Characteristics of Rio Grande Tomato

Gardeners who have been growing vegetables for a long time can give a lot of advice to beginners. They may concern both the choice of variety and the rules for caring for plants. But often inexperienced people independently choose their favorite varieties, based on their description. It is advisable to pay attention to growing conditions, tomato yield and disease resistance. Tomato Rio Grande is the best suited to be cultivated by people with different levels of experience.The tomato of this variety is original because it can be grown by non-seedling method.

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. Description of the bush
  3. Description of the fruits of Rio Grande
  4. Eating tomatoes
  5. Seed growing in open ground
  6. Growing seedlings
  7. Planting Rio Grande in a permanent place
  8. Caring for seedlings
  9. Pest control and disease prevention
  10. Conclusion

Характеристика томата сорта Рио Гранде

Characteristics of the Rio variety tomato Grande

Characteristics of the variety

Rio Grande tomatoes are a determinant species and have some of their own characteristics.

  1. Rio tomato variety Grande grows no higher than 80 cm.
  2. The tomato bush does not require garter or pinching.
  3. Stumps are moderate in stems.
  4. Fruits on each plant can be up to 120 pcs.
  5. The weight of one tomato varies from 70g to 150g.
  6. The fruits are well preserved and perfectly transferred FNF transport.
  7. Rio Grande is one of those tomatoes, which are very resistant to diseases of solanaceous crops.

When cultivating a tomato in open ground, its bush grows stronger, and does not need to be tied. But if it grows in a greenhouse, then it is better to tie it up for insurance. Tomato Rio Grande hybrid, its description will not be complete, if not to say that its seeds are not suitable for further cultivation. Therefore, every season you need to purchase new planting material.

Description of the bush

Description, as well as the characteristics of the Rio Grande tomato, you need to start with the shape of the bush.

It grows without pinching, so it has several stems. The stems are strong, carry up to 15 internodes. Leaves form from the region of the first internode.

There are few leaves on plants, but tomatoes still require that they be completely removed in the region of the lower internode. Leaf blade shape of tomato type, dark green. The veins are pronounced and embossed. The corrugation of the leaf is average, sometimes it is almost flat.

Description of the Rio Grande fruits

Considering the tomatoes of the Rio Grande Original, we will begin its description with the formation of brushes and pollination of flowers .

In the area of ​​6 7 leaves, the first brush is formed in Rio Grande tomatoes, bearing up to 12 flowers. The flowers are simple in shape, open and pollinated almost simultaneously. The young ovary is round in shape, and in the process of growth, the fruits become oblong, similar to plums.With milk ripeness, the color of the tomatoes is green, without a spot at the stalk and stripes of a different color. Rio Grande tomatoes of technical ripeness are painted in bright red color. The fruit pulp is dense, contains a small amount of juice. There are up to 4 seed chambers, but there are few seeds in them.

One more point can be added to the characterization of Rio Grande tomatoes in that its harvest is suitable for whole-fruit preservation. Thick skin does not crack when exposed to high temperatures. And the pulp, in the preparation of juices, will yield a thick product that resembles, in consistency, thick sour cream.

When transported over long distances, the tomatoes are not damaged. The peel remains firm and shiny. There are no dents or signs of fruit rot on it. Tomato Rio Grande received excellent reviews from farmers who sell tomatoes.

Eating tomatoes

Growing a tomato Rio Grande, studying its description, we can see that the fruits of this plant keep fresh for a long time. Imagine the amazement of the guests when fresh tomatoes from your garden appear on the New Year’s table. Its color is fuego the color of fire, will give any salad or dish a festive look.

  1. The tomato variety Rio Grand is suitable for many types of processing.
  2. Its fruits can be preserved in its entirety.
  3. The high yield of tomatoes, not large in size, will allow them to be processed into sauces, ketchups and dressings.
  4. You can make juices, but they will be more like pasta because the fruits contain a large amount of solids.
  5. The sugar and dry matter content allow you to dry fruits.

Various semi-finished products are tastier if you add spices and herbs to the tomato mass. When the tomatoes are dried, they are cut into slices or halves, then they become like dried apricots, due to their sugar content.

Плоды томата долго сохраняют свою свежесть

Tomato fruits retain their freshness for a long time

The good preservation of the fruits allows the owners to realize the remnants of the product. You can transport tomatoes in boxes by moving each layer of fruit with soft paper. Even with strong vibration or bruises of the box, the tomatoes will not suffer and will retain their presentation and taste. Therefore, even trans-Atlantic transport they are not afraid of.

