Description and characteristics of tomatoes of the variety Linda

Varieties of tomatoes are varied. Some give a good crop, grown in greenhouses and greenhouses. Others are suitable for open ground. One of the most popular street varieties is Linda tomato.

  1. Variety description
  2. Features of fruits of Linda
  3. Features of growing tomato
  4. Tips and reviews of gardeners about tomatoes Linda
  5. Conclusion

Описание томатов сорта Линда

Description of Linda tomatoes

Tomatoes of this variety are tasty and sweet, they are perfect for fresh consumption, as well as for preparing various dishes or for salting The main thing is to know about the features of getting a good harvest.

Description of the variety

Tomato Linda f1 is the result of the work of Japanese breeders to mix the beloved cherry tomatoes Linda with precocious varieties. The appearance in the name “f1” indicates that this plant is a hybrid .

The main task of the breeders was to create a new tomato that is not capricious to external conditions, which will have high fertility rates. The Japanese coped with their task. Today, Linda f1 is one of the most popular plants grown on land not only in Russia but also in other European countries.

The description of tomatoes declared by breeders Linda indicates the determinism of the bush. It has a small size (up to 35 cm in height), a dense stem and dense foliage. But, under favorable conditions, the height of the plant can reach 50 cm.Linda f1 is a larger plant. It can reach 80 cm in height. Special attention is paid to the accuracy of the fruits. Several large clusters of 8-14 tomatoes can be located on one bush.

Description of tomatoes Linda also indicates that the bush grows best when properly formed in 2-3 stems. Large, massive stems should be tied. A non-deserted bush can not be strengthened with a support. The fruits will ripen without human help. A bush of tomato Linda can be seen in PHOTO.

An adult bush can have a cylindrical shape. It bears fruit from the end of June until the beginning of September. Lack of sunlight does not affect the amount of yield. During fruiting, bush growth slows down. “Laziness” is one of the characteristics of a determinant plant. The only thing to take care of is to carry out preventive measures to protect the bushes from verticillosis and fusarium. The hybrid, however, already has immunity to these diseases.

Features of the fruits of the Linda variety

Description of the tomato Linda, as a good crop variety, has become the reason for the popularity of the plant in domestic growing conditions. Despite the fact that this tomato is classified as a hybrid, its fruits are fleshy and sweet. No less important are other features of the fruit:

  1. Dimensions. Tomatoes are large, have a rounded shape. They can be seen in the PHOTO.
  2. The quality of the skin. The skin is thin, but not cracked.
  3. Taste. The fruit is sweet. It contains 3-3.3% sugar.
  4. Color. The ripe fruit has a bright red color.
  5. Weight. The mass of one hybrid fruit can reach 300 grams. But, the average weight of the tomato is 170-200 grams.

Tomatoes grown on their site can be consumed fresh. Experienced gardeners recommend using the fruits for salting or for making salad.

The fruit stock collected from one crop can be used for any purpose. In addition, the excellent appearance of tomatoes is in demand in the market. Large, red clusters will not leave indifferent any customer. In addition, a high crop yield is perfect for trade.

Features of growing a tomato

Рассаду следует садить в нейтральную почву

Seedlings should be planted in neutral soil

The tomato variety Linda is annual. The seed that is present in the fruit is not suitable for planting. Therefore, for growing crops, it is important to stock up on planting material annually. To do this, you can buy tomato seeds Linda (for growing seedlings) or already young seedlings. Transplantation into open ground is carried out only by seedlings that have 2 or more leaves. Hybrid cultivation itself has such features:

  1. Gardeners recommend choosing neutral fertile soils for planting. The root system should receive a sufficient amount of oxygen, so the soil should be loosened.
  2. Weeds must be removed from the planting site. They can interfere with the development of the bush, and its fruits ripen.
  3. It is important to ensure moderate watering. In addition, its drop type will also be beneficial.
  4. It is necessary to fertilize the plant. It is best to use complex mineral formulations.

It is not difficult to buy seeds of a hybrid plant. They are produced by many modern manufacturers. Seeds are planted only in greenhouses, since it is important to provide heat and moisture for the formation of sprouts. They are prepared for transplantation only after several leaves are formed on small stems. This usually takes 55-60 days.

Linda tomatoes, when planted outdoors, are spaced 50-60 cm apart. There should be no more than 4 bushes per square meter.

Tips and reviews by gardeners about Linda tomatoes

According to experienced gardeners, Tomatoes Linda is an ideal option for growing crops in the open field. Care for such plants is minimal. Due to the powerful stem, the need for garter is rare. The main thing is to organize moderate watering and do not forget about top dressing. Lovers of fresh vegetables will like these tomatoes. Already in early summer, you can be content with ripe fruits.

The main advantage of the variety’s characteristics is the ability to choose the landing site (street or greenhouse). But, it is also important to consider the climatic features of the area. Those who have already encountered the cultivation of this variety are aware that evening cooling (especially critical in the northern regions of the country) often reduces tomato yields. Therefore, it is better to plant plants on the street only in the southern regions. In the north, they should be planted in greenhouses.


The Cherry Tomato Hybrid is a good example of a high-yielding disease-resistant crop. With proper care, not only diseases, but also pests to the plant are not terrible. Only the cold is dangerous for the plant. Strong temperature jumps can kill a tomato. If the fruits need to be transported or betrayed for long storage, one should not wait for their full ripening. Gardeners advise picking tomatoes a little unripe.

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