Characteristics of Raspberry Miracle Tomatoes

Tomatoes raspberry miracle in recent years have become the most popular variety among professional and novice gardeners in Russia. All people, without exception, like raspberry tomato. Under this beautiful generic name, far from one hybrid of tomatoes is hidden, but five. All representatives of this variety of tomatoes, grow well and give a plentiful harvest. Despite the novelty of this variety, these gardeners almost instantly fell in love with gardeners.Raspberry tomatoes should be planted in each gardener’s plot.

  1. Characteristics of the tomato
  2. Description of the fruit
  3. Varieties <
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  5. Tips for growing tomatoes
  6. Preparation of the soil for planting
  7. Seedling time in the open ground
  8. Diseases and pests

Характеристика томатов сорта Малиновое чудо

Characteristics of grade M tomatoes crimson marvel

Characteristic of tomato

Raspberry marvel tomatoes were bred by Russian breeders at the end of the twentieth century, in the scientific production association Gardens of Russia. To obtain this species, breeders in the association Gardens of Russia have done tremendous work. In view of all the advantages, this tomato variety can rightfully be called the real achievement of the domestic selection institute Gardens of Russia. In 2014, such a variety of tomatoes, deservedly received a gold medal for its qualities.

People call this kind of tomato gardeners a golden raspberry miracle.In just a few years after the removal of the raspberry miracle, the tomato subspecies included in this series became the favorites of all gardeners in Russia. , tomatoes need binding. By the time of fruit ripening, this species is considered to be medium late, since the period from the appearance of the first seedlings to full ripening takes an average of 150 days. Unlike many of his comrades-in-arms, this species is very resistant to late blight, and also perfectly ripens in any conditions. Following all the tips for growing and caring, you can easily get an excellent tomato crop, which is enough for you and your family for a whole year.

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Description of the fruit

For this series of hybrids characteristic:

  • The high content of dry matter in the fruit makes it possible to successfully use the fruit in canning.
  • Not a rough, even peel, the color of which varies from bright raspberry to deep red. .
  • Juicy pulp with an indescribable pleasant aroma.
  • A small amount of seeds in the segments of the fruit.

In opi AANII to a series of crimson wonder given that the fruits are perfect for preserving both at home and on the scale of the volume of production. These tomatoes, like many others, can be consumed raw or as part of salads.For long-term storage, it is recommended to store this variety in a dark, cool place, with an air temperature of 5 to 12 degrees and a relative humidity of not more than 80%.


Существует несколько разновидностей сорта

There are several varieties of the variety

Tomatoes of this series are combined in their name five varieties of hybrids:

  • Raspberry wine. This hybrid has a diverse range of tastes. The fruits reach a weight of 400 grams.
  • Raspberry sunset. This hybrid is characterized by an increased amount of yield, plus a large mass of fruits, sometimes reaching up to 700 grams.
  • Raspberry paradise. It is characterized by bright, raspberry color, sweetish taste and a large mass of fruits.
  • Raspberry. The fruits of this variety are small in size, the color of the fruit is a deep raspberry shade, the taste is delicate and juicy.
  • Bright raspberry. The variety has a peculiar flesh, which is vaguely reminiscent of watermelon pulp, the mass of this fruit reaches 700 grams.
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Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Due to its advantages and the fact that the general characteristic of the raspberry miracle variety is quite good, this type of tomato is an unconditional favorite of vegetable growers.

Indisputable advantages include:

  • Unpretentious care.
  • High resistance to late blight.
  • Excellent palatability and delicious aroma.
  • Good presentation and yield.
  • When ripe, the fruits do not crack, preserving the integrity of the shell.

The yield of each subspecies of the raspberry variety is very good. Raspberry tomatoes are able to produce about 5 kg of fruit from one bush. This type of tomato has practically no drawbacks, the only thing that gardeners may not satisfy is the later the fruit ripens, the smaller it will be, but the minus one is a huge plus for others.

Many gardeners see this as a huge plus, in view of the small but very juicy fruits, which are suitable for canning and homemade preparations.

Raspberry miracle is a universal variety of tomatoes. The seeds of this variety have a rare feature, they are able to maintain a sufficiently long seed germination, up to 20 years, in comparison with other tomatoes, the seeds of which are less than 10 years old, give poor germination of sprouts.

