Description of Tomatoes Pearl

Tomato Pearl has more than 5 different types, each deserves special attention.

  1. Characteristic
  2. Features of the species
  3. Pearl of Siberia
  4. Red Pearls
  5. Yellow pearl
  6. Pink pearl

Описание томатов Жемчужина

Tomato description Pearl


Pearl – a relatively new kind of tomato. It is grown both in greenhouses and in open ground, the main thing is constant watering and fertilizer. This type of tomato is classified as decorative. The plant loves sunny and warm places.

Shrubs are small in size, 30-40 cm. The growth of the plant at the time of ripening depends on the size of the pot, which contains tomatoes. Tomatoes Pearls come in the following types:

  • Siberian pearls;
  • yellow pearls;
  • red pearls;
  • pink pearls.

Features of the species

Each type from this family has a number of differences:

  • productivity;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • excellent taste;
  • red;
  • disease resistance;
  • ease of cultivation.

Pearl of Siberia

Pearl of Siberia is a new type of tomato, bred just in this region. He is famous for a high percentage of yield and excellent taste. It is grown using seeds, it does not belong to hybrid types. The pearl of Siberia has a strong and strong root system, which makes it possible to grow in any conditions and at the same time give a good harvest, the whole system develops in width.

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The bush grows to almost 145 cm, the stem is strong and powerful, it has several brushes with fruits. The leaves of such a plant are small, resembling potato, dark green in shape.

The variety gives good yield: on average, more than 8 fruits are obtained from one gem. Ripening is average, the first fruits are obtained after 110 days. The description of the tomatoes is simple: they are round, tasty, and easy to grow.

The ripening process is interesting: the lower and then the upper fruits ripen first. The plant has good immunity, which facilitates the process of growing

Red Pearl

Данный сорт подходит для выращивания дома

This variety is suitable for growing at home

The fruits have a decorative base, they are grown both in gardens and at home on the windowsill. The red pearl grows small, with a maximum of 34-45 cm. The fruits are small, somewhat reminiscent of cherry. One fruit weighs 25-35 g. The total number of chambers reaches 2, the percentage of dry matter is not higher than 6%.

The minus is that such tomatoes do not last long after assembly, so it is impossible to transport the product over long distances.

The variety ideally combines acid and sugar. More than 1.5 kg is collected from one bush, and from 4 bushes per 1 sq. Km. m receive over 6 kg.According to the description, the advantages of the variety are:

  • the ability to grow tomatoes at home;
  • fast ripeness;
  • adaptability to the lack of lighting;
  • ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature;
  • disease resistance;
  • unpretentiousness in care.
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Yellow pearls

The yellow pearl is mini-tomatoes. The fruits of this garden crop are yellow. The plant is unpretentious and easy to grow. The main thing is to water on time and sometimes give additional vitamins and fertilizers. The yellow pearl belongs to the determinate hybrids.

The fruits are sung quickly, from the moment of planting to the time of harvesting the fruit takes 84-94 days. The plant is low: the maximum height is 61 cm, the minimum is 35 cm. It all depends on which parents will be chosen for it. Adult fruits have a bright yellow color, they are round and small in shape.

The weight of one fruit is 20-35 g. Bushes are recommended to be tied in order to lighten the load on the plant. Positive characteristics of the variety:

  • good resistance to lack of light;
  • ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature without loss of yield;
  • high percentage of resistance to diseases and pests.

Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl is a determinant variety with early ripening. From planting to harvesting takes from 82 to 86 days. Bushes grow small: 65-75 cm in height.Fully ripened fruits have a pinkish tint with red dots. Their weight is from 91 g to 95 g.

One fruit contains 2-3 chambers, the bush in total contains 5% solids. Tomatoes Pink pearl is an excellent choice for productivity.Advantages of the plant:

  • adaptability to any conditions;
  • low light requirements;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • immunity to diseases and pests.
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The branches do not withstand the load, so they are tied. The plant is constantly watered, give it calcium with vitamins. Growing varieties is easy and simple.

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