Seed cultivation in open ground

Deciding to grow a crop such as tomato Rio Grand, considering the description of the variety, it is impossible, not pay attention that its seeds can be sown directly in the ground. You only need to wait until a stable temperature is established, not lower than 10 ° C in ambient air and not lower than 15 ° C in the upper soil layer.

Under such conditions, he, like a long-distance runner sprint, will not only catch up to the plants planted with seedlings in growth, but will be stronger and more resistant to weather changes. Here are just the dates for picking ripe fruits to move a little in time. If you want to get early production, then you need to apply the seedling method of growing tomatoes Rio Grand. The quality of the fruit and the yield from one bush will be high, in both cases.

Growing seedlings

Sow seeds for seedlings in March, then it can be planted at the age of 2 months, for a permanent place in open ground or greenhouses. Seedlings, soil and the place where containers with seedlings will be installed are pre-prepared. The place must be bright, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 25 ° C and be lower than 15 ° C.

Soil can be purchased at specialized stores, or you can prepare it yourself. The composition of the soil usually includes:

  • ordinary land from the garden 65%;
  • ash 5%;
  • humus 15%;
  • sand 10%;
  • sawdust 5%.

All components are mixed and slightly moistened. If, when compressing the soil in a fist, the earthen lump remains loose, then the soil is prepared correctly. When it holds firmly and does not break up, you can add a little sawdust or sand.

Seeds are soaked in a pink solution of potassium permanganate and growth stimulants, such as Epin, for several hours.After this, containers are prepared in which drainage is laid in a thin layer, and about 10 cm of soil layer on top. Lay the seeds on a flat surface and sprinkle with a layer of earth up to 1cm. The soil is sprayed with warm water from a spray bottle and covered with glass.

After about 6 days, sprouts will appear. After that, you can remove the glass or film. In the phase of the second leaf, seedlings dive into disposable dishes. They make sure that the soil does not dry out and is watered as necessary.

Planting Rio Grande in a permanent place

If you plan to grow seedlings in closed ground, then they just transfer it to the wells . For open ground seedlings must be hardened for 2 weeks. They take it out to the open sun, first for 10 minutes. On the second day, the time spent outdoors is increased by half an hour. And so they continue to increase every next day.

For plants of a determinant type, it is not necessary to establish supports. Therefore, they simply prepare the area and mark it for holes. Up to 5 plants are located on 1 m². Before planting, add 1 2 tsp. fertilizer and transship plants without exposing the root system.

Seedlings care

Planting a Rio Grande tomato and relying on the feedback of gardeners regarding plant care, we can say that care is not difficult, even for beginner tomato lovers.

  1. You need to properly water the sprouts.
  2. Mandatory are weeding plantings from weeds and loosening the soil.
  3. It is necessary to fertilize plants several times and carry out prophylaxis against viruses.
  4. Timely deal with insects and other pests of nightshade crops.

Watering the seedlings only with warm water, under the root, 1 time per week, but plentifully. Weeds must be removed carefully, without touching the root system, which is located in the upper soil layer.

Many trace elements are suitable for fertilizing tomatoes. The first to use drugs that contain phosphorus, and secondly treated with potash fertilizers. You can use organics, which are prepared independently. For 1 part of organics, 1 part of water is taken and placed in a warm place for fermentation. After 10 to 15 days, the resulting substance is diluted with water 1:10, filtered and watered.

Pest control and disease prevention

From the invasion of small pests such as aphids, the bushes are sprayed with a solution of laundry soap. From others, broad-spectrum insecticides will help. Among them, you can take Conect, Angio and others for processing tomatoes.

Variety RIO GRANDE. Tomatoes from Fedor.
Best yield pickling tomato varieties 2017-2018 (low)
Tomato Rio Grande.

From Organic garlic extract is used, it is made from water and chopped garlic 1: 1. After a day, dilute with warm water 1:10, filter and spray the plants with a spray bottle.

Tomato Rio Grand is resistant to viruses, but prevention from them will not harm.

For the first time, plants are sprayed before garlands of cherry and fruits are formed. Used drugs such as Fitosporin, Bravo, colloidal sulfur and boric acid. Secondary processing may not be necessary if, in appearance, they are healthy plants.


Each of the gardeners, whether a professional or a novice amateur, must adhere to the recommendations related to caring for plants. Although our tomato Rio Grande Original is not picky about soil, watering and other care items, it needs attention and care for good fruiting. He loves everything living, good attitude towards him. Therefore, your green pets will thank you with an abundance of delicious fruits that diversify the kitchen table. What could be better than self-made vitamin products.  Continuation of the article …

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