The best tomatoes for Moscow region

Tomatoes for the Moscow region should be selected taking into account the climate in this region. Today, many hybrids have been developed that grow well even at low temperatures. Among them there are greenhouse varieties and varieties for open beds. In order to determine and choose the right seeds and seedlings, you need to get acquainted with the characteristics of each tomato, its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. How to choose tomatoes
  2. Varieties for open ground
  3. Iceberg
  4. Federico
  5. Cheerful gnome
  6. Demidov
  7. Sultan F1
  8. Phytous
  9. Varieties for greenhouses
  10. De Barao
  11. Nevsky <
  12. Sweet bunch
  13. Andromeda F1
  14. Gospel F1
  15. Typhoon F1
  16. Bird of happiness
  17. Universal varieties
  18. Tamara
  19. Beginner
  20. Mongolian dwarf
  21. Altai
  22. Japanese truffle
  23. Cured milk <
  24. Shuttle
  25. White loading

How to choose tomatoes

Those who want to grow tomatoes in the open soil in the suburbs, it is imperative to take into account climate conditions. This region is characterized by:

  • relatively warm winters and cool summers;
  • frosts in late spring and early autumn;
  • high humidity;
  • limited number of sunny days.

Ultra-ripening, early-ripening and mid-ripening varieties are best suited for the Moscow Region. The vegetation period averages 90 days.If you sow seeds in closed ground in early April, in the second half of May you can already transfer the seedlings to the garden, and in July you can get the first crop. When planting late varieties, there is a risk of losing crops in early autumn due to frost.

When planting tomatoes in greenhouse conditions, weather and climate are less important, so you can choose a variety with any ripening period. For greenhouse cultivation hybrids with a large and medium height of bushes are perfect.

Varieties are divided according to purpose. For canned foods and pickles, small and medium-sized tomatoes are selected, which ripen in the second half of summer. Table-grade tomatoes for the Moscow Region can be large, with fleshy flesh. Varieties with large and medium fruits can be watered rarely. Large berries like moisture, in dry summers their productivity can be low.

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Varieties for open ground

To grow tomatoes in open ground in the suburbs is not always easy. They often die from late spring or early autumn frosts. In addition, in a humid and cool climate, fungi feel great, so early varieties should be preferred. Ultra-precocious varieties are best suited, which quickly yield a crop and do not have time to get sick. Seeds need to be bought only from trusted sellers, industrial manufacturers.Consider which varieties of tomatoes for open ground in the suburbs to grow the most profitable.


An early variety with the simultaneous formation of all the ovaries. The fruits are large, rounded, red, palm-sized, weighing about 200 g. The taste is slightly sour. Bushes are low, about 60-80 cm. These tomatoes do not need pinching. They perfectly tolerate low temperatures, do not get sick even in the rainiest years. Tomatoes make excellent salads, they can be salted, pickled. Yields can be raised by regularly feeding plants with polycarbonate, phosphates, urea.


A rare variety bred in Argentina. These tomatoes grow very well in open ground in the suburbs. The growing season is early, the fruits ripen early. Bushes are low, up to 100 cm, capable of growing without pinching. The berries are large, weighing about 0.1-0.2 kg, oblong shape. Tomatoes are originally painted: green and orange stripes on a pink background. They are very sweet to taste, salads are good to make of them. Federico also has high yields.

Cheerful gnome

Данному сорту не страшна фитофтора

This variety is not afraid of late blight

The domestic tomato variety is suitable for the Moscow Region, due to early ripening it is not affected by late blight, is resistant to other fungal plant pathologies.The bushes are low, 30-50 cm, but it is still advisable to attach them to the support. The fruits are elongated, with spouts at the tips, red. The size of ripe tomatoes is small: they weigh about 80 g, do not crack. Tomatoes can be canned or eat fresh in salads.


A mid-early species that ripens for 100 days. The bushes stretch up to 60 cm. The size of the fruit is not too large, up to 100 g. The shape is round, flattened, a shade of bright red. To get a plentiful crop, the plant is staggered. Water and fertilize once a week. This variety is not affected by late blight.

