Trichopol for processing tomatoes

To treat the tomato crop for diseases gardeners use the drug Trichopolum for tomatoes.

  1. Indications for treatment
  2. Time to use
  3. Additional processing periods
  4. Recipes with Trichopolum
  5. Classic version
  6. Solutions with brilliant green
  7. Solutions with iodine

Трихопол для обработки помидоров

Trichopol for processing tomatoes

Indications for treatment

Trichopol for tomatoes is used in the treatment of diseases especially dangerous for the crop. Among the indications for use:

  • fi toftera, or late blight, is the most common fungal disease of vegetable crops, affecting the ground and underground parts of the bush and leading to the death of plants,
  • powdery mildew is a disease caused by fungus, transmitted through water during irrigation, technical equipment and by air causing fading and yellowing of leaves, slowing down the growth and development of vegetable crops,
  • fusarium – a fungal disease that penetrates through the soil layer into the root system of tomatoes and cucumbers, depleting stems and causing yellowing of the leaf you, ending in the death of plants,
  • angular spotting – a bacterial infection that affects the fruits of tomatoes and cucumbers, leading to drying and dying of leaves and ending with unsuitability for fruiting and death.

Related to antimicrobials, Trichopolum is used to spray tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse and on the open ground repeatedly throughout the garden season. A sufficient amount of treatment is three to four sprays in one seasonal period. It is recommended to spray tomato bushes and cucumber bushes to treat plants from the above diseases and to prevent them.

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Among the main advantages of using Trichopolum in spraying against fungal and infectious diseases, note:

  • drug safety , allowing you to eat vegetables after processing, for which it is enough to wash them with water,
  • the effectiveness of the active agent on fungal spores, pests and pathogenic bacteria.

Time to use wines

Tomato bushes sprinkle when the plant shows signs of fungal and infectious lesions:

  • black or dark gray spots on leaf blades,
  • quickly yellowed or blackened ovaries,
  • brown foci on the fruit,
  • dark foci on the stems.

Using trichopolum to water diseased tomato bushes is required immediately .

During the treatment of tomatoes, gardeners adhere to the established schedule, which is developed based on the main stages of plant development:

  • sowing stage for seeds,
  • picking time tomato seedlings,
  • planting seedlings in a greenhouse or in open ground.

Timely spraying of tomato seedlings prevents the emergence and development of fungal and infectious diseases and preserves the future crop.

Additional processing periods

Растения рекомендуется полить раствором в начале лета

It is recommended to water the plants with a solution in early summer

In addition to processing at the initial stages of tomato growth, gardeners spray tomatoes throughout the growing season of the vegetable crop:

  • initially watered with a solution with Trichopolum at the beginning of the summer season, when the most suitable conditions for the appearance of fungi on tomato bushes are formed,
  • the second time the tomato bushes are processed before harvesting, 2 weeks before harvesting the vegetables,
  • intermediate plants are treated when the first fungal diseases, doing this every day until the pathogen is eliminated, while adding Trichopolum to water for irrigation.
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There are summer residents who are not limited to treating Trichopolis tomatoes only 3-4 times a season. They use disease prevention solutions every 10 days.With this method of tomato protection, fungi can develop resistance to Trichopolum solutions, therefore it is recommended to change their composition.

Recipes with Trichopolum

You can treat tomato bushes with Trichopolum as a pure solution, so and with the addition of other drugs that enhance the effectiveness of the drug.


For 10 liters of water there are 20 tablets that are crushed and completely dissolved in a small volume of warm liquid, and only after this is poured into the bulk of the water. After 20 minutes, the bushes are sprayed with the prepared solution.

It is advisable to treat small areas with a sprayer, for large plantings use a sprayer.

Solutions with brilliant green

They help enhance the effects of Trichopolum in the processing of tomatoes. One bottle of brilliant green is poured into a 10-liter solution. Tomatoes are sprayed with trichopolum so that the drug falls on the back and top of the foliage.

Solutions with iodine

Iodine compounds are used more often for preventive spraying of tomatoes, for this purpose at the stage the development of vegetable culture make a composition of 10-15 tablets and a bottle of iodine in a 10-liter bucket. They treat vegetables with the classic version with Trichopolum (20 tablets per bucket of water), pouring a bottle of iodine into it.

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Trichopol for tomatoes
Garden head Application of potassium permanganate and Trichopolum

The analogue of trichopolum is metronidazole, which is cheaper, but it has the same effectiveness.

In order to prevent the fungus from getting used to the action of Trichopolum, the solutions are changed or combined during treatment for treatment. Apply:

  • 50 g of grated garlic with 1 liter of fermented kefir in a 10-liter bucket of water,
  • 1 liter of serum with 25 pipette drops of iodine in 10 liters of water.

Some summer residents add milk, reducing the number of tablets by 2 times.

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