Description of Primadonna Tomatoes

Achievements of modern science such as breeding allow you to grow plants in regions that were not originally suitable for this. Therefore, the North, this is not an indicator that vegetables will not grow here. Favorite vegetable of all time tomato. It is this plant and its tomato variety Primadonna that we will consider in this article.

  1. Characteristics of the variety Primadonna
  2. Description of the plant
  3. Growing tomato Primadonna
  4. Care for planting tomatoes
  5. Conclusion

Описание томатов сорта Примадонна

Description of tomatoes of the Primadonna variety

The Primadonna variety is suitable for areas with short and cool summers.This hybrid manages to grow and bear fruit in a record short time. about 95 days. The variety of cultivation is that it is suitable for planting in closed ground and for cultivation on fields, in private farms, as can be seen in the video or photo.

Characteristics of the Primadonna variety

Primadonna F1 tomatoes have a number of positive qualities. Consider their main characteristics:

  1. Problem-free cultivation in areas with poor yields.
  2. Greater resistance and immunity to diseases of solanaceous crops.
  3. High and stable harvests.
  4. Preserves the integrity of the fruit when ripe.
  5. Responds positively to professional care.

The tomato hybrid Primadonna f1 was created by Russian scientists breeders.It can be widely used in regions with hot climates because it is resistant to elevated temperatures. Even with dry and hot summers, tomatoes are able to tie fruit without problems. But still, open ground is not a panacea, because the tomato primadonna hybrid feels great in closed greenhouse conditions.

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Characteristics of the fruits are also good. The weight of each tomato is within 130 grams. Fruits are rounded, have a characteristic small, neat nose. Primadonna f1 tomatoes are universal vegetables. That is, it is good for all types of use, including salads, slices and canning. A description of these processes can be found in the cookbooks.

Description of the plant

The determinant fruit bush Primadonna can be grown very tall, up to 1 meter 30cm.

The plant has a large stalk with branches arranged alternately. The leaves of tomato Primadonna are standard, not deeply corrugated, dark saturated green. Soft and tender leaves are easy to damage, so care must be taken when caring for plants.

Unlike other tomatoes in this group, a tomato variety does not give 4 5 brushes, but twice as much. Each brush carries up to ten ovaries ripening at the same time. The weight of each fruit is relatively stable and is about 80 150 g.The color of the tomato is strictly uniform, eliminating any stains that other varieties have near the stalk. The skin color of tomatoes is saturated scarlet.

With a cross section, you can see that the seed chambers are not large, like almost all varieties of f1 hybrids. The pulp of the fruit is dense and rich in scarlet color. By consistency, it is dense. The firm and elastic skin helps tomatoes to be stored for a long time and transported to other regions for subsequent sale.

При хорошем уходе с одного куста можно получить богвтый урожай

With good care from one bush, you can get a bogt crop

Following the rules of agricultural technology, which gives a description of the cultivation, it is possible to get a good crop from each bush. This is about 8 kilograms of tomatoes of excellent quality. The universality of tomato Primadonna is that its products are suitable for use in different forms. These are fresh salads, and beautiful bright colors of pasta and ketchup.

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Small fruit spouts will decorate any cut, as can be seen in many photos and videos. Salads with greens look very beautiful because tomatoes give them brightness. And the taste of salads is excellent, thanks to the acid and sweetness contained in the fruits of tomato. When preserving the crop and the effects of high temperatures on the fruit, its skin remains intact, it does not crack and retains color.

Cultivation of tomato Primadonna

The official description of the culture says that, like any other tomato varieties, these tomatoes are grown in seedlings. Seeds are bought necessarily in order to maintain product quality. Seeds that are collected independently from the fruit are not suitable for sowing. The optimal time for sowing seeds is mid and late February.

Light soil is being prepared, created on the basis of chernozem, with the addition of peat, humus, ash and mineral additives. For successful and simultaneous emergence of seedlings, the seeds are pre-soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, diluted aloe juice, or chemical solutions of stimulants. After 10 hours, the seeds are washed with running water and sown in greenhouses or peat cups. On the soil layer spread the seeds at an optimal distance from each other. On top of them, a layer of earth is poured no more than 2 cm high.

The glasses are installed in a large container and covered with glass or film, like greenhouses. Before this, you still need to spray water on the surface of the soil to create a greenhouse effect. Maintaining the temperature at 25g of heat, wait for seedlings. Subject to the rules of agricultural technology, they appear amicably and evenly.

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When a second pair of real leaves is formed, it is time to dive seedlings. After this, time should pass before planting in greenhouses or open ground, during which fertilizing with full mineral fertilizers is carried out three times.A week before planting in the garden, young plants must be hardened. To do this, they are opened and taken out to fresh air for a short time. Every day this period increases.

Care for planting tomatoes

Ready for planting plants are transferred to a permanent place at the rate of 4 6 bushes per square meter. The formation of grown bushes is that they undergo stepsoning and garter. One of the components of successful cultivation is the constant weeding of row spacing, mulching rows, fertilizing plants and destroying pests. To scare away the slugs, use an aqueous solution of ammonia.

Proper watering is also the key to success. Irrigation is carried out only on cloudy days or in the evening, so that the plants do not receive burns.

Primadonna variety tomatoes
Tomatoes of the variety Primadonna F1 | TOMATOES ON THE BALCONY 2017
TOMATOES / TOMATOES IN THE GREENHOUSE. 2015 Varieties in real life

Drops of water act like lenses, creating a high temperature. Therefore, evening watering with warm water will be of great benefit to tomatoes. Watering only needs to be done on the ground without spraying water on the leaves and trunks.

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When the fruit sets , it remains to wait for the harvest. Collecting beautiful tomatoes, the hostess can do their cooking. Canning, harvesting tomato paste, ketchup, dressings for borsch and much more in the hands of a skilled craftsman will become masterpieces of culinary art. And reviews about the yield of tomato varieties Primadonna will be only enthusiastic.

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