Sultan F1

A hybrid bred in the Netherlands grows well in cool climates. Ripe fruits appear very early, the growing season is 70 days. The fruits are large, weighing about 200 g, round in shape, slightly flattened above and below. 5-7 pieces ripen on one branch, up to 15 kg of crop are harvested from a meter of a bed. Super early tomatoes have good resistance to disease and poor growth conditions. Bushes do not take up much space.


Variety with medium ripening, the growing season lasts 100 days. Shrubs are low, up to half a meter. The fruits are round-oval, small, weighing about 70 g. The variety of tomatoes is unpretentious, has medium resistance to late blight and other fungal infections. Fruits can be harvested before the first frost in large quantities.

Varieties for greenhouses

In the middle lane, farmers prefer to plant tomatoes in greenhouses, not trusting the capricious weather of the region. What varieties of tomatoes are best planted in the Moscow Region under a film and in closed greenhouses? Ripening time in this case is not critical. Most often, high-yielding disease-resistant hybrids are chosen. It is desirable that the bushes are compact and do not take up much space. The best varieties of tomatoes for the Moscow Region that are cultivated in greenhouses and hotbeds are described below.

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De Barao

This is an indeterminate species that forms new brushes during growth, which significantly prolongs the period of fruiting. Fruits are small in size, weighing 50-70 g, yield about 7 kg per 1 square. m beds. Color can be different: there is de Borao pink, yellow and red shades. The stalks of tomatoes are high, able to grow up to 1 m, they must be tied up. Tomatoes are not affected by late blight.


Сорт Невский подходит для выращивания на балконе

Nevsky is suitable for cultivation on the balcony

This is an old variety bred back in 1978. Tomatoes are small, weighing about 50-60 g, of a red tint. The crop is not very plentiful, about 7.5 kg per 1 sq. Km. m beds. The taste is good, sweet, tomatoes can be pickled, salads can be made from them. Bushes are small, compact, up to 5 plants are planted per 1 m.The variety is resistant to disease, tolerates a lack of moisture. Tomatoes can even be grown on the balcony.

Sweet bunch

These tomatoes are the best choice for the Moscow Region. They have high productivity, the growing season is 90-100 days. The fruits are small, up to 40-45 berries are formed on one bunch. The color is red, the taste is sweet and sour. The stems are tall, can reach 2-2.5 m, therefore, require additional support. The only drawback of tomatoes is their low resistance to late blight. Plants should be regularly treated for fungus, it is advisable to constantly aerate the greenhouse.

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Andromeda F1

A high-yielding hybrid designed specifically for greenhouses. The timing of its vegetation is mid-early, 90-100 days. Stem bushes with medium branching can extend up to 1 m in height, but on average they have 55-70 cm. Fruits are red, golden and pink, their mass is 0.1-0.2 kg, the fruiting type is determinant (ovaries form on the hand at the same time). 5-7 berries are formed on one brush. With 1 m of beds you can get 9-10 kg of tomatoes. The hybrid tolerates high temperatures well, needs regular watering.

F1 Gospel

Another high-yielding hybrid. Such tomatoes for the Moscow region is very profitable to grow in greenhouses. With 1 sq. m collect up to 20 kg of products. Tomatoes are also allowed to be planted in an open garden, but their productivity is falling. Bushes are tall, 1.6-1.8 m, they are formed into 2 stems, they need support.Maturing term – about 100 days. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases.

Typhoon F1

A hybrid with high productivity and short vegetation (90-95 days). The bushes grow to a height of up to 2 m. The fruits are round, weighing about 0.1 kg, 5-7 berries are formed on one branch. Tomatoes are delicious, they are most often eaten fresh. Unfortunately, they are poorly stored and transported. With 1 m of beds you can get about 15-16 kg of crop. The hybrid is resistant to many fungi, but requires careful care, obligatory pinching: the branches can be weak.

Bird of happiness

A tomato variety with such an original name for Moscow Region is mid-early matures for 110-115 days. The bushes are low, up to 50 cm, they can be grown even in a small greenhouse. The fruits are dark red, flat-round, weighing about 100 g. They taste sweet, they can be pickled, salted, added to salads. Productivity is stable, high resistance to disease, good tolerance of drought. Growing varieties is beneficial in small areas.

