Description and characteristics of tomatoes Balcony Miracle

Some tomato varieties are able to grow and bear fruit even when grown at home. One of the most common varieties are tomatoes Balcony miracle. They earned their popularity among those people who do not have their own summer cottage or a simple land plot for growing vegetables.

  1. Description of the variety
  2. Benefits of growing at home
  3. Planting requirements
  4. Preparing seeds for planting
  5. Planting tomato seeds
  6. Transplanting a tomato into a large container
  7. Tips for growing seedlings
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Описание и характеристика томатов Балконное Чудо

Description and characteristics of tomatoes Balcony Miracle

Tomatoes can be picky about maintenance and upkeep o contain in any place convenient for humans. In addition, small dwarf bushes can decorate the interior of the balcony or the room.

Variety description

Tomatoes The balcony miracle was introduced to us from Germany. ”German breeders, at one time, carried out a real revolution among fruit-bearing crops. The result of their activity was a dwarf plant whose growth does not exceed 60 cm. Such bush sizes characterize it as an ornamental plant that does not require tying.

The characteristics of this variety (also known as Cherry) may surprise a beginner and experienced gardener. When grown at home, such a tomato can produce crops twice a year. In addition, fruit ripening occurs even in low light.Ripe vegetable plucked from the bush is red. Its weight is 30-40 gr. The taste of tomato is sweet, with a sour note. Their application may be different. Small fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, as well as for preparing various dishes. In addition, small tasty fruits are also suitable for preservation.

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Description of the external characteristics of the tomato variety The balcony miracle also has its own characteristics. A small decorative bush grown in a pot or in a box can become a decoration of a balcony or greenhouse. In addition, the tomato looks great on the windowsill. The stamped form of the bush and the clusters of fruits that stand out among the dense foliage bring something new, fresh, unusual for urban conditions to the dwelling. The productivity of the Balcony Miracle is also surprising. From one small tree, you can collect up to 2 kg of vegetables. For decorative varieties, this is very rare.

The advantages of growing at home

Apartment owners who do not have their own land, always want to get fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, if they are grown indoors, on a window sill or loggia, you can be sure of their quality and usefulness.

Have a tomato bush nearby, which gives a crop 2 times a year, always profitable. You can surprise guests by placing fresh, freshly picked tomato fruits on the table, or adding them to a salad.In addition, the usefulness of these vegetables can be sure, because they were grown at home, with their own hands. Those people who have already felt the benefits of growing the Balcony miracle in their windowsill or on the balcony, highlight:

  • the beautiful appearance of the plant;
  • unpretentiousness in the care;
  • early maturity (90 days from planting) and high productivity.
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Indoor decorative plants have almost no flaws. Some people do not like only the small size of the fruit. But, other indoor gardeners find advantages in this. After all, such vegetables do not take up much space in the refrigerator and are easily placed in glass jars for preservation.

Planting requirements

The first thing you should take care of the person who decided to grow in a living environment, tomatoes are to buy seeds. When choosing seeds, it is best to pay attention only to well-known manufacturers, whose products have been verified by thousands of gardeners. Another important point is the soil. Tomatoes can be planted in several types of soil:

  • in a special soil mix for tomatoes;
  • in the substrate “Living Earth”;
  • in self-prepared soil.
Выбор правильной почвы обеспечит хороший урожай

Choosing the right soil will provide a good crop

Having decided to make the soil for sowing seeds yourself, you need to prepare the necessary components.The resulting soil should be fertile, but light. Therefore, it is best to mix in equal proportions:

  • chernozem;
  • humus;
  • peat.

Options soil preparation is plentiful. Some gardeners prefer to take pure chernozem and add superphosphate, potassium and even urea to it. Others bring sand and mineral fertilizers to the soil.

Preparing seeds for planting

Having decided to grow the Balcony miracle, it is important to perform some preparatory operations that allow you to grow strong healthy seedlings from seed. Having bought planting material (seeds), and planning the time for sowing, you must:

  1. One day before sowing, soak the seeds in a warm, weak solution of potassium permanganate. Soak seeds in potassium permanganate should be no more than half an hour.
  2. Seeds floating on the surface – empty. They are not suitable for growing, so they should be disposed of.
  3. Remove the remaining seeds from the solution and rinse them with clean water.
  4. Take a piece of natural fabric, moisten it with water and wrap the seeds in it.
  5. Place the package in a warm place. It is best to put them on the battery.
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After a day, you can begin to land. The amount of seeds that has been prepared will be as ready for germination as possible. In addition, having planted them, the first sprouts will appear in 10-14 days.

