Description of Mikado Black tomatoes

As soon as the street gets warm, people go to the gardens and plant different vegetables. Some have already decided which varieties of cucumbers, peppers and blue to plant. But often people get the question, what kind of tomato to choose. Today there are many different species that differ in color and shape. But there is one unique variety, this is Mikado black tomato.

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. The origin of Mikado black
  3. We plant Mikado
  4. We care for Mikado black correctly
  5. Disease prevention
  6. Conclusion

Описание томатов сорта Микадо Черный

Description of Mikado tomatoes Black

The tomato of this variety has a red-black color, but you can find Mikado yellow and pink But many people prefer black tomato, which is due to the fact that I have the fruits of this plant rather large sizes, and inside they are not watery but fleshy.

Characteristics of the variety

Mikado black tomato has been known for over 30 years. This variety has unusual leaves that are they look like potatoes. The color has an unusual emerald color. For its cultivation, a greenhouse or open ground can be used.

The bush grows 1 m in height, in some cases its dimensions can be several centimeters more. The plant belongs to mid-season tomatoes. Basically, the description says that in order to get the fruits you need 110 days. The ovaries on the bush form in a short period of time.

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Tomato Mikado Black has red-black fruits. The tomato has a round shape. The skin of the fetus is very thin because of this, it often bursts.Tomatoes are large, one can weigh about 300 grams.

Origin of Mikado black

None of the characteristics can clearly say in which country Mikado Black was bred . Some say that a tomato appeared thanks to a breeder from the United States. Others attribute the origin of the variety to the Far East. But there are those people who believe that tomato appeared in our country.

Mikado black tomato is well suited for cultivation in any region. Tomatoes of this variety easily tolerate frosts and give fruits, even in severe cold. In cold regions, they are grown in greenhouses, and in southern regions, in open ground.

We plant Mikado

In order to plant tomatoes of this variety, you must wait until the outside temperature reaches 20 degrees with a plus sign. At higher temperatures, the plant will not be able to pollinate normally. And at low air temperatures, bush growth will be suspended.

The description says that to plant a variety, you must choose the right place. It must meet the following requirements:

  • good lighting;
  • loamy soil;
  • the acidity of the soil should be medium.

To plant seedlings is best in cloudy weather, so it will be 100% accepted. Tomato bushes of this variety grow quite large, so it is better to plant them at a distance of 50×50 centimeters. It is also necessary for them to make a backup.To do this, you can use fittings or wooden pegs. Before planting, the soil needs to be well fertilized.

При правильном уходе растение будет хорошо плодоносить

When planted properly, the plant will bear fruit well

You can use compost or humus for this. Bushes are staggered. In order for the plant to grow and develop normally, the soil should be loosened regularly. This will allow oxygen to flow into the roots.

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Care for Mikado Black correctly

Growing Mikado black provides for proper care. Without it, the plant will not be able to bear fruit and develop normally. The main thing for tomatoes is watering, which is carried out for the first time when planting. Then the soil should be moistened as it dries. Wells are made specifically for watering.

Each tomato variety gives stepsons and Mikado is no exception. In him, they appear even before the fruits are formed on the bush. Stepsons should be removed when their length is 5 cm.

Such manipulations can accelerate plant growth and give a decent harvest. If this is not done, then stepsons will take away from the culture all the forces that are necessary for the formation and ripening of fruits. It is also very important to fertilize Mikado tomatoes. The first time this is done exactly one week after planting. During this period, the bush managed to take root in a new place and is ready to receive vitamins.For top dressing, you can use organic or inorganic fertilizers. To get a good crop, it is advisable to introduce nitrogen-containing substances into the soil.

But it is worth noting that nitrogen affects the formation of the green part of the culture. Therefore, do not overdo it. The second time they fertilize exactly two weeks after the first feeding. The last time that nutrients are added occurs during the formation of the fruit.

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Disease Prevention

The characteristic of the variety indicates that it is often exposed to fungal ailments.

Therefore, in order not to encounter such unpleasant diseases, it is worthwhile to carry out their prevention. They start it from the moment seedlings appear. Then the plant is processed before planting in open ground. Bordeaux acid is used for this.

If you wish, you can use folk remedies that are no less effective. Some make a mixture of milk and water. The proportion is 1:10, this a little more iodine is added, but if late blight struck a tomato, then the first thing that costs t to do is to remove all diseased leaves.

Often recently planted seedlings are attacked by parasites such as:

  • the bear;
  • slug.

You can fight them with hot red pepper, just sprinkle it on the ground and loosen it. If you wish, you can use special drugs that are sold in gardening stores. “Gnome” and “Tattu” are popular.


Tomato Mikado Black is a surprisingly beautiful and delicious vegetable. It is used with pleasure for the preparation of various dishes. It is especially popular with enterprises that manufacture juice and tomato paste.The advantage of this variety is its taste, unpretentiousness in care and frost resistance.

Not every tomato can boast of such characteristics. Also, its fruits are quite large. But this species has a drawback, it is cracking of the fruit. And no one knows why this happens.

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