Ferret Care at Home

Today, the owner walking a ferret on a leash will not surprise anyone. As a pet, this animal has several advantages: unpretentious, friendly, amenable to training, in addition, it stands out among the usual pets. However, before you take an animal under the roof of your house, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of its maintenance. How to care for a ferret at home? This article is about this.

  1. Domesticated predator
  2. General rules for keeping
  3. Diet
  4. Leisure and education
  5. Vaccinations for diseases

Уход за домашним хорьком

Caring for a domestic ferret

Domesticated predator

The ferret belongs to the marten family of the mammals class. By nature, the wild animal was domesticated by Europeans more than 2,000 years ago to catch mice and rats A species bred from a forest ferret was named e ferret. Very quickly he began to be popular as a decorative pet. It is interesting that the ferret is often confused with another representative of marten – ermine.

You should not try to tame a wild ferret. In captivity he will not be able to live, in the same way how a domestic one will die in the wild .. By the way, ferrets, if properly handled, live much longer than their free relatives – about 11-12 years. The low life expectancy of the second is due to the difficulties and dangers that await them in the big world: large predators, poachers, the need to get their own food, frost. Sociable and quick-witted, the ferret is able to become a friend to his master. The main thing is to direct his energy in the right direction.

Хорек может стать другом

The ferret can become a friend

General content rules

So, how do you take care of a ferret in your apartment? Consider the main criteria that you should pay attention to:

  • Housing. Spacious and clean, it should be to the liking of the pet.
  • Ration. There is a certain set of products that the animal needs, as well as those that are strictly forbidden to it.
  • Walking and training. The ferret with his playfulness and instinct of the hunter will not sit still.
  • Safety rules. A curious rodent constantly strives to climb into the most inappropriate places, so care should be taken to minimize the possibility of a threat to his life and health.
  • Vaccination. A very important point, which, unfortunately, is ignored by many breeders.

In the wild, ferrets look for a corner among trees, in haystacks, in empty minks of other animals. The pet house is easy to purchase in the store or make it yourself. Old travel bags, suitcases, boxes will do. If you want to build a large ferret house, it is better to choose wood, plywood or other durable and natural materials as the material. The cage, which some owners prefer, is not the best option for a freedom-loving ferret.

In such a house there should be a feeding trough, a drinking bowl, a tray with sawdust.If you live in an apartment and there is no possibility to equip attractions on a walking platform, it is recommended to equip the ferret’s house with ladders and crossbars, on which the animal will be happy to climb. It is better to get animals in pairs: they will never be bored.

The main rule is cleanliness and good climatic conditions. It is required to regularly change the litter in the house, water in the drinking bowl and clean the tray. It is also necessary to ventilate the housing of the beast, make sure that it is not blown by drafts. It should be dry and warm inside the house.

Food ration

A rather picky food ferret is ready to absorb almost everything that he is given. Many owners use this omnivorous, risking harm to their pet. Wild rodent catches mice, ground squirrels, toads, large insects, cubs will hare. The basis of the diet of this little predator is raw meat, but only diet varieties such as turkey, rabbit, chicken breast should be selected for it.

Питание хорька

Feeding the ferret

It is sometimes acceptable to give offal. Do not forget about cereals and vegetables. Eggs and low-fat cottage cheese will be excellent sources of calcium, which is necessary for the development of the ferret’s muscular system. Vitamin-mineral complexes should be added to the main food.It has been established that pets whose diet is dominated by natural foods are less likely to suffer from cancer compared to those who regularly consume dry food.

Leisure and education

The pet needs increased attention from the person. At attention, the baby will repay devotion and affection. Walking in the fresh air during the warmer months occupies a significant part of the ferret day. Those who live in a private house can allocate a separate place under the playground for the animal.

In other cases, it can be taken out for a walk on a leash (to which you should train a ferret gradually). It is undesirable to let go, as the beast can run away or run into an angry dog. It is better to choose sunny and dry weather for walking, in order to get the maximum pleasure from the event and avoid the danger of hypothermia. In winter, you should not keep your pet at home either, only it is advisable to walk during daylight hours and no longer than an hour.

Забота о питомце

Pet care

The main principle of training the ferret is mutual interest. Before ordering the beast to bring the abandoned or execute another command, it is necessary to entice him: perhaps encourage a tasty reward. You should not occupy the animal with physical activity on an overcrowded stomach, but you can not starve it before training. Ideal for charging – an hour after eating.

It is imperative to take care of your pet’s safety. Open windows in the apartment, lit electrical appliances, wires – all this poses a threat to the life of the animal. During the walk, he should not go beyond the allotted territory. The ferret should also avoid contact with large predators.

Vaccinations against diseases

According to statistics, more than half of the animals that were not vaccinated were infected with serious diseases. Among the most dangerous and common – rabies, plague, Aleutian disease. In addition to the fact that an infected animal can die or violate the quality of its life, it also becomes dangerous for humans and other living creatures, so the vaccination procedure is necessary.

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When starting a pet, it is important to remember that this is not a toy, but alive The creature. Recommendations on how to properly care for the ferret in the apartment are not difficult to perform. The main thing is to treat the pet with love and remember that the owner is responsible for it.

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