Description of tomatoes Apple varieties

Experienced growers and farmers who grow vegetables in their fields always have the opportunity to cultivate new varieties. But for beginners, tomato lovers can be advised to do time-tested varieties. One of these varieties that has gained popularity may be Apple tomato and its varieties. These are universal tomatoes that have no connection with apples, but which taste good and can be stored for a long time.

Characteristics of the varieties

For the first time when you learn about the tomato variety Apple, you might think about an ordinary hybrid tomato and apple. But a tomato, in essence, refers to berries, and an apple is a fruit tree. Of course, the wonders of modern genetics made it possible to create genetically modified organisms. But this does not apply to our familiar vegetable.

Varieties of varieties Apple tomato have a similar characteristic:

  1. The height of the fruit bush is from 50 cm to 1 meter.
  2. The fruit is round in shape and red.
  3. In terms of ripening, Apple tomato belongs to the middle early.
  4. The plants are grown according to the universal method.
  5. The use of products is possible fresh and during processing.

All of these qualities are perfectly suited for the cultivation of these vegetables almost throughout the country. The southern regions can provide plantings with heat, which means that there is an opportunity to grow tomatoes in the open. In the north of the middle lane, plants must be planted in greenhouses. Sometimes, if there is a sharp cooling, greenhouses need to be heated.

Winter in the name of tomatoes

If the word Siberian is present in the name of the variety, such as the Siberian apple tomato, this does not mean that it needs to be planted in the Far North. It can be grown in the middle lane and south. During planting, the plant is formed into two stems, on which stepchildren constantly need to be removed. The tomato yield of both the Siberian Apple and the Yabloko on Snega varieties is very high.

But the last variety differs from the previous one in that it grows low. On a determinant bush, 60 cm high, up to 35 fruits ripen, giving a total of up to 3 kg of produce. The berry is small, about 50 grams, evenly colored, without a spot of a different color on the stalk.The variety is distinguished by the duration of fresh storage when tomatoes with green apples are added to the salad, but also ideal for winter harvesting.

Description of indeterminate varieties

Tomato Apple Lipetsk and Apple Minusinsky refers to tall tomatoes. Both plants can grow endlessly, but they must be pinched, limiting the height to 1.8 meters. Each species is best grown in two stems. Pasynkovka must also be carried out.

The characteristics of the fruit are slightly different between the varieties. The apple Lipetsk variety tomato has rounded-shaped fruits, red in color, without spots. The taste is real, tomato, with sourness and sweetness. The only disappointment is that it has a yield of 4kg per bush, which is not typical for tall species.

Существует несколько разновидностей Яблочного сорта

There are several varieties of Apple variety

The Crimean Yabloko variety, which has raspberry large fruits reaching 300 gr., is very interesting. This tomato is a long-liver, it is over 80 years old, which means that it has been enjoyed by several generations. With one bush, with proper care, you can collect more than 12 kg of products per season.

You can also name a few tall tomatoes associated with the name apple. Among them will be Adamovo, which can be grown both in the greenhouse and on the field.Products of this type are suitable for processing and consumption in delicious green salads, when red tomatoes are combined with apples. Hybrid Black Apple, and Blue, these tomato varieties are similar in color to the fruit. When ripe, they turn into chocolate and purple hues, but their flesh is standard, red, with a characteristic sweet taste.

Description of medium-tall tomatoes

These types of tomatoes have a height:

  • Apple Robin, up to 1 meter;
  • Apple Spas, up to 80cm;
  • Golden Apple, up to 1 meter.

The name Robin speaks for itself, for its berry is crimson. This vegetable is grown in two stems, and up to five kilograms of tomatoes ripen on them. The quality of the products is excellent, it is suitable for all types of culinary processing.

