Characteristics of Cherry Cherry Tomatoes

A large number of gardeners are engaged in growing tomatoes for their family. Most often, they rely on fruitful varieties of vegetables, based on the feedback of experienced gardeners. At the same time, tomatoes can be of an unusual color, of different ripening periods, of different heights and shapes of fruits. One of these tomatoes are red cherry tomatoes. There are varieties of them that differ in color and one interesting hybrid: tomatoes f1 Winter Cherry.All Cherry tomatoes except Winter Cherry are tall. But each of them is decorated with twigs that have a garland of beautiful, small fruits.

  1. Characteristics of the cherry tomato Cherry
  2. Description Hybrid Winter Cherry
  3. Variety description
  4. Variety description
  5. Sowing seeds
  6. Special requirements
  7. Seedlings
  8. Planting and care
  9. Eating tomatoes
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Характеристика томатов сорта Черри Вишня

Character Cherry Tomato Variety Cherry

Characteristics of Cherry Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Cherry Tomatoes belong to indeterminate varieties, and their characteristics include several points.

  1. The height of an adult bush can reach 2 m.
  2. Each of the varieties of Cherry Tomatoes can vary in color.
  3. Each tomato weighs about 30 grams.
  4. Fruits have a large amount of sugar.
  5. The yield of tomatoes is high and the products are stored for a long time.
  6. You can use it both fresh and after processing.

The fact that these varieties of tomatoes are not hybrids makes it possible to collect your own seed. Beautiful and bright fruits ripen at the same time with the whole brush, and they are very decorative in appearance.

Characteristics of the Hybrid Winter Cherry Hybrid

One variety of these varieties is tomato f1 Winter Cherry. Its characteristic differs from other varieties in that it is not tall and its seeds, when harvested and sown, do not retain species qualities. Tomato f1 Winter Cherry red. It tolerates bad weather conditions and can grow in open ground, even in areas of Siberia and the Urals. In the Winter Cherry State Register since 1998.

Variety Description

Positive traits are:

  • plant height up to 70 cm;
  • outdoor cultivation;
  • resistance to viruses;
  • yield from a bush of about 3 kg;
  • undemanding to pinching and stem garter;
  • universal methods of use.

The ability to grow in open ground and good tolerance of low temperatures, makes these tomatoes indispensable in the regions of Siberia and the Middle Urals. A non-deserted tomato is also a big plus because it reduces the time it takes to take care of the plants.

The stem bush has strong stems that do not need to be tied up and spud to prevent breakage.The stems of the plant do not grow tall, but only become thicker. The leaves have a saturated green color, rather dark than light. Each brush has up to 30 tomatoes, but not many brushes are formed. Fruit yield, from one bush, about 2 kg.

Variety description

Существует несколько разновидностей томатов данного сорта

There are several varieties of tomatoes of this variety

Indeterminate varieties, they are capable of endless growth, which must be limited. But the Cherry Cherry tomato has other features.

  1. Each bush is formed into two trunks.
  2. The first fruit brush appears in the region of the 8th leaf.
  3. Each brush consists of 30 or 35 tomatoes.
  4. The weight of the fruit is about 30g, the whole brush ripens at the same time.
  5. Use fresh tomatoes for decoration and preservation.

The trunks of the plant are strong, slightly leafy. Each leaf is small, dark green. After the first bunch, after 2 or 3 leaves, the second and subsequent brushes appear.

The varieties differ in that they have fruits of different colors. So the fruit bush of Cherry Red Cherry variety is completely covered with red clusters, like a cherry-shaped waterfall. Yellow Cherry is a golden ampoule garden covered with fragile branches and tiny leaves. An interesting variety, this is Barrys Crazy Cherry crazy Cherry Barry, also having a cherry-shaped stream of fruit brushes.

Black Cherry and White Cherry, these are tomatoes that have amazing, in shades, fruits. Chocolate balls of black and brownish tomatoes, as if descended from the canvas of a science fiction artist. And, saturated, like a milky color, a drop of white fruit is a truly enchanting sight.

Sowing seeds

Tomatoes of these varieties are suitable for cultivation in the middle lane of the country and southern regions . In mid-March, soil and seed are prepared, which can be branded or their own. The soil consists of garden soil, wood ash, sand and rotted mullein.

