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general description

Grapefruit (eng. grape и fruit – grapes and fruit)
– citrus yellow-orange fruit native to subtropical
climatic latitudes.

The grapefruit grows on the eponymous evergreen tree reaching
in height 13-15 m.Ripe fruit in diameter is no more than 15 cm.
In terms of appearance, grapefruit has the greatest similarity with an orange,
however, its flesh is more acidic and the inner white veins are bitter.
Many scientists believe that grapefruit originated in India as a result of
natural hybridization of pomelo
and an orange. Artificially based on grapefruit, new
citrus varieties: mineola and tangelo.
The ripening period of grapefruit is 9-12 months and the main
harvesting teaches at the beginning of February.

There are 20 grapefruit varieties. They differ in the color of the peel
from bright yellow to light red and flesh color from yellow to
red. It is believed that the redder the rind, the sweeter the flesh.

In 1650, grapefruit was first discovered in Barbados. The first
the fruit got its name in 1750 by Griffith Hughes, who
called it “the forbidden fruit.” However, in 1814 Jamaican traders
renamed the fruit into the usual “grapefruit”. Popularity and
the volume of its consumption grew so rapidly that since 1880 in the USA
began to grow grapefruit on an industrial scale mainly
for export. The largest grapefruit plantations are in Texas
and in Florida. For deliveries to European countries, fruits are grown
in Israel and Cyprus.

Use in cooking

Grapefruit is used to make juices,
alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails,
fruit salads, jams. The juice is used for savory sauces
and pickles. Also, from the peel of the fruit,
essential oils, which are later used for the production
colognes, perfumes, creams, shampoos, conditioners, balms, and
also confectionery syrups and extracts for alcoholic beverages.
However, most often grapefruit is consumed raw, scraping
pulp with a teaspoon. To do this, cut the fruit in half across
the location of the lobules. You can also peel it like an orange and then
free each of the lobules from the white membranes.

Useful properties of grapefruit

Composition and presence of nutrients

Fresh red grapefruit contains (in 100 g):

Calories 30 Kcal

Vitamin C 37 Potassium, K 127 Vitamin B5 0,283 Calcium, Ca 15 Vitamin
B3 0,2 Phosphorus,
P 9 Vitamin
B6 0,042 Magnesium, Mg 8 Vitamin
B1 0,04 Iron,
Fe 0,12

Full composition

The grapefruit pulp contains a large number of nutrients,
including vitamins (A,
minerals (potassium,
antioxidants, fiber and carotenoids.

Useful and healing properties

Grapefruit is considered a dietary product that enters into
the fight against extra pounds. This is due to the presence in its composition
substances that can break down and remove cholesterol, accelerate metabolism
substances and reduce sugar levels. To normalize cholesterol levels
in the blood and to reduce insulin intake in diabetes, nutritionists recommend
eat at least one grapefruit a day. Also this fruit is
the basis of the grapefruit diet, in accordance with which to accelerate
digestion is necessary before each meal for 15-20 minutes
eat half a grapefruit or drink 100 g freshly squeezed grapefruit

People suffering from gastrointestinal diseases associated with low acidity
gastric juice, doctors recommend using 200-250 g of grapefruit
juice. For older people, eating grapefruit helps
lower blood pressure and fight the signs of atherosclerosis.
In addition to this substance, grapefruit has a positive effect on activity
nervous system, helping to normalize sleep, reduce headaches.

The contained vitamins strengthen the immune system and relieve swelling.
It is especially useful to drink freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange and lemon juice
pregnant women in the autumn-winter period and during unfavorable
epidemiological situation.

Use in cosmetology

Grapefruit is also used in cosmetology for cooking
whitening and cleansing masks. To whiten your skin, get rid
from freckles and age spots, you need gauze folded in several
layers, soak in grapefruit juice and apply on face until completely dry.
With strong pigment manifestations, such a mask should be repeated after
day for two weeks, only after that the result will be visible.

Grapefruit essential oil has a soothing and relaxing effect
action, so it can be added to a hot bath or aroma lamp
after a hard day’s work.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the method
cleaning lymph nodes and ducts with grapefruit.

Dangerous properties of grapefruit

Some substances in grapefruit can inhibit the effect of medicinal
drugs, in particular contraceptive pills, so when
systematic intake of any medication, you should consult
with your doctor for compatibility with grapefruit. Also grapefruit
juice, on the contrary, can enhance the effect of drugs, increasing them
concentration in the blood, which can lead to the occurrence of side
effect associated with overdose.

Excessive consumption of grapefruit can negatively affect
activity of the liver, inhibiting its work and, therefore, excretion
harmful substances from the body. Also should not be introduced into the diet.
this fruit for people with gastrointestinal diseases associated with high levels of
acidity, with hepatitis,
nephritis, as well as for allergies
for citrus fruits.

Transfer about the benefits and dangers of grapefruit, as well as whether it is possible
lose weight with it and how this fruit affects medication. How does it affect teeth and does it really break down fats, as well as many other things in our educational video.

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