative of such a breed, on average, needs a lot of space: limits 40-45 ha.
  • Females having home, survival requires even more space: up to 55 hectares.
  • One male can enter several females at once into the range of habitat.

Black-footed ferret is a freedom-loving creature which requires a large amount of free space for a normal existence. Such animals do not tolerate restrictions and even in zoos always get a large area.

No less interesting is the life of such animals: the lifestyle they lead must be given special attention. Attitude to the Kunih family left its mark on the habits and habits of trochees.

Lifestyle and Nutrition

The American ferret leads mainly a nocturnal lifestyle. This is a predatory animal, whose activity occurs at night. Having a good sense of smell and even sharper hearing, representatives of this breed can easily navigate without sunlight. Black wool allows them to remain less visible.

During the hunt, representatives of this species climb into the burrows of their victims (small rodents), where they deal with their prey, and then settle for a while. They are quick and agile due to the structure of their calf.

Black-footed ferret is a lone animal. He does not try to get into the pack and only creates a pair during the breeding season.

Образ жизни Американских Черноногих хорьков

American Black-footed Ferret Lifestyle

With all these qualities, the American ferret is an animal friendly and non-aggressive towards members of its species.

The ration for such animals consists of a large number of options:

  • small rodents hiding in holes;
  • large insects;
  • small birds, etc.

These seemingly cute animals are still predators. According to livestock statistics, one black-footed ferret consumes about 100 meadow dogs during the year. In reserves, they are specially fed, and cubs are fed milk. In the 80s of the last century, all animals kept in captivity were released into a free habitat in order to renew the population and save the species from extinction.


American ferret is a rare, but beautiful and unusual animal. The fact of entering into the Red Book only gives this breed an aura of mystery and makes it even more interesting for people around and tourists.

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If there is an opportunity, then it’s definitely worth watching these ferrets, because, in addition to all external indicators, they are unusually cute, and the black coat forever remains with the observers.

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