Description and Characteristics of Bull Lob Tomatoes

In the modern world there are many types of tomatoes. Some were created by nature, others bred by breeders. One of these varieties is Bull forehead tomato. Tomatoes of this variety are not very popular among gardeners, but some plant it with pleasure.

  1. Characteristic of the Bull’s forehead
  2. Pros and cons of the variety
  3. Growing seedlings of the variety
  4. Features of growing Bull’s forehead
  5. We care for the variety
  6. Control of common insects
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Описание томатов сорта Бычий Лоб

Description of tomatoes of the variety Bull’s forehead

Basically, Bull forehead tomatoes are planted for making juice, because the fruits of this variety are large, and preserve its goals oh, it’s just not possible. Tomato reviews can be found different, but basically they coincide with what is indicated in the description.

Characteristics of the Bull’s forehead

The Bull’s forehead is a variety, which refers to determinate plants. And this suggests that the species has a certain growth point. With proper planting and growing conditions, nightshade grows in height of 1.5 meters. The first ripe fruit can be seen 115 days after planting.

The tomato is intended for growing both in open ground and in closed. Tomatoes have a nice red color and a round shape. With proper care, the bush forms 8 full branches. On each of them appears 4 large-sized fruits. From this we can conclude that the tomato Bull forehead has a high yield.

All varieties of large tomatoes are used to make salads, sauces and juice. Bull forehead is no exception to this rule. Characteristics of the variety indicate that it is resistant to a variety of diseases and insects.

Pros and cons of the variety

Bull forehead has many advantages, the main is its unusual taste. That is why it is often possible to meet tomato juice cooked with this variety. Gardeners also respect him for the fact that he easily tolerates temperature changes and continues to bear fruit even on the coldest days. Such tomatoes are suitable for those who do not like to climb a lot in the garden. In terms of care, nightshade needs only regular watering and top dressing.

This type of tomato is very famous for the fact that it can easily survive for some time without watering and it does not affect the disease. For tomatoes, this is rare, especially for tall ones.

Despite all the advantages, this type of vegetable has its drawbacks. The main thing is that the plant does not tolerate high levels of moisture. With this condition, it simply dies. Also, a tomato is not suitable for transportation, because fresh fruits cannot retain all their qualities for a long time. If you decide to choose the Bull Bullhead tomato, the description of the variety will tell you how to grow a generous crop correctly.

Growing seedlings of the variety

You can get seedlings from the variety in any region of Russia.But most often, Bull forehead tomato is grown in the northern regions of the country. This is due to the fact that the variety’s tomatoes tolerate cold weather well and have a high yield. To get seedlings you must first sow the seeds. Do this in the month of March.

Seeds are planted to a depth of 1.5 centimeters. After that, the earth must be moistened and covered with a special film. During this period, the tomato should be well lit and heated. On the 7th day after planting, you can observe the appearance of the first seedlings. After the seeds hatch, the film must be removed.

When the sprouts give two or three strong leaves, it will be necessary to pick them and plant them in separate containers. To do this, take pots or cups with a volume of half a liter. This will allow the plant to form a strong root system. After it becomes warm on the street, it is necessary to conduct hardening of seedlings. To do this, they take it out for 15-20 minutes every day.

Features of growing Bull’s forehead

Удаление пасынков поможет получить крупные плоды

Removing stepsons will help to get large fruits

Tomatoes Bullish Forehead with proper care gives about 10 kilograms of fruit from one bush. Therefore, after you have received seedlings, it must be planted in open ground. They do this in the month of May, when it will be warm enough on the street.

For this you need:

  • a place to plant;
  • fertilizer;
  • warm water;
  • support .

Tomato variety Bull’s forehead has a powerful root system, so the density should be correctly calculated. 4 shrubs are planted per square meter.

The soil into which the tomato will sit must be well prepared. The description says that in order to get a good crop, the soil should consist of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If there is no such land, then the fertilizer can actually be introduced artificially. It is better to use organic fertilizers for this, but you can also take inorganic ones if you wish.

The bovine forehead will eventually require the removal of stepchildren. This must be done in order to get large fruits. If this requirement is not met, then the tomatoes will be no bigger than peas.

We care for the variety correctly

The bull’s forehead does not need special care, but basic rules must be observed . Not one normal plant will not give a good harvest without regular watering and top dressing.

A tomato of this species needs the following care:

  • garter;
  • forming a bush;
  • removal of stepsons;
  • top dressing;
  • watering;
  • lighting.

Characteristic of the Bull forehead says that it is resistant to various kinds of diseases and misfortunes of pests. But in order to get a good crop and eliminate the risk of their occurrence, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures.

For this, the tomato bush can be treated with antifungal agents. Gardeners also use folk remedies for this.

Fight against common insects

Despite the fact that the tomato bovine forehead is resistant to various ailments and parasites Some still attack him. Most often, this variety affects the moth. When it appears, the leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow and fall off. To get rid of such a pest, you can use a tool such as “Lepidocide.”

A no less common parasite of nightshade, including this type of tomato, is a miner. This insect can damage not only the green cover of the leaves, but also the fruits themselves. The pest quickly spreads through the bush and in a short period can destroy it. Therefore, it is worth daily carefully inspecting the tomato for its presence. You can fight a miner with a tool like Bison.

The main enemy of Bull’s forehead is the greenhouse whitefly. It can start not only in plants that grow in open ground, but also in those that are bred in greenhouses. A drug called Confidor will help cope with this insect.

All of the above drugs can be purchased at any gardening store. But to prevent your tomatoes from being attacked by these pests, take prophylaxis.


Tomato Bull forehead is not the best variety of nightshade, but despite this, many gardeners grow it. It is popular because of its unusual taste. Fans of tomato juice will appreciate the drink from this variety.

Bull forehead
Tomato Bull forehead
Acquaintance with tomato varieties Batyan and Princess

If you have never seen a Bull’s forehead, you can confuse it with a photo of the Giants.At first glance it may seem that they are not large, but in fact one tomato weighs 700 grams.

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