Characteristics of Mazarini Tomatoes

High-yielding large-fruited tomatoes are especially popular among summer residents. One of these is tomato Mazarin. Everyone who decides to grow this variety can enjoy its delicious sweet fruits.

  1. Characteristics of a Mazarin tomato
  2. Description of the tomato variety Mazarin
  3. Description of the bushes
  4. Description of the fruit and their application
  5. Growing tomatoes Mazarin
  6. Features of growing seedlings of the variety Mazarin
  7. Transplanting into open ground or into the greenhouse
  8. Seedling care
  9. Responses of summer residents
  10. Conclusion <

Характеристика томатов сорта Мазарини

Characteristics of Mazarin

Character tomato sauce Mazarini

Mazarin tomatoes are one of the achievements of domestic selection.

Those who planted tomato Mazarin, know that you can not get the desired crop from the bushes tomato with ease of care, ease of care, and the palatability of the fruit have become the virtues of the hybrid. In addition, there are not many shortcomings in such a tomato, or there are none at all. Such conclusions can be drawn from the description of the variety. Yes, and this is said by those people who planted “Mazarin.”

Description of the variety of tomato Mazarin

The variety of tomato Mazarin is indeterminate. Tomato shows its excellent growth and yield indicators both in the south of Russia and in the north. In regions with long, hot summers, such a tomato is planted in open ground.In the middle and northern climatic zone – in the greenhouse. Such a tomato is even suitable for planting in a Siberian garden. The main thing is to know about all the features of hybrid care.

Special attention is paid to the ripening of the fruits and their quantity. Productivity is average. But, you can get them after 4 months from sowing seeds.

In addition, from one bush, a gardener can get up to 4 kg of tomato. Such indicators of early culture were appreciated by gardeners. Today, Mazarini tomatoes are among the ten best varieties of vegetables grown in Russia.

Description of the bushes

The positive characteristic of the Mazarin tomato is complemented by the external characteristics of the bushes. Although such a tomato is indeterminate, it also has high growth rates. With some care, you can grow a plant up to 2 meters in height. But, most often, the sizes are limited to 150-170 cm.

Other external features of Mazarin are no less impressive:

  • main stem is tall, massive;
  • lush foliage, medium size, dark green;
  • fruits are formed by brushes of 6 pieces;
  • fruiting is long – from June to October.

Bushes tomato Mazarin tolerate temperature extremes. They are resistant to both drought and heat. Due to the growth of tomatoes, they should be tied up and stepsoned.

Description of the fruits and their use

In part, the positive characteristics of the Mazarin tomato are associated with high yields and the characteristics of the fruits themselves. So, according to numerous reviews, tomatoes have:

  • gigantic sizes and a heart-shaped shape similar to strawberries;
  • bright red color;
  • sugary taste;
  • a small amount of seeds;

The weight of a tomato often reaches 700 grams. Domestic gardeners note that the first brush is the heaviest. It is from her that you can get up to 2 kg of vegetables. Subsequent ovaries give up to 1 – 1.3 kg.

Плоды подходят для приготовления салатов

The fruits are suitable for preparation salads

The use of tomato Mazarin is often called salad. The fact is that because of their size, such tomatoes are rarely used for conservation. Consume fruits more often in fresh form, add to salads and various dishes. Numerous reviews confirm the suitability of the use of such tomatoes and for the preparation of juice. The taste of such a healthy drink has a slight sweetness, and its color is pale pink.

Growing Mazarini Tomatoes

Having decided to plant a variety of Mazarin, you need to know about all the features of agricultural technology. It is preferable to choose seeds as a planting material. Their low price, as well as a wide selection in the market, makes the purchase of tomatoes a simple formality.The main thing is to choose trusted manufacturers’ companies (Aelita, Manul, etc.).

Features of growing seedlings of the Mazarini variety

The most suitable time for sowing seeds is the end winters. Sometimes this procedure is performed in March. Having bought tomato seeds, they should be checked for germination. This procedure is not complicated. It is necessary to prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and pour planting material into it. Those seeds that will float on the surface are empty. They should be disposed of. The remaining seeds are washed and dried. After such a preparatory operation, you can start sowing seeds. For this, it is necessary: ​​

  1. Prepare the soil mixture. The soil should be fertile, so you should mix ordinary garden soil in equal proportions with humus. You can also buy specialized, ready-made soil for growing tomatoes.
  2. Fill the soil in small pots or plastic cups.
  3. Sow the seeds. You do not need to dig them in. It is best to sprinkle planting material with a thin layer of earth.
  4. Pour seeds with a small amount of water.
  5. Cover the containers with plastic wrap or a cut plastic bottle.

