Characteristics of Chocolate Miracle Tomatoes

Gardeners love large-fruited tomato varieties with excellent taste. These include Chocolate Miracle Tomato. Having grown this variety once, it is impossible to refuse it in the following seasons.

  1. Characteristics of the variety
  2. Description of the bush
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Care
  5. Steping and garter
  6. Watering and feeding
  7. Diseases and pests
  8. Diseases
  9. Pests
  10. Conclusion

Характеристика томатов сорта Шоколадное чудо

Characteristics of the Chocolate Wonder tomato variety

Characteristics of the variety

The variety is suitable for amateur cultivation, has a medium early maturity, that allows you to collect the first fruits within 95-110 days after the emergence of seedlings. Chocolate miracle tomatoes are suitable for growing in greenhouses and in the open garden, have stable fruiting with an average yield of 6-7 kg per 1 sq. m. The variety is appreciated for the undemanding care .

Description of the bush

The bush is a semi-determinant type with partially limited growth of the central shoot. In the greenhouse, the average height of the bush is 1.3 m, in the open ground – 0.9 m. The plant requires garter and formation. The stems are erect, powerful, well developed, easily withstand the weight of ripening fruits. The leaves are dark green in color, dissected into large lobes, similar to potato leaves. The ovary begins to form over the 5-6 leaf.On strong pubescent peduncles, up to 5 flowers bloom.

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Description of the fruit

Chocolate miracle has fruits of a unique color, close to brown, almost chocolate.

Symptoms fruits:

  • round, slightly flattened shape;
  • segmentality;
  • large size, average weight – 250-350 g, sometimes more than 500 g;
  • the skin is thin, with a glossy shine;
  • the pulp is dense, not watery.

Tomatoes have a good taste with pleasant sweet and sour notes.


Like any other tomato variety, Chocolate Wonder o Needs proper care and growing. According to the description, it is undemanding, but there are some obligatory agricultural work so that the bushes grow strong, healthy, and the yield is stable. style = “width: 610px” class = “wp-caption aligncenter”> Пасынкование обеспечит растение светом

Steps will provide the plant with light

Chocolate miracle is a semi-determinant variety, so it requires the use of such agronomic techniques like herding and garter. When the tomatoes begin to bloom, additional branches grow in the leaf sinuses on the main stem, which must be removed. Stepsons tear off with their hands or cut with a sharp disinfected knife. Of the first 2 stepsons, one is left, from which the second stem will be formed. All others are removed as they grow.Stepshipping is carried out every 2 weeks.

Stepshipping allows to achieve the following results:

  • eliminates thickening;
  • improves gas exchange;
  • the bush does not deplete a large number of branches;
  • the fruits grow large.

This variety of tomatoes requires garter and support. It has a well-developed root system and a powerful stem, but this is not enough to support the weight of leaves and large fruits, so a strong support is placed near each bush and a tomato is attached to it. As the fruit grows, the branches are tied up so that they can maintain weight and not break.

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Watering and feeding

Chocolate miracle requires moderate watering – do not overfill the bushes : This adversely affects the development of the plant.

Overfilling often provokes root decay and contributes to the development of fungal diseases. Particular attention is paid to watering during droughts and with the beginning of the formation of fruits. Tomatoes are watered in the morning or after sunset. Fertilize them 3 times during the growing season: this helps to improve growth and yield.

The main feeding is carried out at the following stages:

  • 2 weeks after planting in the ground;
  • at the beginning of flowering;
  • at the beginning of fruiting.

The first top dressing is carried out with nitrogen fertilizers, which stimulates the growth of green leaves and strong stems. Urea, chicken droppings, ash are suitable.For the second and third top dressing, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers are used. Apply superphosphate, bone meal or herbal infusion (wormwood, feather grass). To stimulate fruit set during flowering, the bushes are sprayed with stimulants (Ovary, Boroplus)

Diseases and pests

The variety is resistant to diseases and pests, but preventive measures strengthen its natural resistance and allow you to get a full crop.


According to the description, Chocolate miracle tomatoes are prone to late blight and gray rot. To avoid such a nuisance, the bushes are treated with a Bordeaux mixture or biofungicides. They are sprayed with a solution observing the dosages indicated in the instructions. Preventive treatments are carried out every 2 weeks.

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Tomato bushes often encounter pests: whiteflies, shovels, aphids, Colorado potato beetles.

When identified the plants are treated with infusion of onion peel or wormwood. To prepare the infusion, take 2-3 tablespoons of onion peel or wormwood and pour 0.5 l of hot water (boiling water), insist 1 day, filter. they spray the bushes. If the method has not worked, they use a broad-spectrum insecticide.


If you believe the description of the Chocolate Miracle variety, it has a lot of advantages. take care in accordance with the requirements, then the bush will delight with large (more than 0.5 kg) and tasty fruits and take pride of place in the garden or in the greenhouse.

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