Characteristics of shuttle tomatoes

Tomatoes belong to such vegetables, without which it is impossible to imagine a garden. Each housewife is happy to grow tomatoes of different varieties. But the shuttle tomato is very popular. It has high nutritional value, is rich in vitamins and minerals. Great for preparing a variety of dishes.

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  2. Growing varieties
  3. Planting seeds
  4. Seedling
  5. Planting a variety into the open ground
  6. Caring for tomatoes
  7. Ailments and insects affecting the Shuttle
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Характеристика томатов сорта Челнок

Characteristics of shuttle tomatoes

Shuttle tomatoes in the modern world are often found in garden beds. It is easy to grow and care. Due to its small size fruit frame, it is often used as a whole for preservation. Tomatoes Shuttle and the characteristics of this variety are often discussed by gardeners and farm owners due to the benefits of its fruits.

Description of Tomatoes Shuttle

Tomato Shuttle belongs to early ripening varieties, and even inexperienced people can grow them. They are well rehabilitated in any conditions and are not whimsical to care for. It is the description of the variety that often attracts gardeners. The bush is small, in height it can reach a maximum of 55 cm.

The fruit has a minimum of water and a lot of pulp. Tomatoes have an oval shape. The peel of the tomato is dense and has a pleasant red color. The weight of one fruit can reach a maximum of 60 g.

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The yield of this variety is quite high.So with one square meter you can get more than 8 kg of tomato. The first fruits on the bush appear after 90 days. Many gardeners who have planted this variety at least once leave only positive feedback about it.

Cultivation of the variety

Tomato Shuttle is a great view that is suitable for beginners in this business . Growing this variety does not take much time and effort. At the same time, emu care is minimal. But in order to plant the Shuttle in open ground, you must immediately get seedlings. And for this you should sow the seeds.

Planting the seeds

In order to plant the shuttle tomatoes you need to carry out a number of preparations. First of all, you should choose the capacity. It should beat wide enough, and the depth should be approximately 50 cm. The soil in which the seeds will be planted also plays a large role. For this variety, it is better to take highly nutritious drained soil.

So that the seeds are accepted and not lost in the soil, it is necessary to prepare them. To do this, they must be disinfected in a special solution. It is made by mixing peroxide with water. After that, the seeds should be soaked in this solution for 1 day and put on a damp cloth for a day. Further, you can safely plant tomatoes Shuttle.

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In the description of the variety it is said that this should be done like this:

  • in the container we make small beds;
  • their depth should be no more than 2 cm;
  • the width between the grooves is not more than 7 cm;
  • sow the seeds in the holes;
  • then we fill them with soil.

When the seeds are planted, they must be well watered and covered with a plastic bag. In this state, they must be present until the first sprouts appear. After the seeds are hatch, the packet is removed. When the seedlings give two full leaflets, it is necessary to pick it. By transplanting into separate containers.

Next, the Shuttle tomato variety needs proper care. This must be done, as indicated in the description.

Seedling Care

Tomatoes need to be regularly watered and aired. Water should be introduced into the soil when the soil dries. Watering is preferably carried out not with tap water, but with rain. Tanks with seedlings should be located in a room where the air temperature is 23 degrees.

Experienced gardeners also recommend additional lighting of seedlings. Indeed, in late February and early March, they still have little daylight. For this, a fluorescent lamp is used. Seedling does not need additional fertilizer.

We plant the variety in open ground

Before moving the Shuttle tomatoes into open ground, it is necessary to harden them. Many reviews say that this should be done when the temperature in the street will constantly stay above 8 degrees. Every day you need to take out the seedlings on the street for 10-15 minutes. Tomatoes can be transplanted into the open ground only when the soil temperature is above 12 degrees.

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It is best to plant seedlings on a cloudy day or in the afternoon. Under such conditions, the culture better survives. The distance between the beds and bushes should be 35 cm. Next to the bush you need to hammer a peg. Its height should be 10 cm greater than an adult bush.

After which it is necessary to fill the containers with seedlings of the variety well with water. Then gently get seedlings and move to open ground. After that, shuttle tomatoes should be well watered.

Tomato care

Growing a tomato will bring the result only if it is properly left. Despite the fact that the characteristics of the variety indicate that he does not need special care. Reviews say the opposite, because you still need to water and fertilize the shuttle tomatoes. Also during the identification and fight against pests and diseases.

Only proper care can provide high yields. And it consists in the following:

  • tomatoes should be regularly watered and fertilized;
  • mulch the soil;
  • remove weeds.

Shuttle tomatoes are the variety that needs the right watering. There is even a special scheme for introducing water into the soil. The first watering after planting in open ground is carried out on the day of planting. The more often water is introduced into the soil, the faster the seedlings will take root. Particular attention should be paid to the plant at the time of ripening.

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During this period, do not overdo it with water. After all, if you add too much liquid, then the tomatoes will begin to rot and crack, and if you add water, they simply will not ripen to the end. During this period, the plant should be watered once every seven days.

Also, an integral part of proper care is the application of fertilizers. They allow the shuttle tomatoes to harden. For the first time, top dressing is carried out exactly 12 days after planting seedlings. Then fertilize the tomatoes every 10 days. For this, you can take both organic and inorganic products.

So that the plant is not afraid of temperature changes, it is possible to harden. It is done using boric acid. If this is not at hand, you can replace it with Ovary.

Afflictions and insects affecting the Shuttle

Cultivation of a variety cannot take place without disease damage and insects. To prevent such a nuisance, it is necessary to prevent them, but first you need to find out what pests and ailments love this type of tomato.Tomato Shuttle easily tolerates any weather conditions, but not different misfortunes in the form of insects and diseases.

The most common disease of this plant is late blight. It affects the plant completely, from leaves to fruits. It appears due to a large amount of moisture. There are several other ailments dangerous for the tomato, such as anthracosis and powdery mildew. To protect the culture from such misfortunes, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis with fungicides and provide it with proper care.

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The pests of the Shuttle are a bear, aphid, Colorado potato beetle and ticks. You can fight insects with the help of special drugs or folk remedies. To avoid their appearance, it is recommended to plant plants next to the tomato that repel parasites.


Tomato Shuttle is one of the good varieties that are often grown at home. To do this is not at all difficult, the main thing is to get the right seeds and get seedlings. And then it all depends on the care of the tomato.

This crop, like other varieties, can be attacked by various diseases and insects. Therefore, to prevent this, prophylaxis is necessary.

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