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Being by nature a wild rodent, the ferret is perfectly able to take root at home. This mammal does not have any special requirements for housing and its diet. As a feed, raw meat, offal, cereals, vegetables, a special vitamin feed are suitable for him. This article will tell you how to make a house for a ferret yourself.

  1. Why exactly the house
  2. Materials for construction
  3. House from improvised materials
  4. Wooden or plywood house

Как сделать домик для хорька своими рукамиКак сделать домик для хорька своими руками

How to make a house do-it-yourself for a ferret

Why exactly the house

The main instinct of this little brisk animal is hunting. Living in freedom, at night he goes in search of food, catches vole mice and other small rodents. Domestic ferret adequately with preserves its natural instincts and suppressing them will not be the right decision on the part of the owner, therefore keeping such a pet in a cage is cruel to him.A ferret will feel like a slave, placed in a close, enclosed space.He, like a person, must be able to retire .

Giving the rodent free movement around the apartment is also a bad option, because it can run into where it should not, get lost, bite the wires, cause a mess. The best type of housing for a domestic ferret will be a house located in a separate room or on a warm loggia / balcony. In it, the ferret will find its own corner, where he can rest, eat, take a toilet, play.

However, the list of functions may vary, depending on the size and equipment of such a dwelling.In a small apartment, it is problematic to make and equip a solid house for a pet, therefore it is recommended that residents of private sectors be given such exotic animals. On the other hand, you can make a very nice compact house that fits into the framework of the apartment.

Materials for construction

Do-it-yourself house for a ferret – is a feasible task? Nowadays, ferret houses, equipped with all the necessary little things, can be purchased at large pet stores. However, firstly, not every owner can afford such a pleasure, and secondly, not the fact that the pet will like the property bought by the owner. With the ability to use tools, you can try to make a house for a ferret with your own hands.

So, the first question that arises is: what material is most suitable for such a house? Here everything rests on the wishes and possibilities of the owner. The budget option is the use of improvised materials, which are suitable for the following:

  • cardboard boxes;
  • wooden boxes;
  • suitcases or rag bags;
  • wicker baskets;
  • durable fabric.

Most likely there are unnecessary things in the house that can be used as the basis for the ferret’s house. If the goal is to construct a larger-scale dwelling for the pet, wood or plywood will be an excellent choice.However, in this case, it will take a lot of effort and time, as well as allocate the necessary amount of finance for the construction.

House from improvised materials

This simple and the budget way is suitable for residents of apartments, since the received house will not take up much space. They begin by making 2 holes for doors and windows with a diameter of 15 and 8 cm, respectively, in the layout of the future home.

Preparing the walls includes two stages: first gluing with a soft material like foam rubber or synthetic winterizer with a layer of 1 centimeter, then wallpaper – inside and out. For this purpose, drape, felt, cashmere are suitable. The floor in the house is covered with a cozy mattress or terry towel. It is very important to try to provide comfort and safety to the pet, dealing with interior issues.

It is quite possible for those who have needlework skills to sew a ferret’s house from old garments or other dense fabric. What form it will have depends on personal imagination and skills. It is not recommended to opt for plastic, tarpaulins and other artificial materials. They are most likely not to like the animal.

do-it-yourself ferret house
Ferret hammock in 5 minutes

Wooden or plywood house

Those who decided to thoroughly approach the process of building Royko, have reserved the right materials and the need of tools, but the result will be worth the effort. Such apartments will become not only a spacious and comfortable refuge for the rodent, but also a true decorative decoration of the house.

It’s great if the ferret’s house combines all the amenities, and enough space and equipped stairs and crossbars will save the owners from the need “ walk »the animal in rooms or on the street. If the pet likes the dwelling, he will spend most of his time there.Before starting work, you should arm yourself with the necessary drawings of the planned building.

The frame of the structure must be massive enough so that the animal cannot accidentally turn it over. Fragile materials should be avoided. The roof and doors are preferably covered with a net. For ease of use, a latch can be attached to the door. Below is one of the layout options for a house made of plywood for a ferret in tiers. More details can be seen in the photo.

  1. The first floor is the so-called “custom”. It will house a feeding trough with a drinking bowl, as well as a toilet. The place of the tray filled with sand is in the corner.
  2. The second floor is reserved for the bedroom. You can make a “house inside the house” from cardboard, in which the rodent will rest.
  3. The upper floor is a place for games: here the ferret can climb the crossbars, swing on a hammock, gnaw a rubber ball.

It is important not to forget to equip the house with ladders with steps and plastic pipes for climbing so that the pet can spend his leisure time interestingly. It is necessary to securely fix small parts so that the ferret cannot break the structure. Regarding the placement of the ferret house, the most convenient will be a corner place. However, if the beast does not agree with this choice, you can try another option.

This is how the house is designed so uncomplicatedly, and it’s quite possible to make or sew it at home with your own hands.It is not necessary to build a large and pompous structure, the main thing is that the pet feels comfortable in his home.

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