When and how to plant tomatoes for seedlings in Siberia

Planting of seedlings depends on the region, temperature and humidity: Before planting a crop, it is worth considering all the factors affecting its growth. You can plant tomatoes for seedlings in Siberia all year round: for this you can use the greenhouse or plant an indoor tomato variety on the windowsill.The region’s climate features affect the irrigation and fertilizer system of the plant.

  1. Features of growing tomatoes in Siberia
  2. When sowing seeds
  3. When to plant seedlings
  4. What the planting date depends on
  5. Sowing seedlings
  6. Pick a root system
  7. Care and watering
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Выращивание рассады томатов в Сибири

Growing tomato seedlings in Siberia

Os of tomato growing in Siberia

Tomatoes for seedlings in Siberia are grown according to a simple scheme: seeds are sifted out and germinated, and then seedlings are planted. Any tomato varieties grow well in a greenhouse under artificially created conditions. To land on open ground, you must find a site with good lighting, which is ventilated, but not in a draft. Tomato seedlings in Siberia often need to be watered and fertilized as the soil is depleted. Home-made or purchased fertilizers are used to accelerate plant growth.

Climatic features of the region:

  • long winter frosts (up to -35 ° С);
  • in Siberia it is dry and warm in summer;
  • soil warming occurs at the end of May, warm temperatures are set in mid-June;
  • from June until the end of summer, the temperature is kept at 25-28 ° C;
  • it is sharply cold in the fall, the first frosts come quickly.

The date of planting and harvesting depends on the variety selected. Soil for tomatoes needs to be selected soil with a slightly acidic loamy environment.

The day of planting seedlings in Siberia should not coincide with the arrival of frost: May and early July are best for planting tomatoes.

When sowing seeds

For sowing seeds, boxes 10 cm high are used. Tomatoes are planted to a depth of 1 cm (in prepared, cleared soil). The timing of seed germination directly depends on the temperature and soil moisture. The optimum temperature for growing seeds is 25 ° C. When creating the right conditions, seed germination requires only a week from the day of sowing.

Dates for sowing seeds are calculated according to the schedule: 50-65 days before the day of planting seedlings in open ground. On the 10th day, the seeds should be sprouted, and they will be given additional consecration. If the seedlings are kept on a window sill or in a greenhouse, the time periods until sunrises appear are calculated – from 45 to 60 days.

When planting seedlings

You can sow tomatoes in Siberia from the beginning of April, if the earth manages to warm up well. Planting in the greenhouse is carried out from April 1 to April 15 inclusive. Dates for open ground are later – from late May to mid-June. In choosing the planting date, you should focus on the soil condition: if there were late frosts, you should not hurry to plant the plant.

The date of planting tomatoes in Siberia directly depends on the day of the last spring frosts. On average, 55 days are counted from this date and only then they begin to plant seedlings on open ground. In a greenhouse or in a warm room, seedlings can be planted 2-3 weeks earlier than a certain time: by this time in the greenhouse you need to create all the necessary conditions for the seedlings to quickly start and grow.

What determines the planting date

The average seedling period for tomatoes is not more than 60 days. Early varieties can be planted on the 45th day after sowing. In cold regions like Siberia, dates may vary depending on several factors:

  1. Cultural variety. The tomato variety determines the growing season of the crop: frost-resistant early varieties are chosen for planting in cold soil. You can choose any varieties for greenhouses, if the gardener creates all the necessary conditions for their proper growth.
  2. The seed ripening period.Ready for planting in the open ground, the plant is a powerful stalk, green leaves and a strong root system. If the seedlings are not ripe before the day of planting, it needs additional recharge: the planting period is postponed for several days. You can not plant seedlings later than the end of June, during this period seedlings are transferred only to the greenhouse. Before planting seeds, you should once again familiarize yourself with the planting dates of the selected variety.
  3. Date of frost. For central Russia, the last frost occurs in April and May, in rare cases in early July. Before planting seeds, you should study the dates of frost and warming in Siberia.
  4. Growing conditions. The main emphasis on planting seedlings should be done on the care of the crop: good watering and root nutrition will improve the quality of seedlings. The better the conditions for seeds and seedlings, the stronger the bush will grow on open ground.

