Varieties of turkey food

For the health and full life of poultry in the first place is the organization of balanced and healthy feeding. Turkeys are no exception, so it is best to give compound feed for turkeys. So that the bird does not get sick, gains weight and brings income to the owner, it must be well and variably fed. The composition of the feed for turkeys depends on their age and the norm for feeding turkey poultry with compound feed is calculated individually for each individual.

How should birds be fed correctly?

At home, they feed poultry by pouring it onto a smooth board . To prevent food from waking up, you can nail the sides to its edges. Some farmers use paper or cardboard, but they can get wet, and pieces of turkey pavement can peck.In addition, such a substrate will often have to be changed. Also give turkeys and water. Only high-quality food should be taken and their expiration date should be monitored.

It doesn’t matter factory or home-made, it is better not to use premix, as it is not very well absorbed.

Vitamins and other supplements for better growth can be introduced when the chicks are already a week old. It is better to give food in small portions, otherwise it will go bad. Especially closely should be observed for the freshness of dairy products. They turn sour quickly and diarrhea can begin in the bird.

Approximate composition of mixed feeds for turkeys

It is important to use various types of products for young animals so that the growing body does not lack in any any substances. It is best to use compound feeds where everything necessary for growth has already been mixed. In this feed all mineral salts, amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates are precisely calculated.

Composition of compound feed for turkeys

  • Flour from fish 5%
  • Wheat 7%
  • Corn 30%
  • Premix 1%
  • Chalk 3.5%
  • Soya in the form of cake 32%
  • Potassium phosphate 1.6%
  • Sunflower meal 9%
  • Lysine 0.003%
  • Soybean extruded 10%
  • Threonine 0.003 %
  • Sodium chlorine 0.4%

Of course you can prepare such a mixture yourself, but this process will be time-consuming. In addition, you need to correctly calculate the proportion and get all the necessary components.To grind the same corn and wheat, you also have to come up with some kind of mechanism. It is worth considering that in addition to the correct composition, feed must have a certain density indicator. So it’s more rational to use a purchased one.

Feeding mode and norms

Нельзя перекармливать

You can’t overfeed

Feeding rates for turkey poultry with compound feed depend on the age, condition of the bird and other features. How much feed should I give per day so that the bird eats enough, and there is no overspending of products? Until the turkey is a week old, it is worth giving 150 grams per individual. If the owner is fattening males, then a fodder up to a week old should take mixed feeds 50 grams more.

After that, increase the norm for females it will be 250 g, and for males 300-350 g. Do not give more than the norm . The composition of the feed from different companies may contain a different number of calories, and if they are not enough, the bird will be hungry. It is also harmful when there are too many calories. This may affect bird behavior. She can begin to show aggression, in an acute form it can result in cannibalism.

What to look for when choosing compound feed?

To choose exactly what is required, be guided by age.After choosing a food, you also need to find out how many calories it contains in order to calculate the daily intake. If in the future it is planned to slaughter poultry for meat, then you should choose food that will contribute to the rapid weight gain. Such turkey food has more vitamins and proteins. The calorie content of the feed should correspond to the age of the bird.

The older the bird, the more calories in the compound feed for turkeys should be contained. The number of daily calorie absorption does not depend on the composition of feed for turkeys. This number is stable and depends only on the age of the bird. Feeding with pork or other types of food is not recommended. Although the price of different types of feed may vary, do not choose the cheapest. Naturally, feed for turkeys should not be expired. It should be noted that in addition to vitamins, proteins, mineral salts, fiber should be added to adult birds.

On the contrary, a young bird does not need fiber at all and is even harmful. Combined feed for turkeys should not include animal products. Such feed for turkeys negatively affects the liver, and with constant use can cause diseases, so they are not given at home. Feeding need to be digestible products that will contribute to growth and weight gain. If the compound feed requires that it be given in food in a wet form, then it must be cooked before the distribution, otherwise it may ferment or sour.

Description of the most popular compound feeds

Комбикорм содержит витамины

Compound feed contains vitamins

Feeding can be carried out with Start and Purin feedstuffs most demanded for turkey fattening. The composition of all compound feeds is approximately the same when compared to the start feed, but each species contains various additional substances. The starting composition is better to choose based on the age of the turkeys and on the purpose of cultivation.

Types of feed from the company Start

1) Pk-11-2. These products are produced in the form of fine granules. It contains in its composition all the necessary trace elements and substances. Recommended for turkey poults from five days to two weeks. It consists of feed-type yeast, corn, fish flour, sunflower oil, wheat, soybean meal, premix, sunflower meal, salt and mineral additives.

2) Pk-12-1. It is given to a bird that has already turned 14 weeks old. Used before reaching 18 weeks. It contains everything that is needed at this time for full growth and development.

3) Pk-13-1. Designed for feeding turkeys 15-30 weeks old, approximately from 3.5 to 7.5 months. The composition is similar to the species described above, but contains more enzymes.

