Description and characteristics of Tomatoes varieties Velozmoha

Description and characteristics of Tomatoes varieties Velozmoha

The Nobleman Tomato is one of the most popular varieties among gardeners. Often they know about him as an amateur analogue of the Budenovka variety. ” In taste and appearance, the Nobleman resembles a Bull heart: the same trihedral large fruits, similar to a heart, with fleshy and sweet flesh. In the photo and video on the net, these two varieties are almost impossible to distinguish from each other, but Velozma has a lot of advantages in terms of taste and other characteristics.

In the journal Garden and Vegetable Garden, it is noted that the variety was bred by Siberian scientists at a research institute by a hybridization method and is considered the best among Hur, bred in Siberia. At the beginning of the 21st century, the Siberian variety was introduced into the state register of hybrids.

Description of the variety

The description of the variety indicates its versatility: it can be grown both on open soil and in closed ground conditions. In greenhouses, the variety can be grown all year round. Descriptions of the tomato nobleman varieties:
  • seeds adapted for regions with cool and short summers.
  • not standard, growing bush up to 1.5 meters high, so on a plot of 1 square. mplanted up to 4 bushes;
  • medium early variety, the fruit ripening period is about 110 days;
  • is characterized by high productivity - regular and competent top dressing allows you to collect up to 500 centners of tomatoes per hectare, the highest harvests are observed in the Omsk region.
The superiority of the hybrid over other varieties is excellent taste, high yields, cold tolerance.
The disadvantages of the tomato Velozmoza it is considered the need for constant care (top dressing and plentiful watering, loosening Fields and stepsons). The culture needs to be tied up, as the branches cannot hold large fruits and break under their weight. Without these measures, it is impossible to achieve a good harvest of the Nobleman tomato.

The Nobleman's fruits: characteristic

Characteristic of the variety:
  • tomatoes are large, meaty, heart-shaped, their weight reaches 450 g;
  • the color range of fruits can be from red-raspberry to dark pink;
  • the fruit forms up to 9 chambers, dry matter is from 3 to 5%;
  • seeds are large;
  • high yield;
  • unpretentious planting.
Pinching flowers allows you to leave on a branch no more than 5, due to which it increases I have plenty of fruit. Frequent top dressing provides a high sugar content and a unique taste. Tomatoes of this variety are ideal for salads, they make tomato juice, sauce and pasta.Preserve the fruit slices, because the large weight and size do not allow this to be done in its entirety.


Plant care consists primarily in observing the light regime. Germination of seedlings requires bright lighting, for this ordinary lamps, special lighting for greenhouses, phytolamps are suitable.
Растению нужно много света

A plant needs a lot of light

Insufficiency of light affects plants badly: they will be thin and vulnerable to disease. Seedlings do not tolerate:
  • drafts;
  • direct sunlight.
Seedlings are fed with fertilizers, an organic growth stimulator is best suited. You can stock up on this tool in specialized stores. Fertilizer must be used strictly according to the instructions.

Features of growing

The variety is ideal for the middle zone, east and west of Russia, the Urals and even the Far East.
Testimonials about the Nobleman tomato of those who planted a crop in the south indicate a good yield. Do not forget about pinching the culture and pinching flowers: the fruits will then be large. Potassium and phosphorus fertilizers are used for feeding, and they are fed regularly, as well as plentiful watering. Waterlogging is not recommended: in this case, the roots rot. The soil is loosened constantly, this will protect the crop from weeds.The tall bush is tied up, the fruits are well stored and are not afraid of transportation. Cultivation is exactly the process that will provide the plant with strength and will guarantee a generous harvest.

Possible diseases and pests

Like other crops, tomatoes are exposed to the negative effects of diseases and pests, therefore, they require agrotechnical protection during the entire vegetative period. If protective measures are not taken, diseased tomatoes can die without giving the crop. Tomato Noblema is a plant resistant to diseases, but there are cases when in greenhouse conditions it was affected by the following diseases:
  1. Brown spotting develops from increased humidity and a violation of the light regime. The infusion of garlic helps fight this disease.
  2. Verticillin wilt is a disease when the lower leaves wither, yellow and fall prematurely on the plant. This is very clearly visible in the photo (see the network). The disease in most cases cannot cause the death of the bush, but its growth and development are inhibited. Damaged leaves are removed in a timely manner to prevent the spread of infection. It is necessary to fertilize the Nobleman's tomatoes to strengthen the plants.
  3. Streakiness - the plant is covered with yellow spots in the form of stripes, the leaves curl, sag. Flowers and fruits begin to crumble. If measures are not taken in time, the hybrid dies.
  4. The defeat of the spider mite occurs most often on the open ground, but this pest can be easily eliminated. It is enough to wipe the affected areas with a solution of laundry soap.
The characteristics and description of the diseases will help to recognize the disease in the first stages of infection. And how to properly process it, you can watch the official video from professional gardeners.


Reviews of tomato Velozmoza summer residents and amateur gardeners indicate that this is one of the the best varieties of "salad" tomatoes, characterized by excellent taste and high yield. The Nobleman's tomato requires regular care, but those who planted them and spent a lot of work will enjoy a high yield and tasty fruits. 10 bushes of culture on the plot will allow the gardener to provide his family with tomato juice and pasta for the winter.

GRANDBERRY Tomato Variety
Sanka tomato variety.

Since this tomato was bred for regions with a harsh climate, he is not afraid of weather extremes and low temperature.The variety is not picky and will appreciate its excellent germination ability, enumerated advantages and endurance.

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