Planting tomato seeds

Tomato seedlings are grown in greenhouses. Therefore, before proceeding with the sowing of seeds, it is necessary to prepare:

  • small pots or plastic cups;
  • soil mix;
  • cut bottle or plastic wrap.

The process of sowing seeds is simple. Soil is poured into the prepared containers, into which 2 seeds should be planted. They are dug to a depth of 1-1.5 cm. After planting, the soil is moistened, and the pots are covered with polyethylene. A cropped plastic bottle may also come in.

After planting, the pots are located on the windowsill or on the balcony. The main condition for the appearance of sprouts is heat. It is important that during this period the air temperature does not fall below 22 ° C.

Tomato transplant into a large container

Размер горшка должен соответствовать корневой системе томата

The size of the pot should correspond to the root system of the tomato

In the greenhouse, the plants are kept until germination. As soon as a person notices the first shoots, you should:

  1. Remove the polyethylene or the bottle.
  2. Put the cups with seedlings in the sun (stand 24 hours).
  3. The next day, take the seedlings to a cooler place (if the air temperature in the new place for the plant is not lower than 18 ° C).
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Changing the place of cultivation requires careful monitoring of the state of the seedlings.It is still weak and can not withstand heavy loads from a sharp change in climatic conditions. Therefore, you should save the plants from drafts (seedlings should not fall into the ventilation zone), as well as monitor timely watering. It is best done once a week.

To ensure that the plant grows and develops well, it is necessary to control the plant receiving solar energy. You can put seedlings from a dark place on the windowsill for several days. Tomato needs sunlight to light the sprouts evenly. Therefore, gardeners advise periodically turning the cups in different directions to the light. If seedlings were grown in the winter, it would be useful to install a heater next to the plants. But, such equipment dries the air very much, so it’s better to place a container of water near the air heater.

These care features should be observed until the seedlings get stronger. When its growth reaches 15 cm, it is necessary to change the capacity for growing on a larger pot. It is important to use a new substrate for this as a soil. The requirements for it are the same as when sowing seeds. It is better to plant seedlings in those pots in which the entire root system of the tomato will fit. In addition, it is better not to use very large containers.

Tips for growing seedlings

Get ripe beautiful tomatoes in the future, you can only observe all the features of caring for the plant.In addition, you should take care of it from the very first days from planting seeds. Therefore, you can get a large and healthy crop using some of the advice of experienced gardeners. In part, they relate to the nutrition of young sprouts and seedlings.

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Numerous reviews on how to grow the Balcony Miracle indicate the need to constantly replenish trace elements useful for the plant in the soil. In addition, top dressing can be carried out already with the advent of the first seedlings. The best remedies for them are Epin and Citovid. You can also make fertilizer on your own by adding 1 g of water per one liter of settled water for irrigation. urea, 5 gr. superphosphate and 1 gr. potassium sulfate.

In total for the season, it is allowed to fertilize the plant 3 times. In addition to feeding the sprouts in the first days of their appearance, the same procedure should be carried out after 2 weeks, as well as before transplanting the seedlings into a large container. Also, some gardeners recommend using weak solutions of mullein or litter as top dressing.

Features of growing tomatoes

After the Balcony Miracle tomatoes were planted in large pots or boxes, closing them with foil is not necessary. Fresh air should nourish the root system of the plant. Do not forget the loosening of the soil. This procedure is necessary for tomatoes, for their active development.

It is equally important in the indoor garden to install a phytolamp.It is especially important if this period of growing tomatoes fell in late autumn or winter. You can plant such seedlings far from the windows, but under such conditions you need to control the daylight hours as much as possible.

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Problems with growing tomatoes rarely occur. Most often, caring for such houseplants consists of several actions:

  • watering (as the soil dries);
  • periodically loosening the soil (so that air penetrates the roots of the tomato);
  • top dressing during the flowering period.

You can get a good harvest from an indoor decorative plant using an ordinary soft brush. Apply it during the flowering period. In order for the pollination of flowers to proceed better, with a prepared brush, it is necessary to go through all the inflorescences. You can also shake the branches of the tomato.

If you do not help pollinate the tomato Balcony miracle, you will not have to expect a good harvest. The fact is that in this tomato variety, self-pollination is poorly developed. Therefore, to help a tomato in this is in the interest of man. The official description also says that you can grow a variety such as Balcony Miracle at home only if the rules of plant lighting and thermal conditions are observed.


Tomatoes Balcony miracle cultivated in any conditions (in a house, apartment, greenhouse or in open ground), are a low-growing variety with high yield characteristics.

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Special attention is paid to the appearance of the plant.The bush grown in the room will decorate any interior, adding notes of something summer and fresh to it. In addition, when the first fruits appear on the branches, the bush will become even more attractive.

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