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Ferret is a very playful animal. These pets are constantly on the move: throwing small things on the floor, naughty on shelves in closets with clothes, and even rummaging in flower pots. That’s why ferret toys are a necessity that can save many problems from animal owners.

  1. What is suitable for games
  2. Features of the manufacture of tunnels for ferrets
  3. How to make a tunnel out of bottles
  4. How to make a cardboard toy

DIY tunnel toy for decorative ferret

DIY Ferret Toy Tunnel

To get rid of the negative effects of fluffy games, you need to make a separate playground out of it. Any toys are suitable for ferrets, from balls to special digging K. You can also make a tunnel with your own hands.

What is suitable for games

Toys for domestic ferrets can be different. Pets love everything that makes noise and moves. animals have large containers filled with small objects, which is why they turn flower pots upside down.

It’s funny to watch ferret games, but sometimes the actions of a fluffy can upset his master: small hooligans constantly find some small things, hide them as own prey. The owner of the small predator should make sure that the ferret plays safely. The only way out is to buy or make ferret toys with your own hands.

The owner of the animal can use various unnecessary things.Since the ferret during games prefers to hide or hide some toys inside the upholstered furniture, on shelves of cabinets and even in plastic bags, he should give possession of an unnecessary fabric bag or hammock. They are also easy to sew. And so that the animal does not rummage through flower pots, he should be given a shoebox filled with small toys, bottle caps and other unnecessary things.

Various toys for domestic ferrets

Various toys for domestic ferrets

Cat toys will be a good entertainment for a ferret: the animal reflex to hunt small rodents takes its toll. By tying a small soft toy to the thread and dragging it across the floor, you can make the pet hunt. When a person cannot play with a ferret, the homemade product should simply be hung from the door handle.

The ball playing will also be of interest to him. Ferrets often chase them around the rooms, like cats.

But the ferrets’ favorite place to play is the tunnels and mazes.

Features for making tunnels for ferrets

A tunnel is a toy for a ferret, which he will never refuse, because in nature these animals often attack small rodent burrows during hunting.

It’s not difficult to make such an object yourself.The main thing is to know some features:

  1. The design of the ferret toy should not have pointed edges, so braid should be applied to the edges of the tunnel.
  2. The dimensions of the tunnel should be large. The longer and wider, the ferret will be more interesting. In addition, the diameter of the pipe itself should be taken into account. The main thing is that there should be enough space for the animal to turn around in the tunnel.
  3. There should be openings in the walls for air access. Since the animal can play in it for a long time, it is important that it receives the necessary amount of oxygen.
Ferret Tunnel Production Principles

Principles of making ferret tunnels

With your own hands you can construct a ferret tunnel in many ways. Some toys can even be made by children in minutes. In addition, their quality will not be much different from expensive products that are sold in specialized stores. And the ferret himself will love such a toy and spend most of his time in it.

To make a toy for pets, ordinary plastic bottles, pipes, and cardboard can be used. Each ferret owner can choose any option that will be available to him. The help of the assembly of the tunnel can be helped by the advice of other animal owners who have found their own way to satisfy the need for ferret games.

How to make a tunnel from bottles

A tunnel for a charming pet can be made of simple plastic bottles of large volume. This version of the toy for the animal will cost inexpensively, but it will give him no less pleasure than even specialized goods from the store. The main thing is to adhere to the manufacturing instructions:

  1. You should take a few bottles of 2 l, remove the labels from them and wash.
  2. Using a knife, cut the neck and bottom of all bottles.
  3. Apply electrical tape to the cut edges, which will serve as a sealing gasket for connecting all parts of the tunnel and save the animal from the risk of cuts and injuries.
  4. Make several holes in each bottle through which it will penetrate the tunnel air.
  5. All elements are combined into one common design.

Such a game rushka will bring a lot of pleasure to the ferret. The animal will willingly climb into the pipe, stay there for hours, play and even sleep. The main thing is that all the holes and the joints of the bottles should be braided with electrical tape or cloth.

There is another option, less cheap, but more interesting for the ferret. Sewer pipes can be used as a building material. A plastic tunnel will be a good entertainment for the animal, since not only the tunnel itself, but even the labyrinth can be easily made from this material.The manufacturing procedure itself will not be difficult, because modern plastic pipes have special grooves for connecting additional elements.

How to make a toy from cardboard

It’s also easy to make and do it yourself ordinary cardboard tunnel. This method is easy and simple, especially for those people who have a lot of empty boxes for household appliances, shoes and other things. All that is needed is to cut out the side walls in them and join all the elements into one big tunnel.

Ferret toys worth ku drink, and which ones to refuse?
Do-it-yourself game tunnel for the ferret

In one of the combined boxes you can put various small objects, scraps of paper and bottle caps. Since the animal likes to delve into small things, such a find in a tunnel or maze makes it nice it’s surprising, because these pussies love everything that rustles, turns and makes noise.

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