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Universal varieties

Существует несколько универсальных сортов

There are several universal varieties

Tomatoes universal for the Moscow Region are very popular among summer residents. These varieties grow normally in open beds, but are also suitable for cultivation in a greenhouse or greenhouse. It is better to choose early and mid-season varieties.You can cover the bushes at an early stage of vegetation, and during the ripening of the fruits remove the greenhouse so that the tomatoes receive more sunlight. It is easy to change the cultivation method, depending on the weather conditions in a given year.


According to the description, Tamara is a new determinant variety with large fruits that weigh from 0.3 to 0.5 kg. The shape of the tomatoes is flat-round, the flesh is fleshy, the shade of the tomatoes is red. On one branch 4-6 berries are tied. Ripening times are average, 110-115 days.

Tomatoes are well stored, suitable for fresh consumption, as well as for pickling, juice production. Bushes of medium height (80-120 cm), standard, do not require garter. The disadvantage of this variety is its low resistance to powdery mildew and some other diseases.


Variety with an average ripening time of about 115-130 days, because the use of this tomato variety for open ground in the suburbs is a bit limited. They are well preserved and bear fruit if the year is warm, without late and early frosts.

Shrubs of the variety are stunted, 0.5-0.9 m. 5-9 fruits are tied on one branch. They are oblong oval in shape, red in color, weighing from 70 to 120 g. Average productivity, about 6 kg per 1 m of beds. Tomatoes are well stored and transported, suitable for preservation and salads, resistant to many diseases, unpretentious in care.

Mongolian dwarf

As the name implies, this is a short hybrid. The bushes grow only 15-20 cm, they do not need to be tied. They are planted both in the greenhouse and in the garden without shelter. Tomatoes ripen quickly, are high-yielding. It is possible to harvest them already at the end of June, about 10 kg of fruits that weigh about 0.2 kg are obtained from one plant. The shape of the berry is round, the hue of the peel is bright red. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases, tolerates a lack of watering, and is immune to most known diseases.

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A mid-season type of tomato with a growing period of 110-115 days. It is better to plant it in a greenhouse, but you can grow it in an open garden bed. Tomatoes are large, their average weight is 0.3-0.4 kg, but they can grow up to 0.5 kg. They have a rounded shape, red or pink. The taste is sweet, with a slight acidity, in the pulp there are many useful substances. The fruits tolerate storage and transportation, are suitable for salads and preservation.

The height of the bushes is about 1.5 m, they need to be tied. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases.

Japanese truffle

Japanese truffle is not the most popular tomato variety in the Moscow Region. The maturity of the variety is medium, 110-120 days. Bushes of these tomatoes for the Moscow Region in open ground grow up to 1.5 m, in a greenhouse – up to 2 m, need to be tied up.The size of the fruit is average, they weigh about 100-200 g, have an original shape that resembles a drop. The peel and flesh are red-yellow or golden in color. The taste is sweet, the skin is thin, tomatoes can be eaten fresh or canned. The lack of tomatoes is the limited ability to buy seeds on the market.


These are the best varieties for the Moscow region. The early ripening Medok hybrid can be grown under the film and in the open field, its growing season is only 85 days. Bushes are stunted, 50-60 cm, but require garter. The fruits are oblong, small, weighing about 70-80 g. They have a good taste, they can be consumed fresh and canned. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases, including late blight. It can be grown even without additional watering.

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New tomato varieties for the Moscow Region and the Middle Strip


Not bad Marko Livaja variety of tomato that is resistant to low temperatures vegetation period -.. 95-110 days Bushes are low, up to 50 cm, a very compact and does not occupy much space in the garden. The fruits are oblong, sweet, fleshy, bright red in color, do not crack. The sizes are small, their weight is 60-70 g. The shuttle is suitable for making juices, mixed vegetables, you can add them to salads, make food for small children. Its growing is becoming more and more popular.

White bulk

White bulk – universal tomatoes for greenhouses near Moscow and open ground. The variety is time-tested, was bred back in 1979 in Kazakhstan.The plant in the greenhouse is stretched up to 70 cm, in the garden – up to 50 cm. The ripening period in the greenhouse is 85-90 days, in the open-air bed about 100 days. The color of the fruit is red, the shape is round, there is a slight ribbing. Fruits weigh about 130 g each. 3-4 kg of crop are easily harvested from one bush. It is frost-resistant, but requires processing from late blight.

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