Tips for growing tomatoes

This variety is unpretentious and suitable for growing in absolutely any region of the country. Growing such fruits is not difficult and is suitable for both experienced and beginner gardeners. Despite its unpretentiousness, like any other plant, tomato needs good nutrition, which can provide high-quality and fertile soil.Compliance with this important point will allow you to have tall bushes with large-fruited tomatoes. To plant seeds for seedlings, it is necessary at the beginning of March in special soil, for this you need to mix sand, humus and earth in equal amounts.

Сейте семена на глубину не более одного сантиметра

Sow the seeds to a depth of not more than one centimeter

Before planting the seedlings in the soil, you need to water the soil with weak, diluted potassium permanganate, a little pink, in order to to disinfect the earth from bacteria. For good germination of seeds, it is recommended to treat the seeds with any antiparasitic agent, for example, Ecosil solution. Then you can fill in specially prepared containers with earth (containers for seedlings, cut plastic bottles, in extreme cases, half liter cans), at least 20 seeds. Seeds should be planted to a depth of about 1 cm. If the depth is more than 1 cm, then planting may not sprout.

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Preparing the soil for planting

The ground for seedlings is also prepared in advance since the fall. An ideal place for good germination of seedlings is the sunny side of the house, or rather the windowsill. With the advent of the first sprouts, it is necessary to thin out the crops, remove undersized and weak sprouts that are poorly sprouted. In the future, the thinning procedure is repeated if necessary and the shoots that are stunted are also removed.Ultimately, in each container with seedlings you should get no more than ten seedlings. It is just such an amount that is enough for an even distribution of moisture and oxygen, in this case the root system will be able to develop well, seedlings will grow faster, become stronger and will yield a good crop in the future.

Planting time seedlings in open ground

Ready seedlings are planted with the end of the last frost, for more southern regions, it is preferable to plant seedlings in open ground around April-May. Accordingly, the northern regions, it is better to grow tomatoes of this variety only in greenhouse conditions. The description indicates that the seedlings are ready for transplanting into a greenhouse or open ground only if the seedling has at least 2-3 ready, fully formed leaves. If there is only 1 leaf on seedlings or there is no greens at all, then with planting in open ground or a greenhouse, it is worth the wait. After transplanting into the soil, it is necessary to adhere to a number of mandatory measures for the care of sprouts.

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The characteristics of the care must be observed as follows: constant, plentiful watering of plants, timely weeding from weeds, and also cultivation, for full oxygen supply into the soil. It is advisable to loosen after each watering.

It is also necessary to periodically treat your plantings with special complex fertilizers, various useful top dressings: humus, manure, ash. Since this variety is indeterminate, and the height of the bushes reaches two meters, it is vital for the bushes to tie in order to prevent the destruction of the crop. Growing fruits in this way, you can completely dispense with picking the fruit (replanting plants), but if it still turns out to be necessary, it is recommended to use pots of a small square shape, approximately 10 * 10 cm, to obtain the necessary nutritional area for each seedling.

Diseases and pests

The description indicates that, in general, the characteristics of the tomato are good and this kind has an undeniable advantage over similar species, in that the variety is resistant to many diseases. But in an unfavorable climate, or if the cultivation of such a series was carried out incorrectly, then the raspberry miracle can be affected by some pests and diseases. This kind of tomato, like others, is prone to vertex rot, the black leg. To prevent the above diseases, it is necessary to apply a number of preventive measures.

Raspberry miracle from the” Gardens of Russia “!
Which # grade to choose? Competition NGOs Russian Gardens # Tomatoes of the Raspberry Miracle series
Ultra-early tomato Lyubasha F1

Timely detected after Olevanov allow to save your crop. Ways to treat the plants from various diseases, an incredible array. The most common of these include spraying tomatoes with a solution of calcium nitrate, copper sulphate. To prevent the appearance of brown spotting, it is advisable to cover the plant with special agrofibre for the night.

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Tomatoes are susceptible to attack by various insects, such as: whitefly and vegetable aphids. To get rid of these pests, you can use proven means, special chemical and biologically safe drugs.If you grow a series of raspberry miracles in accordance with all the rules and adhere to the recommendations given, you can grow delicious and beautiful tomatoes that are great for eating fresh and canned.

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