The process of soaking zucchini seeds before planting

The process of soaking zucchini seeds before planting

Productivity of pumpkin crops depends on climatic conditions, soil quality and planting material, which is tested . Fief training Soaking seeds before planting zucchini accelerate germination, increases the resistance of plants to pests and extend their fruiting

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  1. Methods of preparing seeds for planting
  2. Soaking rules
  3. Soaking substances
  4. Recommendations <
  5. Solutions to improve seed growth
  6. With hydrogen peroxide
  7. Potassium humate
  8. With wood ash
  9. With aloe juice
  10. Other methods of stimulation
  11. Zircon
  12. Epin

Процесс замачивания семян кабачков перед посадкой

The process of soaking zucchini seeds before planting

Preparation methods seeds for planting

Zucchini is grown in 2 ways – seedlings and seeds (sown immediately in open ground). Germination and yield directly depend on compliance with all the rules of preparation – it is carried out, despite the quality of the purchased material.

There are 4 main presowing events that provide early seedlings and increase the fruiting period.

  1. Calibration. Different-sized, deformed seeds sort and sift out seeds.
  2. Warming up. Selected seeds are placed in direct sunlight on a black canvas to warm and increase the internal potential of the plant. At a temperature of 60 ℃, the procedure is carried out no more than 3-5 hours, and at 35 ° – 14 days.
  3. Disinfection.Preparation includes mandatory disinfection of planting material, especially if there is no sterility mark on the purchased packaging. Zucchini respond positively to potassium permanganate. It is diluted in a proportion of 2 g per 100 ml of water and the seeds are kept for at least 20 minutes.
  4. Soaking. Seeds are poured with clean water or a stimulant solution, thereby increasing germination.

Soaking rules

Exposure in water leads to swelling and softening of the outer shell of the seeds – this speeds up the formation of full-fledged seedlings after planting.

An important feature of the procedure is to reduce the risk of decay in the soil and destruction by pests. The water must be thawed or purified.

Soak the zucchini seeds in a certain sequence:

  • put the material on the gauze segment, roll it several times, then cover it with the same layer of fabric and send to a wide plate;
  • fill the contents with water, temperature 35 ° C – the liquid should cover the seeds completely;
  • to create a greenhouse effect, you can wrap the saucer with a film;
  • Now the container can be hidden in a dark place – the air temperature is maintained within 20-25 ° C;
  • in refrain planting material in such a state is not more than 18 hours – do not overdo, otherwise the seeds will rot.

Soaking Substances

For the procedure, you can use not only water, but also biologically active substances – they will contribute to the acceleration of seed germination.

  1. Epin. The drug is produced on plant components. Soaking in such a solution makes the culture more resistant to adverse conditions, frost and sunlight.
  2. Zircon. It will accelerate growth and strengthen the root system of future sprouts.


The selected seed is stored for 4 to 8 years (depending on storage conditions).

An important role is played by varietal affiliation: F1 hybrid has an increased ability for friendly germination.

Conclusion about the suitability is given in percentage. Take 10 seeds as a basis and make up the proportion:

  • unsatisfactory result – 30% – germination of only 3 seeds, this material is not suitable;
  • medium – 50-70% ( 5-7 pieces), additionally treat the seeds with growth activators;
  • high – 80-90% (8-9 pieces), the material is suitable for planting without pre-treatment.

Solutions for improving seed growth

Отличные всходы

Excellent seedlings

Preparing zucchini seeds for planting involves soaking them in specialized solutions nuts – they improve growth and productivity.The market is rich in a variety of formulas suitable for pumpkin crops.

There are chemical growth activators and natural additives that feed the internal strength of the seeds and enrich them with beneficial substances. The choice depends on individual preferences.

With hydrogen peroxide

A solution with hydrogen peroxide has a double effect on planting material due to the properties of the drug. Seeds soaked before planting at the same time improve the structure of the upper layer (soften) and undergo additional disinfection.

For cooking, dilute 1 tbsp. l the preparation in 500 ml of water and place seeds wrapped in a napkin in it.

The liquid is drained after 12 hours of exposure and the seeds are washed under running water to remove the remaining solution.

Humate potassium

The nutrient has a number of qualities that positively affect zucchini: it can lower acidity, stimulate development, strengthen immunity, reduce the need for mineral nutrition.

Prefer the liquid version of the fertilizer, but do not exclude the possibility of using granular ma terial.

Dilute the preparation (20 g) in water (250 ml) so that the color of the resulting solution has a light shade.

A dark color indicates a high concentration of the nutrient and can damage germination zucchini.

Soaking takes from 15 to 20 hours, then the seeds are dried. The remaining solution is impregnated with the soil into which it is prepared for planting a pumpkin culture.

With wood ash

The natural component has an extensive list of useful trace elements. They positively affect zucchini, activate their growth and are nourished with nutrients.

The main plus is accessibility, since it can be obtained at any dacha site when burning dried branches.

The solution is prepared at the rate of 2 tbsp. l on one liter of clean, warm water and insist for at least 24 hours. Before planting, you should soak the seeds for 3 hours, after which you can start planting.

With aloe juice

Aloe is a natural biostimulant that is actively used to increase the pumpkin germination crops.

An adult plant with a developed system of leaves is picked up, which is collected and sent to the cold for 3-4 days.

The cooled leaves are taken out, cut into small pieces, wrapped in gauze and squeezed into a container with water (1: 1 ratio).

Soaking the seeds of zucchini takes place within 24 hours, after which it ready for the soil.

Other methods of stimulation

Before planting the seeds to soak in specialized solutions.They have an increased effect, but are not always exclusively of natural origin, so they are rarely used because of the belief in the harmfulness of the composition.

There are many drugs based on chemical components, but among them there are a number of drugs that have passed clinical tests and have been certified as environmentally friendly.

Preparing the seeds. Seeds of cucumbers, zucchini before sowing.
Soaking seeds zucchini since 3 years.Garden Issue 005


One of the main preparations that have natural components in its composition is Zircon.

It promotes rapid germination of planting material, accelerates the formation of rhizomes and increases the yield of plants.

Treated seedlings are resistant to various diseases, and their adaptation period to open ground conditions is reduced.

Zucchini seeds place water (150 ml) and add a growth activator (1 drop).

You can increase the effectiveness of the medium CTBA, acidified solution of one crystal of citric acid. Soak planting material for 8-10 hours.


A herbal remedy, Epin, improves the adaptation of squash to negative climatic manifestations.

Soak seeds are needed in a solution consisting of water (100 ml) and a growth activator (2 drops) for 12-24 hours.

Water temperature affects the effectiveness of the procedure. It is maintained at 20 °, otherwise the effect of the preparations on the seeds will fall.

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