Rules for planting tomatoes in March 2019

The lunar calendar helps gardeners build a work plan for the site. Planting tomatoes in March 2019 should take place on certain days. If you follow these dates, the crop will be solid.

  1. March landing
  2. Good days
  3. Bad days
  4. Regional features
  5. Varietal preferences
  6. On which days to care
  7. The timing of planting early varieties in the greenhouse
  8. Unheated greenhouses
  9. Heated greenhouses
  10. Open landing dates
  11. Time interval
  12. Care <

Правила посадки томатов в марте 2019

Rules for planting tomatoes in March 2019

Planting in March

It is believed that you can plant tomatoes for seedlings as early as March, and the reasons for the early sowing:

  • plants will be able to pick up weight and yield the crop on a warm day;
  • the low spring temperature will not allow the shoots to dry out;

There are also negative aspects:

  • due to lack of sunlight, the culture can outgrow, and the fruits will be small; At the beginning of March, the daylight hours for a tomato are still insufficient (optimally 12 hours), which is why fluorescent lighting with fluorescent lamps is required.

  • the plant’s resistance to various diseases decreases.

Not the last place is occupied by the complexity of caring for an early plant, the need to grow it warm and remember to transplant it correctly (with part of the stem in the soil) and tie it up.

Choosing a landing time is rather difficult. But if you are guided by the Lunar calendar, you can determine the most suitable days for this procedure – then the harvest will be successful.

Favorable days

A suitable period for planting seeds occurs in the second half of March, but if the frost has not yet gone, work should be postponed for about 2 weeks.

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For sowing crops that give an above-ground crop, the growing moon, its first and third phases, is best suited. There will be a new moon on March 6 in 2019, so the following days are used for planting.

The most favorable days:

  • sowing is recommended to start from 7-10 to 16 – the culture will grow solid and hardy , and the harvest is plentiful.
  • Especially successful are considered the 7th, 14th, 16th, 19th.

If for some reason you did not manage to carry out planting work, try to do it later, bypassing the full moon and the new moon.

For reference: in March the moon will be full on the 21st.

Adverse Days

After a new and full moon 2 more days will be unsuccessful: at this time is not allowed to plant tomatoes and swoop down, it is better to do the weeding.

Plants transplanted during this period will show themselves weak, painful and developing with effort.

  • Unsuitable days for work in 2019: 3, 5 March 31;
  • You cannot sow and dive seedlings on March 12 and 28.

Regional features

Сроки посева зависят от климатических условий

Sowing dates depend on climatic conditions

Each region has its own climatic conditions that play an important role in agricultural work. On this basis, sowing dates can vary significantly.

  1. In the central region (focusing on Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kursk), the climate contributes to the beginning of garden work on open ground from late spring to June 10, and Tomatoes dive into the greenhouse in April – May.
  2. From the beginning of March to April – the time of work in the Middle lane and Moscow Region. This is the best period for seedlings to grow (so they will not outgrow until transplanting).
  3. In the North-Western District, seeds are planted around March 15th. Seedlings will be ready for picking by the beginning of summer. The first flowers appear on the plants, and the weather is nice outside, without the threat of frost.
  4. In Siberia and the Urals, early varieties are sown at the end of winter, and later ones in January and February. Mid-season varieties – in early March.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

In the southern regions of Russia for growing seedlings in greenhouses, tomatoes are sown at the end January-early February. For open ground in early to mid-March.

Varietal preferences

Sowing time depends on the variety of tomatoes. For each cultivar, the time from seed hatching to full ripening may differ.

To get a good harvest, you need to do everything on time.

The manufacturer indicates the ripening time on the package with seeds (It is considered from the appearance of seedlings to the harvest). For precocious – about 80-100 days, mid-ripening – 110-120 days and late-ripening – up to 140 days.

