Description of the drug Agricola for tomatoes

In the modern world, more than one planting of vegetables or fruits cannot do without preliminary fertilizer. Many gardeners use top dressing such as Agricola. It is available in various forms and is a universal fertilizer. Use Agricola for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant. It can also feed any indoor flower.

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  5. “Agricola” as a universal remedy for plants
  6. “Agricola” as a fertilizer for tomatoes
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Описание препарата Агрикола для томатов

Description of the drug Agricola for tomatoes

For in order to use it in your household you need to know what is in its composition. Since there are several types of fertilizer, you need to take into account that a certain species is used for each plant.

Description of Agricola

Fertilizer “Agricola” is a universal tool that is used to feed any plants. Eating vegetables and fruits with such a drug can be achieved, increasing the yield by more than 30%. It includes all the necessary micro and macro elements. The main advantage of this fertilizer is its low cost.

The composition of the drug includes nitrogen and phosphorus-containing components. For tomato, Agricola 3 is used.The composition of this product includes such components:

  • nitrogen 15%;
  • phosphorus 21%;
  • potassium 25%
  • the rest the percentage includes trace elements: boron, copper, zinc and others.

If you regularly fertilize the plant with this product, it will easily tolerate temperature changes. Also, cultures develop good resistance to a different kind of ailments and pests.

“Agricola” is great for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant. You can make the drug in seedlings. This will allow her to develop faster and gain strength.

Varieties of Agricola

This universal remedy is presented in several forms. One preparation is for flowers, and the other for tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other vegetables. There is “Agricola”, which is intended for a specific plant, but there is a universal remedy.

There are three types of fertilizer “Agricola”:

  • liquid;
  • dry granules;
  • sticks.

Instructions are attached to each of these types of the drug, which says how to use it correctly. Liquid fertilizer must be diluted with water, because it is presented in the form of a concentrate. This form is great for tomatoes. The bush completely absorbs top dressing. It is also poured into seedlings to accelerate growth.

The granular form of Agricola is presented in the form of a concentrate.Attached is an instruction that allows you to properly dilute the product. Fertilizer is designed to get a good harvest. It is used for tomatoes and indoor flowers.

Many gardeners love stick fertilizer. Their composition is the same as in the above forms. The instruction says that in one package of the drug contains 20 sticks. This type of “Agricola” is popular only because it is easiest to introduce it into the soil. To do this, place the stick near the root of the plant and that’s it. As a result of regular watering, top dressing will automatically penetrate the plant.

In this way, fertilize seedlings of vegetables and fruits. Using sticks also helps prevent root rot.

Pluses of the drug

В составе удобрения отсутствуют тяжелые металлы

The fertilizer contains no heavy metals

“Agricola” is a fertilizer that can be used for any plant. The main advantage of top dressing is that chlorine and heavy metals are not included in its composition. It is these components that are often used in other types of fertilizer. With the use of such a product, any culture will actively grow and give a good harvest.

The drug allows you to save well on various kinds of fertilizers. After all, it is presented in the form of a concentrate, which means that you can use it immediately for seedlings, and then for an adult bush.Also, such top dressing does not allow nitrates to accumulate in fruits and vegetables.

The main advantage of this fertilizer is that it has no shelf life. This means that you can use it even 10 years after the purchase.

Use of the drug

Varieties of the drug allow you to make it in a variety of ways. Seedlings can be watered with a liquid solution or sprayed. In some cases, only the method of processing the stems is used, because it is not realistic to feed the crop in a different way.

This method is most often used if the soil is not suitable for growing vegetables. In such conditions, the plant will be hard to absorb all the necessary vitamins through the root. In such cases, resort to foliar top dressing. Using this method, the culture will be able to absorb all the necessary elements faster.

Using the method of introducing fertilizer through the ground, you can achieve good results. This allows you to accelerate plant growth and accumulate vitamin C. And it, in turn, affects the taste and color of fruits.

“Agricola” as a universal remedy for plants

Brand ” Agricola “produces universal products that allow you to fertilize any plant. They are mainly presented in liquid form. The Vegeta fertilizer is very popular. This tool is used for any vegetables. It allows you to increase the yield and the amount of vitamins that the fruits accumulate in themselves.

“Vegeta” is a fertilizer that contains only useful substances. It does not allow plants to accumulate nitrates in themselves. It is used most often during the period of formation and ripening of fruits.

The brand provides another universal tool that is used to grow seedlings and it is called “Forward”. With it, you can both water the crop and spray it. The instructions for use are attached to it. Forward is used for the first time after seed germination, and the second time in a couple of weeks.

If desired, the product can also be used to treat plants that grow in open ground. But this should be done, following the instructions. Otherwise, you will only harm the culture.

“Agricola” as fertilizer for tomatoes

To get good seedlings of tomatoes you need to purchase “Agricola 3”. It is also used to feed eggplant and sweet pepper. The composition of this tool includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Magnesium plays an important role, which affects the size of the tomato and its taste.

Удобрение позволит добиться увеличение урожая

Fertilizer will allow to increase the yield

Fertilization with this product occurs in several stages:

  • is fed for the first time two weeks after planting in open ground;
  • the second time during the formation of the ovary;
  • the third time 10 days after the second.

Using this sequence of feeding, you can achieve not only good tomato growth, but also a large crop. Tomatoes will also have an unusual taste.

Ingredients Agricola 3

Only the best vitamins and minerals are part of this preparation. They are all presented in the required proportion. Indeed, for indoor flowers, Agricola is used with one composition, but for tomatoes with another. Tomatoes give fruits, which is not in indoor plants. Therefore, fertilizers must include substances that allow, not only to grow the crop, but also form fruits.

This drug has all the beneficial substances that are very important for the tomato. This is nitrogen, and magnesium, potassium and even phosphorus. Therefore, if you decide to feed the tomatoes, then use either the universal Agricola or Agricola 3.

Recommendations for use

In order to feed the tomatoes, you need to carefully study the instructions. It shows the proportions and recommendations for use. It is necessary to take a small part of the fertilizer and dissolve it in a large amount of water. So, for example, for 1 part of fertilizing, you need to take 10 parts of water. The number of treatments and the interval between them will be different.

After all, if you take early tomatoes, they ripen faster. But the latter need twice as much time to give the first fruits. Contribute should only be in pre-watered soil.Otherwise, you just damage the roots of the plant and it will die.


Fertilizer “Agricola” is a universal tool that is perfect for growing a variety of crops. But most often it is used to obtain good tomato seedlings. After all, as you know, tomatoes are very picky in growing and in order to get good seedlings you need to work hard. It is also known that tomatoes succumb to attacks of various diseases. They are most often attacked by late blight.

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To prevent such troubles, you should feed with the help of “Agricola.” This drug not only stimulates growth, but also develops resistance to various diseases and temperature extremes.

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