Characteristics of Titanium Tomatoes

Characteristics of Titanium Tomatoes

Recently, Titan tomato is gaining more and more popularity among vegetable growers.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Description of the bush
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Growing seedlings
  5. Planting seeds
  6. Planting seedlings
  7. Disease and prevention
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Характеристика томатов сорта Титан

Characteristics of tomato varieties Titan

Titan tomatoes (sometimes called Venus tomatoes) are known for excellent taste and good commercial properties. If you know the features, the variety is easy to grow. It gives x good yield, for which gardeners and large producers love it so much. Tomato fruits are not only tasty, but also healthy. They can be consumed both fresh and pickled, made from them salads, dressings, snacks, added to soups, borscht or main dishes, as well as prepare delicious tomato juice.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to the description, the positive qualities of pink Titan tomato include:

  • taste good;
  • the duration of storage of tomatoes after harvesting;
  • resistance to transportation;
  • the versatility of the use of fruits;
  • small sizes, which allows you to grow a variety in the absence of a large garden area or even on the balcony;
  • good resistance to fungal diseases;
  • low water requirements.

The disadvantages of tomato varieties are pink Titan They say that tomatoes love heat, therefore they grow poorly at low temperatures, they are easily susceptible to late blight. After transplanting, seedlings require constant top dressing. In regions with a cool climate, the late crop may not have time to ripen.

Description of the bush

Tomatoes can be grown both in open ground and in greenhouses or under the film. When all the rules of agricultural technology are met, the plant’s productivity is up to 5 kg of fruits from one bush.

Pink Titan tomatoes can be attributed to both middle-ripening and late-ripening varieties, since the fruiting period from the moment the first sprouts appear until the fruit ripenes an average of 125 days. According to the characteristic, these are determinant tomatoes, their stems reach a maximum of 100 cm, but the height of this plant varies from 40 to 60 cm.

The bush of this type of tomato is stunted, with an average amount of green mass. He has a sturdy stalk that does not need a garter. Pasynkovka is also not required, the fruits ripen well regardless of the number of shoots in the axils of the leaves. The leaves of the tomatoes are large, dark green. The inflorescence usually appears above the sixth leaf, all the others are laid in between two leaves.

Description of the fruit

In shape, the fruits of the Pink Giant are round, slightly flattened. After ripening, they become rich red. According to the description, one tomato weighs on average 100 g, and the maximum weight is 150 g.

The fruit has a smooth, even skin without a rib at the fruit stem. Its density is relatively high, so that the fruits do not crack under the influence of external factors. The flesh is fleshy, juicy, but not watery, with a small amount of seeds distributed in 3-4 chambers. The taste of fruits is sweet, without sourness.

Growing seedlings

От правильной высадки зависит урожайность растений

The yield of plants

depends on the correct planting. It is recommended to plant the variety in seedlings. This process goes through several stages: sowing seeds, caring for sprouts and planting seedlings in open ground.

The final result largely depends on the initial stage: on the quality of the seeds and their proper planting.Planting tomatoes Titan is recommended only in those areas where cucumbers, carrots, zucchini or parsley used to grow.

Planting seeds

Seeds for seedlings are sown in 2-2.5 months before landing at a permanent place. The soil must be fertile, have a balanced level of nutrients and acidity. It is not so difficult to prepare the soil mixture on your own, it is enough to mix ordinary soil with sand, compost and peat.

When buying seed, you need to consider the time of seed production. It should not exceed 2 years. Before planting, the seeds are germinated. To do this, they are placed on a napkin, moistened with water, wrapped in a film or bag and put for 3-4 days in a warm place. The napkin should be constantly wet.

After the seeds have sprouted, they are planted in plastic cups and placed in seedling containers. The soil should be moist. The sowing depth should not exceed 2 cm. After upsetting, the cups are covered with foil and placed in a warm place. The first seedlings appear after 5-7 days.

Planting seedlings

Picking, that is, replanting seedlings from a smaller capacity to a large one, is carried out after the appearance of the first leaves. Seedlings are planted in open ground no more than 6 pieces per 1 m². A plot of 50 cm in length and 40 cm in width is ideal.

The variety does not need abundant watering, so after planting seedlings, planting is watered only in the third week. For this, only warm, settled water is used.Roots cannot be poured – you need to moisten the earth around the bushes as the top layer dries.

Tomatoes of the Titan variety love fertilizers, but are very picky to them. It is best used for fertilizing phosphorus and potassium. These trace elements add sweetness to the fruit. It is also permissible to add dolomite flour or wood ash to the soil.

Diseases and prevention

Late blight is the most common disease of this variety. To prevent infection, it is necessary to provide plants with an average level of humidity. Do not pour tomatoes heavily. If they grow in a greenhouse, the room should be ventilated as often as possible. For prophylaxis, the bushes are treated with a special tool for the control of late blight.

Tomato Titanium. Euro-Seeds

Often tomatoes infect Colorado potato beetles, whites and moths. To control these insects, they use separate drugs designed to kill parasites, such as Prestige and Lepidocide.


The Titan variety is great for growing on large open sites, in greenhouses and on balconies. Grow it is not difficult, so it will be a good choice for novice gardeners.

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