Growing seedlings is a long process, requiring from the gardener not only attention, but also careful care. Seed containers must be removed in a warm place, with a constant air temperature of 22-24 ° C. Once every three days it is necessary to open the film and moisten the soil by spraying water.Normal watering is not worth it. Excess moisture can rot the planting material.

Sprouts break through very quickly. It takes no more than 10 days. With the first shoots, the film is removed, and the pots with tomatoes are placed in a well-lit place. The growth and development of seedlings is directly related to the receipt of solar energy. Therefore, it is important that the daylight hours of plants be 7–9 hours. Most often, after a month the growth of young seedlings reaches 5-7 cm. They are prepared for picking only on day 50-55 from sowing.

Transplant into open ground or into a greenhouse

According to numerous reviews by gardeners, we can conclude that Mazarini tomatoes actively grow and develop under optimal climatic conditions for the culture. Therefore, landing in open ground is resorted to only in the southern regions of the country. It’s best not to risk tomatoes and grow them in a greenhouse. Most often, 50-55 days from sowing, falls at the beginning of May. By this time, the sprouts already have a few leaves. The process of landing it is not complicated. The gardener needs to:

  1. Prepare the holes for planting at the rate of 3-4 plants per 1 square meter.
  2. A teaspoon of potassium sulfate is added to the bottom of each prepared hole.
  3. Seedlings are being dug.
  4. Light watering is being organized.

The description of the culture says that the seedlings quickly get used to the new place. The main thing is that the soil temperature should not be lower than 16 ° C, and the soil itself should be fertile.

Seedling Care

Тщательный уход обеспечит хорошим урожаем

Careful care will ensure a good harvest

Growing tomatoes requires careful care from the gardener. It is necessary to monitor the temperature and humidity, as well as timely water the tomato bushes under the root. Other care features are also important:

  1. Shaping the trunk. Productivity from one bush of tomatoes will be higher if you leave no more than 2 stems. And the increase in fruit size is achieved by removing excess ovaries. Leave no more than 4 fruit brushes.
  2. Garter. It is carried out in the first few days after planting bushes.
  3. Fertilizer. “Mazarin” is fed by almost all types of fertilizer. Both organic compounds and magnesium sulfate are suitable. The main thing is not to use nitrogen fertilizers during the flowering period.
  4. Mechanical loosening of the soil. The soil should be light so that air penetrates the root system of the tomato. Therefore, it is necessary to bloom beds once in 7-10 days.
  5. Mulching. They use different elements for this, from sand to straw and foliage.

The description of plants says that it is necessary to constantly monitor the growth and development of tomato bushes. During the season, each bush can be tied and tied up to 10 times. This operation is especially important during the period of fruit formation.Tomato brushes are very heavy and the plant alone cannot hold them. Therefore, fruiting shoots are also tied up.

Pests and diseases of the Mazarin variety are rarely disturbed. To avoid rot, you should ventilate the greenhouse and monitor the moderate watering. From other diseases, preventive spraying with copper sulfate will help.

Residents of summer residents

Due to their characteristics, the variety “Mazarin” is classified as one of the tomatoes that are ideal for growing both experienced and novice gardeners. Over the years of experiments with planting and caring for this variety, people have found that it is possible to increase crop yields. The main thing to know about these features of agricultural technology:

  1. Planting seedlings in a greenhouse or in open ground should be carried out according to the norms of 3-4 shrubs per 1 square. m. Cramped conditions can not only reduce crop yields, but also cause poor growth of bushes, as well as the occurrence of diseases.
  2. The most abundant and frequent watering should be carried out 1 month before the harvest. During the period of active growth, plants are watered only in drought.
  3. Nitrogen fertilizers are best not to be used. They often cause the ovaries to fall.

Numerous reviews confirm that the growth of the main stem depends on how its lateral shoots close. Opening them systematically, you can increase the growth of bushes.


Mazarini tomato variety is one of the most popular in Russia and the near abroad.

MAZARINI variety. Tomatoes from Fedor.
Tomato variety MAZARINI

The fact is that growing such tomatoes rarely causes difficulties. Everyone can get large sweet fruits from bushes planted on their own land plot. The main thing is to take into account some features of the care of the culture.

Mazarini tomatoes are popular for their sweet taste, heart-shaped and large size. Such fruits are perfect for preparing various dishes or juices. In addition, vegetables are well tolerated for transportation and storage, which are important advantages of tomatoes for the purpose of their sale.

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