The perfect neighborhood for tomatoes

The climatic conditions of Russia strongly affect the cultivation of tomato bushes, especially when it comes to the middle zone of the country. A big role is played by what to plant next to tomatoes. There are cultures that are simply incompatible with these vegetables.

  1. Influence of the neighborhood
  2. Neighborhood in the open field
  3. Neighborhood in the greenhouse
  4. Cucumbers <
  5. Pepper
  6. Cabbage and salad plants
  7. Garlic and onions
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Идеальное соседство для помидор

Ideal neighborhood for tomato

Influence of the neighborhood

Weather conditions do not allow successful and high-quality ripening every year tomatoes. For this reason, most city ​​workers, trying to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse. In the southern part of the country, tomato crops are planted in the open ground.

Both options cause certain difficulties that relate to the right neighborhood. You need to plant crops next to tomatoes that allow tomato bushes to be planted correctly develop. Not knowing what to plant next to tomatoes, you can significantly complicate the process of growing tomatoes and ripening fruits. The tips will help you grow tomato bushes with other vegetables so that they do not interfere with each other.

Neighborhood in the open ground

In open ground conditions, ideal neighbors for tomatoes are considered asparagus, gooseberries and roses.These crops can coexist with tomatoes due to the fact that the latter, thanks to the flavor of their tops, perfectly drive away pests from these plants.

Basil can be grown next to tomato bushes, because it not only contributes to the rapid ripening of tomatoes but also helps its neighbors cope with parasites. Calendula, mint and sage can be good neighbors. It goes well with nettle tomatoes, which favorably affects the culture.

Neighborhood in a greenhouse

To understand what tomatoes are compatible with, you definitely need to study the features of this crop. Any vegetable needs the right neighborhood.

Tomatoes are capricious vegetables that require special attention and care. In the greenhouse, he will always dominate. For this reason, it is recommended to plant only those crops that are characterized by similar growing conditions.


Cucumbers cannot be neighbors for tomatoes. These cultures do not get along. This is explained by the fact that they have different care requirements. It is necessary to analyze the requirements for the care of each plant.

  1. Tomato bush requires that the watering be carried out only in the root system. Tomato needs regular complex fertilizers and airing. The temperature should be moderate.
  2. Cucumber can be watered both under the root and on the entire surface of the leaves.The culture does not need to be aired, and fertilizers are used only of the organic type. The temperature should be high, because it is a heat-loving plant.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

Tomato and cucumber in one greenhouse is undesirable to grow because they need different humidity. For cucumber, the optimum humidity is 80-85%, and for tomato no more than 45-50%. With high humidity in the greenhouse, a tomato can be very affected by fungal diseases. And at a cucumber, at low air humidity, flowers and ovary show off. If there is a possibility (a large greenhouse) it is divided by a curtain from the film into 2 parts.


Перец станет прекрасным соседом для помидор

Pepper will be a great neighbor for tomato

Tomato and pepper compatibility is very good. They can get along well with each other, because they are characterized by similar conditions for care. The only problem is that tomatoes require dry and warm air. They need airing. Pepper requires moist moist air.

If you decide to grow pepper next to tomato bushes, then plant should be staggered.This is necessary so that the plants do not obscure each other and receive the necessary amount of sunlight.

The proximity of sweet bell pepper to tomatoes is quite acceptable.

Cabbage and lettuce plants

Quite often, farmers plant cabbage next to tomatoes. This is done for several reasons.

  1. Cabbage is able to condense a bed of tomatoes.
  2. It helps them get the necessary amount of nutrients.

Leafy salads are very well compatible with tomato crops. They do not take from the soil the nutrients that tomatoes so need.

Tatyana Orlova (Candidate of Agricultural Sciences):

Use sealants as plants early ripening plants with a growing season of not more than 30-40 days, so that by the time the tomato bushes are fully developed, this sealant culture has already been removed.

Garlic and onions

These cultures help each other develop properly. Onions next to tomatoes should be planted only green. If plants are planted nearby, then you need to make sure that each bush receives the maximum amount of light.

Garlic helps a tomato fight a disease such as late blight.Quite often, garlic arrows are used to prepare a solution that processes tomato bushes.


If you are thinking about what to plant next to tomatoes, then pay attention to this berries like strawberries. Both cultures do not like high levels of humidity and constantly need to ventilate the greenhouse. This helps them protect themselves from fungal infections. Moreover, regular ventilation allows tomatoes and strawberries to pollinate.

These plants cannot be plant next
Try to plant these plants together!
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Can I plant pepper next to tomatoes?

When planting, these crops should be alternated according to the principle of 50×50 cm. For strawberries, this should be distinguished It’s not enough for 1 bush to be located on a 35×20 cm rectangle. Such a landing will improve compatibility and improve strawberry development.

Tatyana Orlova (cand. S.-kh. Sciences):

To plant annual crops (tomato) and perennial crops (strawberries) in one garden is undesirable, because these plants have a completely different life cycle.At the end of August, when the vegetation ends in the tomatoes and they stop watering, in the garden strawberry (called strawberry gardeners) there is a laying of flower buds for the future harvest and it needs to be well watered and fertilized.

Incompatible plants

Remember that tomatoes should not be planted next to eggplant or potatoes. Eggplant should not be near tomatoes due to the fact that they also need a large amount of nutrients. Another reason for this undesirable neighborhood is that the grown tomato plants will give shadow to the eggplant. This can lead to improper development of the culture, because it needs sunlight.

It is undesirable to plant potatoes with tomatoes because these 2 crops have the risk of contracting the same diseases. Late blight is considered the main disease that can affect both one crop and another.


Tomatoes are difficult to grow next to other plants, so gardeners come up with various solutions to the compatibility problem. You should not ignore the recommendations, this can lead to a decrease in yield or loss of the entire plantation.

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