Description of White Ferrets (Albino)

Ferrets were domesticated man over 800 years ago. These small predators were used as exotic pets, as well as for hunting rabbits. Nowadays, ferrets are not as popular as cats or dogs, but they are also in demand. One of the brightest representatives of the domestic breed is the white ferret.

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Белый домашний хорек

White domestic ferret

The color of the fur of this animal can be either pure white or sable or champagne shade.In many ways, the albino ferret requires the same care as regular home ferrets, but some features are still ec b.

Description of the appearance of the animal

The white domestic ferret is physically similar to the representatives of the black forest species. It was the first albino forest ferrets that were the founders of the domestic species animal.

The animal has a flexible and long body, which allows him to climb holes in the natural habitat. The average size of the predator is from 35 to 50 cm. The weight of an adult reaches 400 g. A similar body structure can be observed in dachshunds, which is why ferrets were used as an alternative to these dogs when hunting rabbits.

White ferret possesses the same physical data as his black wild relative: he is fast and maneuverable, can jump high and instantly reacts to danger.

The wool of this breed of animals is distinguished by its snow-white color. This shade of hair is due to the lack of melanin in the body of the predator. This element is responsible for the color of the fur and eyes of animals. It is noteworthy that white ferrets can be not only albinos. Representatives of this species have sable, pearl and champagne color. Thanks to the unusual color, photos of animals are often decorated with reference books and atlases.

White ferret puppies are always born with light monochromatic fur. By the second week of life, it may begin to get dark, and the subsequent color of the animal already depends on it.

The absence of melanin in the body is considered a recessive phenomenon, therefore, even a black ferret can give birth to a black puppy.

Nature of the breed

Since the ancestors of the ferrets are wild forest predators, this leaves a definite imprint on the domestic breed. Nevertheless, many scientists worked on the breeding of this species, so the albino ferret gets along with humans and cannot survive in natural conditions.

The animal combines many character traits that require constant monitoring:

  1. Curiosity. The body shape of the white ferrets allows them to penetrate into many forbidden corners of the house, so you need to monitor the animal. The pet always carefully examines its territory and can make a mess if you do not look after it.
  2. Active games.Ferrets readily play with humans and other brethren, but care must be taken: sometimes an over-excited animal may exhibit hunting instincts towards the owner. The pet may bite during play or scratch. In this case, the ferret should be returned to the cage for a while.
  3. Love for attention. Similar behavior can be observed in dogs: ferrets require constant attention to themselves. If you do not show interest in the pet for too long, then it starts to skoda. The animal can be on the heels of a person hoping for affection or a game.

Conditions for keeping a white ferret

In care, you should adhere to the same principles that with the usual breeds of this animal. Domestic ferrets are often kept like cats.

Pets can be trained on the tray, and predators put small shelters with warm litter inside for sleep. It is not necessary for white ferrets to buy a cage for keeping, but if there are small children in the house, then the predator should be protected from them.


The house for ferrets should be spacious and tiered. This is especially true of the closed type of content. On the ground floor, a corner tray is installed in the cage. You should wash it often: ferrets are clean animals and will not go back to the dirty toilet. In a diametrically opposite corner they put a bowl and a drinking bowl. On the second floor there is a small house for sleeping.It can be made from an inverted box by cutting out a round entrance with a diameter of 15 cm in it. For greater comfort of the pet, a climbing system should be installed. This will remind ferrets of their natural burrows.

You can also hang them in a hammock cage: animals like to relax in such constructions. You can make a cage for a predator yourself, for this you need to watch training videos or step-by-step photos.

Home ferret
My albino ferret =)

It is extremely important to observe sanitary standards for keeping pets. The cage must be clean and warm. Do not place the house in a draft or in the cold part of the house.

Ferrets are very sensitive to loud noise and pungent smells – you need to protect the pet’s house from music sources and do not spray air fresheners nearby. It’s also important to try to protect the cage from direct sunlight. Ferrets love shaded places to sleep, besides ultrafio the delicate eyes of albinos can burn for years.

Albino ferret ration

Ferrets are predatory animals, so meat occupies the majority of the diet. In the wild, a rodent may become a victim of these animals or poultry. Protein foods are often mixed with boiled porridges for better nutrition at home. However, it is forbidden to give a lot of crops to a predator: they can fill a pet’s stomach.

A balanced diet of a white ferret should include such products:

  • chicken eggs;
  • homemade vegetables;
  • white meat;
  • veal;
  • fresh fish;
  • vitamin supplements.

This type of animal is forbidden to give sweet and flour. In large quantities, such products can be fatal.

It is better to mix several types of meat at one meal.Ferrets cannot be fed dog or cat food. Many components of this food are not absorbed by the stomachs of animals. As a result, pets begin to rapidly lose weight, they have hair loss and tearing of the eyes.

Particular attention should be paid to vitamins and minerals. Since the albino ferret is proud of its white coat, calcium must be present in the diet to strengthen the hairline. Bone meal and dairy products increase the level of this element in the body well.

To improve the digestion of the pet, the feeding regimen should be observed. In the wild, ferrets are nocturnal animals, so in the morning they eat poorly. It is better to try to feed the ferrets closer to noon, afternoon and late evening. Food should be given at the same time.

It is extremely important to check the quality of the food and wash the bowl of the animal before each meal.

Water for ferrets should be boiled. Predators do not tolerate the increased amount of bleach in the liquid and can get sick.

Caring for the white ferret’s fur

The white hair of ferrets is a cause for pride among their owners. However, maintaining a well-groomed coat condition is quite difficult. Due to the activity and curiosity of a ferret, his coat very often becomes covered with spots that are black in color. White animals should be washed more often than their black counterparts. You should bathe your pet using a special shampoo at least 1 time per week.Ferrets favor hygienic procedures.

To make the coat smooth and shiny, comb it with a special brush. Especially often this should be done during molting of the animal. If you leave the old wool on the body of the predator, then over time it will be confused with the new one. As a result, the skin of a ferret will be covered by untidy white lumps in which harmful insects like to settle.

Sometimes the coat loses its whiteness due to discharge from males during hunting. The sebaceous glands of the ferret begin to work actively and in some places the hair may turn yellow. If the animal is not intended for breeding, it is better to castrate it.

The snow-white coat of albino ferrets is the hallmark of this species. This breed is often pleasing to the human eye from an aesthetic point of view. A photo of a beautiful and well-groomed pet can be hung on the wall as an element of the interior, if you decide to get a real pet it still does not work out.

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