4) Pk-14. This food is indicated for females that carry eggs.In this case, the body must receive all the necessary substances so that the bird rushes well and the shell is strong. Therefore, this species does not contain meal of soybean, wheat, meal of sunflower, sunflower oil.

For young farmers, farmers raising turkeys, compound feeds “Purina” and PC 1 are popular. However, if for some reason feeding these types food is impossible, you should pay attention to other manufacturers.

PK 1 and Purina

Fodders with this marking are ideal for newly hatched chicks. It has a lot of protein and minerals, and they also contain vitamin supplements and amino acids. Turkeys are developing rapidly and gaining weight.

These feeds are environmentally friendly, as they are released from natural products and do not contain chemical additives. This, not least, explains their popularity. In addition, they are very economically advantageous, since they are very high in calories and the bird gains weight well with a relatively low feed consumption.

Composition of combined feeds from Purin’s company

  • Barley
  • Salt
  • Fish flour
  • Corn
  • Chalk
  • Wheat of fodder variety
  • Premix
  • Sunflower in the form of a meal
  • Phosphate

Food Strength of nature

In addition to the above, various turkey feeds are placed types of vitamins and minerals that help rapid growth and well-being farm livestock.

  • Vitamin D3
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Provitamin A
  • Copper
  • B vitamins
  • Iodine

Combined feed for turkeys Growth

You can give compound feed for turkeys at any age, since this product is universal development. At a more mature age, in order to prepare the bird for slaughter with the necessary weight, compound feed for turkeys must be marked for weight gain. Since the products are released by one company, the transition is made without problems. Height for weight gain is in the form of balls.

Food marked for young animals can be given to turkeys for up to 8 weeks. Nicotinic and folic acids, Mn and Co.

Compound feed for young animals

Мелкорубленный для малышей

Small chopped for babies

Compound feed for young animals has its own characteristics depending on how many weeks the young were turned out. From the very age of turkey poultry and until the end of fattening, all instructions for the selection of feed must be strictly followed. This applies both to the products that go into food, and the entire diet. Freshly hatched turkey poults are very weak and unviable and their health and life depend on proper nutrition during this period.

They have not yet got strong beaks, and their vision is poorly developed.Given this, you need to feed under strict control. They must eat. Do not forget that newborns need not only to feed, but also to drink. It is best to give them water with sugar or glucose. It is also advisable to add vitamin C to this solution. Dosage per 1 liter of sugar water 2 tbsp. spoons. Vitamin C is put in this mixture in the form of powder at the rate of 1 packet per liter.

12-16 hours after hatching, juveniles should be fed. For this, boiled eggs are used. They must be finely chopped and passed through a sieve. After that, wheat or corn flour should be put in the eggs. Such a mixture feed the bird for a week. Then the egg is no longer necessary. In order for turkey poultry to actively absorb food, it is necessary to imitate the actions of their mother. After distributing the food, you need to tap your finger on the board, because the turkey calls its children for food by tapping with its beak.

Introduction of new food for daily birds

As soon as the chicks are 24 hours old, the owner must enrich their diet . It is not necessary to introduce many new products at a time, as the poultry stomach must adapt to the unusual food and they must eat new food. A new product should be introduced at the rate of 1 part new to 4 habitual. Further it will be written in the instruction what to add first, and what then to one-day-old chicks on the second day of their life. All products are given in very small form. To achieve the desired consistency, it is best to grind them through a sieve.

You can give the following foods

  • Cottage cheese with low fat content.
  • Green onion in feathers.
  • Carrot.

Do not neglect the general care of chicks . Like food, all living things need water. It should be clean and fresh. To do this, pour out the settled water every 3-4 hours and add fresh water. It should be remembered that the chicks are still very tender, so the water should not be too cold or hot. Optimum room temperature. For chicks, it’s also worth buying convenient feeders and drinking bowls .

If the poults are two days old, then they should be given homemade feed for food

  • Dandelion leaves
  • Millet
  • Nettle
  • Alfalfa in the form of green mass
  • Wheat tart, finely ground
  • Mix for ready-made feed

Turkeys breed overview
Feeder and drinker for a bird from a sanitary pipe
White Shirokogrudaya breed turkeys

The mixture given to the chicks for food after the first day should not be dry, so that it becomes wet by mixing it dissolved broth from meat, curd or whey. mash should not be a cereal or a solution, it should crumble easily. Therefore, it is necessary to pour the liquid in small portions, carefully stirring. After the second day, turkeys are given a tart of barley or oatmeal. You can give them either separately or in the form of additives in the main food.

The second method is preferable if turkey poultry refuses to eat. Feed the bird with an interval of three hours. A longer period of time between meals is unacceptable. Each time the food is only fresh, and the remnants of the old are removed. Also, at each feeding in the diet, you need to add new products according to the scheme indicated above.

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