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Chum salmon is an anadromous red fish that spawns once
in life, after spawning, it dies on the way back. IN
most chum salmon come to spawn at the age of 4
up to 6 years.

It can reach a length of 1 meter and a mass of 15 kilograms. Her
caviar is the largest, remarkably beautiful orange-red

Chum salmon are divided into Summer and Autumn. The first one comes in
for spawning in the summer, and the second in the fall. They are also different
size and habitat: Summer Chum prefers
live in the northern expanses of the Pacific Ocean and reaches
80 cm long, while Autumn lives in the southern
parts and grows up to 1 meter.

On the rivers Keta rises high enough for spawning
chooses a quiet, peaceful place. The female knocks out with her tail
spawning pit, lays eggs there, and then covers it
place with gravel, forming the so-called spawning mound.
Sometimes all offspring die because the water freezes
to the bottom, but Autumn Chum salmon keeps its eggs for those
that does not spawn so high.

Chum salmon caviar is rather large and often reaches 9 mm in diameter.
Unlike pink salmon,
chum fry immediately after their appearance, fry leave
place of their birth and descend with the current into the sea.

Calorie content of chum

Chum salmon is high in protein and fat, and its calorie content
is 138 kcal per 100 g of fresh product. In 100 g of salted chum
– 184 kcal, and chum salmon, cooked in the heat, contains 154 kcal per
100 g. The energy value of canned chum salmon is 141 kcal.
Eating this type of fish in moderation will not bring
harm to the figure.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal 19 5,5 – 1,2 74 138

Useful properties of chum salmon

Keta contains vitamin E, C,
PP, B1,
provitamin A, macronutrients such as potassium,
calcium, phosphorus,
sodium, chlorine,
as well as trace elements – zinc, iron,
fluorine, chromium,
nickel, molybdenum.

There is a lot of protein in caviar – about 30%, which is almost completely
assimilated by the body (for animal proteins
it is a rarity). Moreover, caviar protein is easy to digest.
and contains many essential amino acids. And even cholesterol
contained in caviar, is not terrible, as in other products.
It is practically rendered harmless by lecithin, which in
caviar is not enough. Helps fight cholesterol and contains
in caviar polyunsaturated fats (14-18%), which prevent
the development of atherosclerosis.

Chum salmon caviar, a valuable food product obtained during processing
salmon caviar with a solution of sodium chloride, followed by
adding preservatives. It does not contain carbohydrates
and unhealthy fats, but contains a large amount (1/3)
squirrel. It surpasses meat in calorie content and energy value.

Among the record holders for the presence of fluoride

Dangerous properties of chum salmon

Chum salmon caviar, as well as the fish itself, is contraindicated for individual
intolerance to the body.

Also, people who are unhealthy food enriched with protein should be consulted
with your doctor before consuming this fish.

The video will tell you about the intricacies of catching chum salmon and its habits. Moreover,
it will be interesting to everyone who wants to see the beauty of the taiga nature.

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