Choosing fertilizer when planting tomatoes

When growing tomatoes, gardeners face many problems, because caring for this crop takes a lot of time and effort. Let’s consider which fertilizers are most suitable for planting tomatoes.

  1. Fertilizing the soil
  2. Minerals
  3. Organics <
  4. Mixed fertilizers
  5. When to apply
  6. Preparing a hole for planting
  7. Onion peel
  8. Egg shell
  9. Ash
  10. Yeast solution
  11. Mineral fertilizers
  12. Top dressing during the growth period
  13. Minerals
  14. Organic
  15. Ash <
  16. Onion peel
  17. It is important to know
  18. Conclusion <

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Fertilizer selection planting tomatoes

Fertilizing the soil

The crops are planted in the spring, but the soil is fed in the fall: for six months the earth is enriched with all useful vitamins and substances, it becomes fertile, as a result of seedlings it is easier to take root and gain strength for further growth.

Soil is fertilized in two ways, introduced:

  • special mineral;
  • organic.


Despite the composition of the soil, phosphorus and potassium fertilizing is necessary: ​​they are useful for different types of soil. Potash fertilizers contain chlorine, which is harmful to tomatoes, but if it was introduced in the fall, it will leave groundwater in the lower balls of the earth until spring.


When the soil is very depleted, organic fertilizing is suitable, which is used as manure, mullein, chicken droppings, compost, etc. Sometimes peat is used. For 1 square. m give 2-3 kg of organics. If the soil is too acidic, they add lime.

Mixed fertilizer

If the farm has rotted manure heap, superphosphate is added to it. It turns out a very valuable fertilizer containing all the necessary and useful substances for the soil. Fresh manure can be used only in autumn. Wood ash is added to the compost heap. In clay soil – peat and sawdust.

When to apply

It is most correct to apply these top dressings before digging the earth. First, fertilizing is scattered over the area allocated for tomatoes, then they are dug up somewhere to a depth of 20 cm or to the height of a bayonet shovel. It is not worth leveling the surface.

After performing such actions, even the most infertile land becomes saturated with all useful elements. The soil becomes light and loose – like tomatoes like.

Prepare a hole for planting

Prepare the soil prepared in the fall a day before planting with a non-concentrated solution of potassium permanganate: this will prevent plant disease in the future.

If it was not possible to fertilize the soil in the autumn, top dressing is done when planting tomato seedlings.

Onion husk

It is placed under the roots of seedlings.Sometimes husk is combined with manure and humus. Apply both in dry form and in liquid (make tinctures). A handful of onion peels is enough for a positive result. With it, seedlings grow faster, are not exposed to diseases, and become immune to the cold.

Egg shell

The shell is washed well, the film is removed in the middle, dried and crushed. A handful of this product is applied to the bottom of each well, because it is an invaluable source of calcium and magnesium.


Ash contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. It is used as fertilizer for tomatoes when planting both in dry form and in liquid (solutions are prepared). Sometimes it is mixed with humus or compost. Dry ash is mixed with soil, so as not to spoil the young roots. Under each bush make a handful of ash. The solution is used in a proportion of 250-300 g per 5 liters of water. They are watered and sprayed with bushes.

Yeast solution

To prepare this top dressing, take 10 g of yeast and dilute it in 10 l of warm water, allow it to stand for 24 hours. The mixture is poured into 1 glass in each well. Thanks to such top dressing, seedlings quickly take root in a new place.

Mineral fertilizers

Today there are a lot of chemicals specially designed to meet all the needs of tomatoes. Recommendations for use are prescribed for them, where the exact dosages are indicated. There are also quick-acting top dressings, such as superphosphate, nitrate, urea. They are universal: suitable for all plants.

Superphosphate is used most often. It contains nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus. This tool helps to reduce the acidity of the soil. Magnesium helps the rapid development of tomatoes.

Some gardeners do not recommend the use of mineral fertilizers at this stage, so as not to damage the roots of the plant. When planting in greenhouse conditions or in an open area of ​​tomato seedlings, there is enough natural fertilizer, especially if the soil is prepared in the fall.

Top dressing during the growth period

so that you can taste good in tomato fruits and the gardener satisfied their harvest, he must feed the bushes on time.

The first fertilizing after planting the tomatoes in a permanent place is carried out after 2 weeks. Also, such fertilizers are applied throughout the entire growth of the bushes, during the flowering and ripening period of the fruits.


During the growth period, tomatoes are fertilized with mineral fertilizers. These include preparations of Ammofosk, Mortar, Kemira Universal-2, Nitroammofosk, Superfos, etc.Ammonium nitrate is also used. Chemicals are dissolved in water, granules are scattered on the soil. Such actions are carried out once every two weeks.


Tomatoes are fed various kinds of solutions, infusions. To prepare them, take mullein, compost, ash, chicken droppings, superphosphate, nitrophosphate, potassium sulfate. Usually, three components are used to prepare top dressing. You can also use chopped eggshells, urea.


On the tenth day after planting, sprinkle ash around the tomatoes, and pour bushes with the droppings dissolved in water with the addition of ash: on 10 l of liquid 500 g of ash and 250 g of litter.

Also watered with a solution of potassium permanganate with the addition of ash. The manganese solution does not require proportions; the finished mixture should be light pink in color. Ash is added in a ratio of 500 g per 10 liters of liquid.

Onion husk

During growth, tomatoes are also fertilized with onion husk. 300 g of husk is poured with boiling water and insisted for 10 hours. For 20 liters of water should be 4 liters of infusion. It is enough to spray the bushes 2 times: this will help prevent fungal diseases, because the husk contains essential substances that fight pests.Also, this vitamin top dressing contributes to the good development of the plant, growth, ripening of the fruit.

It is important to know

When applying dressings, it is important to observe the dose and time of fertilizer, otherwise the tomatoes will be damaged. Tomatoes do not like greasy soils, and they become just such as a result of oversaturation with organic fertilizers, therefore:

  • mullein is permissible to use no more than three times;
  • urea is used strictly for spraying, bushes with it they don’t water.


The gardener receives a good tomato crop only if it is fertilizing correctly, and therefore, what fertilizers to apply when planting tomatoes, – Almost the first thing that a plant grower needs to know in order to grow strong and healthy fruits.

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