How and why to spray tomatoes with serum

Fertilizing plants to get a good harvest is the primary task of any gardener. Useful whey for tomatoes replaces purchased fertilizers and is safe for humans. Home-made dressing can be done independently from waste dairy products.

  1. Use of whey for tomatoes
  2. Folk remedies for tomatoes
  3. How to conduct milk top dressing
  4. Supplementation for top dressing
  5. Recipe for universal whey for vegetables
  6. Concentrated solution with iodine
  7. Processing of bushes
  8. How to spray plants
  9. Disease Prevention
  10. Conclusion <

Опрыскивание томатов сывороткой

Spraying tomatoes with serum

Tomato serum benefits

Serum tomato spraying is carried out several times a month. This procedure does not harm fruits and neighboring crops. Tomato and cucumber serum is a universal remedy and fertilizer. Properly organized watering and feeding of tomatoes whey guarantee a good harvest in the fall.

Serum tomatoes can be sprayed both in greenhouses and directly on an open land plot. With the help of spent dairy products, they organize the treatment of sick bushes that have suffered from parasites or fungal diseases. Serum for cucumbers and tomatoes is used as the main or additional nutrition.

The biggest danger to tomatoes and cucumbers (seedlings and bushes) is late blight. A dangerous disease in a few days destroys seedlings and infects healthy bushes. The plant is difficult to save, and the entire future crop is in danger of destruction. If you timely fertilize the soil and root system of tomatoes and cucumbers, such a problem will not arise. Processing bushes with serum is very profitable: you can make a cheap natural product with your own hands.

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Folk remedies for tomatoes

Natural-based top dressing is especially useful for crops in autumn, when plants lack moisture and vitamins. For top dressing of vegetable bushes, processed fermented milk products with a high content of amino acids are often used. Folk recipes will help strengthen the plant’s defense mechanisms:

  1. Milk contains useful trace elements and substances that replace plants immunomodulators: such substances can strengthen plant stems and their root system.
  2. Amino acids included serum helps seedlings grow fast, and lactose fights pests.
  3. Mono-acid bacteria additionally protect the leaves of the culture from the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms.
  4. The microflora of the product allows you to destroy existing bacteria: sour milk fertilizer cleans the surface of leaves and stems from fungus.
  5. Milk-based nutrition for tomatoes is used a few weeks before harvest to strengthen the ovaries.

What is good for milk nutrition? Top dressing with milk creates an invisible but strong protective layer. Thanks to the resulting film, tomatoes are not affected by fungi and dangerous diseases.

Fermented milk products process both the stems of the crop and the rhizome. Milk dressing is absolutely safe for humans and does not affect the quality of the harvest.

How to milk feed

Milk whey can be processed seedlings at any stage of development. The plant is treated according to a clearly defined scheme: stalks and leaves are sprayed once every ten days or three times a month. For persistent strong crops, the amount of spraying is reduced to once a month. Experienced gardeners recommend spraying the seedlings every week.

Растения можно опрыскивать на любой стадии роста

Plants can be sprayed at any stage of growth

The more often you can process tomatoes or cucumbers, the more you will need a natural dairy product. For sour-milk fertilizer, a concentrated product cannot be used. For plants, solutions are selected in which the share of dairy products is only 50%. You can dilute the fermented milk mixture (the remains of milk fermentation) with purified water or useful liquid additives.A proportion of 1: 1 is the best option for seedlings and bushes of tomatoes.

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To obtain sour-milk fertilizer, you can use cottage cheese or stale kefir. The filtered product is immediately diluted with water (room temperature). The resulting solution should sprinkle the entire visible part of the plant and fertilize the soil to nourish the root system.

Feeding additives

The benefits of dairy products can be even greater if the gardener adds to the finished a solution of no less useful substances. Supplements such as iodine or live beneficial bacteria will help strengthen the culture against any seasonal diseases.

The drug Fitosporin is used as an independent top dressing. Often solutions with live bacteria are added to fermented milk products. If you spray the seedlings with such enriched fertilizer, no mold seedlings are scary.

The recipe for universal whey for vegetables

Complex measures are needed to strengthen tomatoes. Watering should be alternated with the planned top dressing with special home-made solutions. To prepare the enriched mixture with iodine you will need:

  • 10 liters of water;
  • 2 parts of serum;
  • a few drops of iodine (not more than 10 drops);
  • a small handful of wood ash.