VarietyLanding dates
EarlyMarch 7-13
Mid-seasonMarch 13-25
Late-matureEnd of winter
TallMid February – early spring
Small (Cherry)Beginning of April

On what days to carry out the care

The phases of the moon affect the vegetation of plants, incl. tomatoes. The calendar also gives instructions for the care of young shoots.

  • In the full moon: they destroy weeds and pests, weed plants and resist pests.
  • In the new moon, any gardening is better to postpone.
  • On the growing moon – spend loosening and landing.

The table shows favorable days for care.

Care workMarch
Picke7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21
Watering, weeding, cultivation1-6, 8-13, 15, 17-20, 25
Feeding6, 15 , 20
Рассада нуждается в хорошем уходе

Seedlings need good care

Transplantation is carried out 30-40 days after sowing the seeds, when the seedlings produce full leaves. Favorable time is the period of the growing phase in the constellations of Taurus and Pisces. When it begins to decline under the sign of Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius, the sprouts cannot be disturbed, otherwise they may become sick or die.

Before and after a dive, the plants need constant watering and fertilizer. 10 days after transplanting, seedlings need to be fed. Re-fertilize after 2 weeks.

Inorganic fertilizers are applied during periods of a full and growing moon. On decreasing it is necessary to start pruning, fertilizing and watering. While staying in the constellations of Pisces and Cancer, watering is not recommended, because he can destroy plants.

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Dates for planting early varieties in the greenhouse

Early tomatoes will bring the first crop 3 months after the emergence of sprouts.

Planning for planting from the beginning of March . The best time depends on the region and climate.

If the greenhouse is heated and lit, vegetables can sprout even in winter. It is important that the soil is heated to 14 ℃ at a depth of about 15 cm.

Greenhouses made of plastic (polycarbonate) are better, they are easier to heat, and they keep the heat much better than film.

Unheated greenhouses

Approximate planting times in cold greenhouses made of plastic:

  • regions with a mild climate: mid-end April.
  • middle lane: late April-early May.
  • Ural: early-mid-May.
  • Siberia: mid-late May.

Heated greenhouses

Heated greenhouses allow you to start planting plants for 2-3 weeks earlier.

Approximate planting time:

  • in the middle lane – end of April;
  • in the Urals – May 5-10 but during frosts they require additional covering with a film;
  • in Siberia – May 20-25.

Dates of planting in open ground

If the seeds are seeds immediately in the soil, you can wait for such a crop for a long time, therefore, seedlings dive into unprotected soil after it reaches 2 months of age.

Time span

In regions with sufficient sunshine, you can grow seed of late varieties, but the transfer to the site should take place from April 11 to April 25, 2019.

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Landing work should be undertaken only after the end of frost. At the time of disembarkation, the air should be warmed not lower than 12 ℃, and the seedlings should reach the required level of development. Do not plant tomatoes during heavy rains or when the air temperature drops below 18 ℃. Usually planted in the evening, but in cloudy weather morning work is allowed.

It is advisable for residents of the southern territories of Russia to plant early ripe varieties from mid-April to early May. The central regions give early ripe species the first 2 weeks of May. The periods under the constellations of Libra, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio take precedence.

Lunar gardener calendar for 2019. When to plant tomato seedlings in 2019.
The best days for planting tomato seeds for seedlings in March 2019
Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener for 2019! When to plant seedlings in 2019?


The seedlings planted in the ground are covered with a piece of polyethylene film, through which light penetrates, or with other material for shelter, since Relay May, the weather is unstable and cooling can occur.

Tatyana Orlova (Ph.D. S.-kh. Sciences):

The film is removed only in June, when the likelihood of a sharp drop in temperature disappears.

At present, the best material for shelter is not a film, but non-woven material, for example Lutrasil, Agrospan. Such a shelter is light (lighter than a plastic film), but at the same time it protects seedlings from low temperature, wind, slightly shades it from the sun for the time of rooting.But at the same time, the non-woven material is breathable, under it the seedlings will not soar

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