The use of Ridomil for tomatoes

The use of Ridomil for tomatoes

Ridomil for tomatoes is a reliable tool that protects tomato plants from diseases. Timely use of Ridomil prevents the infection of vegetable crops by fungal pathogens and preserves the crop of vegetables.

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Применение Ридомила для томатов

Application of Ridomil for tomatoes

Description of the preparation

Available in powder form either granular form Ridomil Gold has in its composition two main active components that have a detrimental effect on fungal infectious pathogens:

  • Mefenoxam: This constituent element has a systemic effect, completely penetrating the tomato plant after spraying, moving through the tissues, it reaches the root system and the fruits themselves, preventing their infection by fungal infections, thereby creating internal protection.
  • Mancozeb. This active component after the spraying with a working fluid settles on the bush, creating an external protection of the vegetable crop against fungal infection.


Fungicidal preparation Ridomil for tomatoes used for the prevention and treatment:

  • phytophthora,
  • peronosporosis,
  • alternariosis.

The fungicide is particularly effective in the fight against peronospore fungi, but it is not used against powdery mildew pathogens. The fungicide shows a great beneficial effect at the first germination stage until flowering, when the green mass of tomato bushes is actively gaining growth.


Ridomil Gold has a number of advantages, the use of which gives high effective results:

    • fungicide shows good effect at any stage of the development of infectious fungal disease,
    • the components that make up Ridomil Gold remain active throughout the growing season of growth and development tomatoes,

moisture-resistant, fungicide protects tomatoes from fungal pathogens for a long time, sprayed tomato bushes can be freely irrigated only 0.5 hours after applying Ridomil,

  • safe for plants, subject to the dosage prescribed in the instructions .


Препарат не оказывает негативного влияния на насекомых

The drug does not adversely affect insects

  • belonging to group 2 in terms of harmfulness, is an increased danger A fish and mammals, but has no effect on insects, including bees,
  • is not compatible with many other fungicides.

Duration of use

The drug is used at different stages of the growing season of growth and development of tomato culture:

  • initial processing the fungicide occurs at the preventive stage,
  • secondary spraying is done to consolidate the result, and it prevents high risks of late blight, is carried out 14 days after the first application,
  • the third treatment is optional and is carried out if necessary, but not earlier than 2 weeks before the planned date of ripening ur waiting.

The total amount of application of Ridomil for one garden season should not exceed three times.

With the usual preventive treatment with fungicidal preparation of tomato bushes the norm of the working fluid consumption is 10-liter volume per one hundredth of the sown area.

Terms of use

For spraying tomatoes with a working fluid with Ridomil, a concentrated preparation of 25 g is diluted 10 -litre volume of water. In order to treat tomato bushes with a high degree of damage to plants with infectious fungal diseases, the concentration of Ridomil is doubled.

The prepared working solution with Ridomil remains effective throughout the day.

Spray t tomato bushes so that the working fluid with Ridomil is evenly distributed throughout the plant, avoiding excessive accumulation of the drug on the foliage and stems. For this purpose, it is recommended to use nebulizers.

The most suitable time for processing is morning hours or evening in dry weather without wind.

After using Ridomil, use other fungicidal antifungal drugs exposure is not recommended.Most active anti-fungal infections give an alkaline reaction to Ridomil Gold.

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