Standard tomatoes Apple Spas are incredibly resistant to disease. Fresh vegetables go to salads and, as a decoration for other dishes. Tomatoes are also suitable for freezing and preservation. They are stored for a long time and can be transported over long distances. The Golden Apple plant burns brightly with yellow lanterns of rounded tomatoes. Suitable for its cultivation, both the greenhouse and the field, but in the southern regions of the country. Among the plants of this species, you can feel as if you were in a magical garden of love, where paradise surrounds you. The fruit stem is hidden from human eyes by bright green leaves and extravaganza of gold.

Interesting types of tomatoes

An apple variety that surprises is the amazing Emerald Apple. These tomatoes are reminiscent of something unripe apples of a deep green color. Reviews of gardeners about him are distinguished by delight and love. And not because the original shade attracts with an unusual look, but because it is a tasty and versatile hybrid to use. Salads are interesting and tasty, the recipes of which include green tomatoes with red apples.

Cherry tomatoes and Paradise Apple are small-fruited varieties, but they are incredibly popular. When you look at the litter bush, it seems that this neat apple tree has spread its branches, completely drenched with tiny berries. The description of these varieties and their photos can be seen on the pages of tomato lovers who leave positive reviews, and it is impossible not to fall in love with them. Even the Siberian region finds an opportunity to purchase products that children especially like. Children’s dishes can be prepared very colorfully if you combine tiny tomatoes with apples of miniature types.

Preparing seedlings

When you decide to grow tomatoes of this type, you need to know its agricultural technology .

Рассаду нужно удобрять

Seedlings need to be fertilized

All plants should be planted in a permanent place from seedlings.If this is not a hybrid, then you can collect your seeds, otherwise the seed must be purchased at markets or breeding stations. Before planting, the seeds must be prepared for sowing and conditions suitable for development must be created.

First, the soil is prepared, which includes:

  • garden soil;
  • peat ;
  • humus;
  • ash;
  • fertilizers.

All ingredients are mixed and checked for density by compression. If the soil crumbles, it means that it is suitable for sowing seeds. Seeds are soaked overnight in a stimulant, plus a weak solution of potassium permanganate. In the morning, wash them and proceed to planting, laying out the seed in the prepared containers.

Ready containers are sprayed with water from the atomizer and covered with glass or polyethylene. The temperature required for germination should be around 25 degrees during the day and within 18 degrees at night. After the shoots appear, you need to wait until the formation of the second pair of leaves and begin to pick. When the seedlings take root, they can be fertilized and do this three times in 2 months, until the time comes when they will be planted in a greenhouse or field.

Plant Care

Planting tomatoes in a permanent place, you need to ensure that the weather is warm, but not hot. This is best done in the evening. Seedlings are planted in holes: four plants per square meter for tall tomatoes and 6 pieces for medium growth.A handful of ash can be added to each well and spilled with warm water. The seedling deepens, is covered with soil and, if it is a tall species, it is tied to supports or trellises.

Further care for planting is:

  • in weeding and loosening the soil;
  • in timely watering;
  • in stepsoning;
  • in garter;
  • in pest control.

Weeding is needed to kill weeds so that plants have enough fresh air and nutrients.

Watering should be done in the evening and only with warm water, the root system of seedlings suffers from cold water. To control pests, you can use traditional methods and tools, or you can purchase chemicals and, following the instructions, process plantings.

Tomato Apple Lipetsk
Apple saved
APPLE THANKS variety. Tomatoes from Fedor.

When all the instructions are followed and the plants feel care and attention, they quickly grow, form flower brushes, fruit and bring the desired harvest to the owners. After the first tomatoes ripen, they must be picked, processed or eat fresh salads. The eggs grow products for transportation and sale to the population. It’s not so important whether you have grown crops or bought finished products, you need to start processing to diversify your homemade dishes in winter.


When planning to plant a favorite variety, you first need to find out what its characteristic is, find a description of the species, consider a photo. The yield of bushes will depend on compliance with the rules of care, on timely measures to protect plants from weeds and pests. When the grower will adhere to the recommendations, then the pets will thank him with the abundance of delicious and colorful fruits. Grow tomatoes Apple varieties of tomato, admire them, eat for health and share with your friends the sweet and tasty suns of summer.

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