Seeds must be soaked before sowing in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

You can also cut a couple of aloe leaves and put them on the lower shelf in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Then squeeze the juice so that it does not come in contact with metal utensils. Dilute 1: 1 in warm water and soak the seeds. Soak the seed at 6 o’clock or at night.

Soil is filled in containers and, slightly dried, the seeds are laid out on its surface. They fill them with a layer of about 1 cm and irrigate them with warm water. They cover the plantings with plastic wrap and put them in a warm place.

Special requirements

In the northern regions, it is better not to place containers with seedlings on the windows. In any case, each window may have cracks that allow cold air to pass through. And for the full development of seedlings, a stable temperature is needed.

All other seed sowing procedures are similar to previous Cherry varieties. After the containers are covered, they are put in a place where you can turn on additional lighting. The temperature should be within 25g, for good germination of seeds.


After installation for germination, monitor the condition of the soil and irrigate it, as necessary. After the appearance of the second pair of leaves, seedlings can be dived. To make the plants easier to bear the stress of transplantation, they need to be sprayed with Zircon, diluted according to the recipe on the package. A couple of crystals of citric acid can be added to the water, which will prevent the destruction of the drug in an alkaline environment.

Seedlings have been in containers for about 2 months, during which they need to be fertilized three times. For fertilizers, chemicals or organic extracts are taken. Organics are prepared as follows: they take 1: 1 water and organic substances (manure, bird droppings), set for two weeks for fermentation. The finished composition is diluted 1:10 with water and watered under the root.

The official description states that after two months of seedlings, which are intended for planting in the ground, hardens for a week. Every day, containers are exposed in the sun, first for half an hour, and then more and more. Tomatoes Black Cherry and other Cherry Cherries, if they are planted in greenhouses, then they do not need to do hardening.

Landing and departure

Томаты устойчивы к мучнистой росе

Tomatoes are resistant to powdery mildew

Large and healthy seedlings of tomato cherry, planted in rows when there is a threat of frost. In this case, the distance between the rows should be at least 40 cm, and in a row, between plants up to 25 cm, for the Winter Cherry. And for other varieties, the distances should be: in the row about 40 cm, and between the rows 60 cm.

The holes are filled in size, into which you can add rotted, several years old, mullein or bird droppings. The description of the care requirements includes the following rules: each well is watered with warm water and, if it is an indeterminate species, then they put up supports and tie the plants to them, cutting off all stepsons and pinching the growth point at the required level. For determinant plants, a garter is not required, and they do not give stepsons.

Subsequent care for all tomatoes is similar.

  1. Timely watering, like tomatoes, is a moisture-loving plant.
  2. Weeding and continuous loosening of the soil, as a means of air access to the root system.
  3. Plant nutrition.
  4. Fight against viruses and diseases.

Watering and weeding the tomatoes is necessary when this is necessary. Fertilize by the foliar top dressing method before the first brush is formed. Apply chemical preparations and organic fertilizers.As organic matter is prepared, it has already been said above.

Tomatoes of Cherry Cherry varieties are practically not affected by diseases and are resistant to powdery mildew. Before the appearance of late blight, they manage to give back the crop. In greenhouses, to prevent the development of diseases, you can use solutions of boric acid, which also destroy aphids and scare away other small insects.

Eating tomatoes

All tomatoes are cultivars Cherry tomato, very decorative, especially such as Cherry, Honey Drop, White Currant, Black Cherry and others. They are just designed to decorate dishes. But the excellent taste qualities of all tomatoes make it possible to make from fruits: salads, juices, winter preparations. Canned food in jars is beautiful, especially if you take tomatoes of different colors.

CHERRY CHERRY TOMATO sweetest tomatoes (yellow, red, amber)
Tomatoes (Tomatoes) Cherry Black Cherries / Harvest / August 27, 2016
Tomato variety tested: Red cherry


Adults and children love placers of colored fruits. Not complicated agricultural technology of indeterminate species, allows you to grow them in different parts of the country, in greenhouses or in open ground. Eid Cherry Winter Cherry, designed for more severe weather conditions.All the same, but everyone has the opportunity, with proper care, to get beautiful, colorful and delicious Cherry Cherry tomatoes, as well as write nice reviews about them.

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