Individually, each component of the solution is useful for the growing culture.Water is the necessary moisture, acidic solution and iodine are strengthening substances for stems, and ash enriches the soil with necessary nitrogen. Thanks to the combination of all components, the mixture prolongs the fruiting of the crop, and the ripened fruits do not rot and do not darken.

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Fertilizing with iodine is used for the root system and the green part of tomato bushes. For the best effect, you can alternate therapeutic measures: casting is carried out once every 10 days using simple serum, and with iodine it is worth processing the roots of tomatoes once a month.

Concentrated solution with iodine

If the plants begin to hurt: the legs darken, a fungus appears on the stems and the leaves dry, the gardener needs to take emergency measures. Simple serum in such cases can not do. You need to process the roots and stalks of tomatoes with concentrated fertilizer, which is prepared according to a simple scheme:

  • to process all vegetables you need half a liter of fresh sour-milk products;
  • waste from milk processing must be warmed up to room temperature temperature;
  • 10 drops of iodine are added to warm whey.

The solution is sprayed daily. The leaves of tomatoes and cucumbers are especially carefully wiped. Mold treatment is carried out in addition to other measures: removing diseased plants and replacing contaminated soil.

A concentrated solution for cucumbers and tomatoes in the form of seedlings or adult bushes is suitable.The fruits of cucumbers or tomatoes do not suffer, but it is better to spray them with a simple mixture diluted in water.

Processing bushes

Every prudent gardener needs to know how to spray tomatoes with serum. The prepared mixture should not be stored for more than two days, otherwise dairy products only harm the culture. For pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes, natural fertilizer is used in the warm and cold season. A sour-milk solution for greenhouses and hotbeds will come in handy. Serum for tomato is sprayed using a conventional spray gun. The first treatment is carried out immediately after planting seedlings in pots. From this period, the bushes need additional protection.

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Сыворотка поможет укрепить иммунитет растений

Serum helps strengthen plant immunity

Spraying continues after the bushes are planted on open ground. Regular whey will strengthen the immunity of plants and allow them to bear fruit well in the future. The components of the solution are diluted immediately before spraying and are used immediately. Sprinkle tomatoes with serum for active growth with the addition of “Fitosporin.”

How to properly spray plants

To spray tomatoes, a ratio of serum to water is required. If you dilute the solution in ratios of 1: 1, the solution does not harm weak seedlings.Such spraying does not give a lasting effect, therefore, after treatment it is impossible to delay with repeated protective measures.

Spraying tomatoes with serum is carried out on days of good weather. If spraying is carried out during rains, the effect of the product will not be. So that tomatoes grow faster, processing is necessarily combined with feeding the soil with wood ash or natural fertilizers. Topping up tomatoes using natural milk whey is beneficial on large plantations and small plots of land (saving gardener’s money).

Disease Prevention

Spraying vegetable bushes during seasonal diseases and for the prevention of dangerous diseases in plants planted on open ground. Processing is always cheaper than treating tomatoes for fungi or pests. Tomatoes that are treated with serum in a timely manner do not get sick and allow you to harvest a good crop in the fall.

For prevention, the treatment of vegetable bushes is carried out after cleaning the bushes from dry leaves and rotten stems. You need to start spraying the culture in the greenhouses, until the stems have not yet become stronger. Prevention can be carried out less often than spraying the culture during the disease. It is enough to spray the tomatoes once a month and organize constant watering in order to harvest a good healthy crop by fall.

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It is not enough just to water the tomatoes after planting the seedlings.Seasonal diseases and pests are a problem that every gardener can face. A dairy product obtained from spoiled kefir or milk can be used as a means of combating any disease and fungus. It is absolutely safe for humans to spray tomatoes with such a serum.

Folk remedies for late blight. Processing whey tomatoes.
SERUM and IODINE from late blight and powdery mildew on: tomatoes and cucumbers. Whey in the garden.
How to deal with diseases of cucumbers folk remedies. Serum treatment.

Using waste milk processing (with additives or diluted with plain water) can be destroyed a disease that kills young ovaries or fruits. Safe fertilizer will protect the stems and roots of the bushes. Regular treatment with serum will save seedlings and protect bushes from environmental threats. Every gardener should know that the “water, fertilize, saturate” principle always works on crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

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