The benefits of nitroammophoski for tomatoes

Tomatoes are a moody culture. For good development, they require top dressing. Nitroammofoska for tomatoes is one of the best means for fertilizer. Its use helps to strengthen plants and achieve high yields, as well as improves the taste of fruits and increases their immunity to rust and powdery mildew.

  1. Description of the drug
  2. Benefits
  3. Advantages
  4. Disadvantages
  5. Site preparation
  6. Topping tomatoes with nitroammophos
  7. Fertilizing seedlings
  8. Fertilizing adult plants
  9. Precautions
  10. Conclusion <

Польза нитроаммофоски для помидоров

Use of nitroammophoski for tomatoes

Description of the drug

Nitroammofoska – a complex tool, which includes nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium. Each of these elements is necessary for tomatoes at different stages of development. They are produced in the form of light gray granules. They are used dry or solutions are prepared on their basis. The fertilizer is fast acting, because the elements contained in it have readily available form for absorption by plants.

There are different types of preparation. The main components in it do not change, but their ratio varies. Manufacturers adjust the composition of the product for different types of soil, so its zoning arose. A popular brand of fertilizer is NPK 16:16:16, which contains the main active ingredients in equal proportions (16%). If the soil is poor in phosphorus and potassium, the ratio of 8:24:24 is suitable. When there is a lot of mobile phosphorus – 21: 0,1: 21 or 17: 0,1: 28.

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Nitroammofoska has a healing effect on tomatoes. They suffer less from scab, root and stem rot, late blight. Fruits, thanks to potassium, which is responsible for the production of sugars, become sweeter.


Nitroammofoska characterized by such qualities:

  • preservation in friable form throughout the expiration date;
  • high efficiency;
  • versatility: it is used on various soils and for any plantings;
  • excellent solubility;
  • active substances constituting at least 30% of the total mass;
  • reasonable price;
  • ease of transportation.


The disadvantages include t:

  • accumulation of nitrates in the soil with improper dosing of the substance;
  • short-term storage – not more than six months, after this time the quality of the product is lost;
  • danger (3 level) – granules can explode and ignite.

Site preparation

Почву к посадке обязательно готовят

The soil for planting must be prepared

The preparation is most successfully used on chernozems and sierozems. On these types of soils, good results have been noted in increasing the yield indicators under the condition of good moisture.

On chernozems and clay soils, nitroammophoska is introduced in autumn.If the land is characterized by a light structure, it is improved in the spring. This is justified by the fact that chemicals in heavy soils penetrate the fertile layer over a long period.

A brand of agent is selected under the soil warehouse. For 1 square. 40 g of granules are evenly distributed, dug. For uncultivated land, consumption is increased to 50 g or more. When preparing the mixture for filling the greenhouse per 1 cubic meter. m of soil give 1.5 kg of the drug, with subsequent treatments – 60 g per 1 square. m.

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Often the tool is used in areas where the bear is rampant, because organic substances contribute to the reproduction of the pest. The preparation does not differ in this property, and the effect of its use is identical.

Fertilizing tomatoes with nitroammophos

The product is used to fertilize tomatoes at different stages of cultivation.

Fertilizing seedlings

Seedlings before planting in a permanent place need 2-time application of nutrients:

  • On the 12th day after the dive, use this remedy: 1 hour l urea per 10 l of a special fertilizer solution, the concentration of which is reduced by 2 times compared to the recommended dose.
  • A week after the previous feeding, use this solution: 1 tsp. ammofoski or nitroammofoski per 10 liters of water.

If the plants do not develop well, top dressing is repeated every 2 weeks. It is produced similarly to the second stage.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

Usually, other water-soluble fertilizers are used in the preparation of seedlings. Nitroammofosk dissolves for a long time. Therefore, when growing seedlings, water-soluble fertilizers such as Aquarin, Mortar, Crystal, which dissolve in water in seconds are used.

Fertilizer of adult plants

More often nitroammofosku use for tomatoes after planting in open ground. It accelerates plant growth and fruiting times. It is applied according to the following scheme:

  • The first time – 10-15 days after transplantation. For this purpose, prepare the following solution: 1 tbsp. l drug per 10 liters of water. Consumption – 0.5 l of liquid under one bush. Such fertilizer contributes to the good adaptation of plants in a new place, and also accelerates their growth. NPK 16:16:16 is suitable.
  • The second time – 3-4 weeks after the previous one. For feeding nitroammofosku combined with cow manure: 1 tbsp. l and 0.5 kg. The mixture is diluted in 10 l of water. Consumption – 0.5 l of funds per plant. In this and in the following periods, a drug with a high dosage of potassium is used.
  • The last time is in the growth phase of the third tomato brush. Watering is done with this solution: 1 tbsp. l nitroammofoski, 1 tbsp. l sodium humate, 10 l of water. The indicated amount is paid per 1 sq. Km. m landings.
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The drug is also used in when the fruits of tomatoes are poorly tied. Often they are mixed in equal proportions with other means. It can be superphosphate, potassium sulfate.

Tatyana Orlova (Candidate of Agricultural Sciences):

They fertilize only on moist soil, i.e. after watering, but in no case on dry ground. You can cause a root system burn.


The substance is stored at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C in concrete or brick rooms. Humidity should not exceed 50%. Do not use open flame devices in the storage area. keep other drugs to avoid a chemical reaction.

After the expiration date, the product becomes more explosive and fire hazard. transported only by land modes of transport.


To prevent too many nitrates from accumulating in tomatoes, we strictly adhere to the dosage of the substance and also stop its introduction in advance. There are funds that have a similar effect on culture: azofoska, ammofoska, nitrophoska. Sometimes they are replaced by nitroammophosk.

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