It is not worth planting seedlings earlier than the specified time, even if the weather is warm: the lower layers of the soil may not warm up after the last frost , which will lead to the death of the tomato root system.

Важно придерживаться рекомендуемых сроков посадки

It is important to adhere to the recommended planting dates

General ripening tomato: after planting, it takes 7-10 days until the first seedlings appear, then seedlings ripen 50-60 days ( early grades).Healthy seedlings are dived, and it takes another 10 days to recover after the procedure. Based on averaged calculations, the date of planting of prepared seedlings in Siberia falls on March 22-30 inclusive. It is better to plant late varieties in mid-April.

Sowing seedlings

Preparing seedlings is part of the comprehensive work of planting tomatoes in a garden or in a greenhouse. Tomatoes are unpretentious in leaving: if the gardener sets the correct regime for seedlings, by the appointed time she is ready for transplanting. Conditions for tomato seedlings:

  • a lot of light;
  • high humidity;
  • enough heat.

If the seedlings do not receive the necessary fertilizers and moisture, its growth slows down and by the time of planting, it will not be able to take root. The quality of the future crop, which is planted right on time, directly depends on the readiness of the seedlings for transplanting. Seedlings are grown with a large amount of natural and artificial light: if it is dark in the greenhouse, additional lamps must be installed. In a well-lit room, seedlings grow rapidly.

Spraying tomatoes for planting on open ground in Siberia is necessary at least 2 times a week. Humidified air is a favorable environment for the rapid growth of seedlings. By the time of planting, seedlings must be healthy and strong. The optimum daily temperature for tomato seedlings is from 18 to 25 ° C.

Picking the root system

Picking is a method of pruning the root system to help improve the growth of tomato bushes. For the procedure, separate containers are used in which the processed plants are placed. After a dive, tomatoes will quickly take up on the open ground. For the procedure and restoration of seedlings, an additional week is counted before planting seedlings. After the procedure, the plant needs standard care: the first 3-4 days watering is not required, monitor the condition of the plant if there are signs of leaf wilting, you need to spray the seedling itself. It is necessary to spray with warm water -15-17 ° C. On day 5, you can begin to regularly soil the soil (gardeners are advised to do this once every two days). As weeds appear, carry out weeding, and as the root system grows, carry out hilling.

Pinching the root gives a lush root system that evenly nourishes the entire bush. One stalk is planted in separate pots: a fertilized soil is prepared. Two seedlings are used in cases where the early varieties do not take root well – two stems increase the chances of a healthy full-fledged bush growing.

10 days before planting seedlings in the garden, it is hardened. To do this, in the room where the seedlings are kept, the temperature is gradually lowered. The minimum temperature value decreases to 16 ° C. Such measures are especially important for cold regions like Siberia – after hardening, the plant gets along better.4 days before planting, pots with dive plants are taken out onto the street. Under the influence of external environmental factors, the physiological processes in the stems of seedlings change.

Care and watering

Watering is important for tomatoes for which planting is planned. The more the soil is moistened, the faster the seedlings will start growing. It is important to moisten the soil with mineral fertilizers that strengthen the root system. But, here it is important and adhere to the norm of watering plants every other day (watch how the soil absorbs liquid, do not allow stagnation of water at the roots), irrigate bushes every three days.

When to plant TOMATOES for seedlings?
When to plant TOMATOES for seedlings? I plant.
How to sow tomatoes. Sowing tomato seeds for seedlings.

Before planting seedlings at the end of March or April, the stems are treated with Fotosporin, which enhances the protection of seedlings. The open ground is moistened and the next watering is planned no earlier than in a week.


Each region has its own climatic features. Siberia is characterized by frosty winters, which quickly turn into warm summers by the end of April – there is no clear spring transition. Preparation of seeds and seedlings begins 2 months before planting seedlings in the open priming. By this time, seedlings need to be prepared and hardened.

You can’t plant a plant later than mid-June; in September, a sharp cooling comes. A correctly calculated time for planting seedlings and harvesting will help to avoid annoying mistakes.

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