Characteristics of Golden Kenigsberg Tomatoes

Tomato Golden Koenigsberg is an indeterminate tomato variety, crop growth continues throughout the growing season. It is very popular among vegetable growers and gardeners due to its unpretentiousness and excellent taste. The variety of Siberian breeding, therefore, is distinguished by endurance and frost resistance. The tomato gives a high yield, the fruits are large and fleshy. The variety description and characteristics allow you to create a complete picture and make a choice.

Growing a tomato of the Golden Kenigsberg variety does not require excessive efforts, it is just necessary to water and tie up the plant, as well as carry out weeding on time. With proper care from each bush, you can get more buckets of tomatoes that are distinguished by excellent taste and are suitable for harvesting for the winter. Several bushes will fully provide tomatoes for the family during July-August. A tomato of this type will decorate the gardener and amateur gardener and bring a good harvest.

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