Description of cabbage cultivar Gribovskaya

Description of cabbage cultivar Gribovskaya

Gribovsky cabbage is a popular variety that is grown in almost all garden plots. It is ideal for long-term storage and transportation.

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  2. Features of growing
  3. Care recommendations
  4. Parasites and diseases
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Описание капусты сорта Грибовская

Description of the cabbage cultivar Gribovskaya

Characteristics of the variety

Cabbage number one Gribovsky 147 was bred in Russia. According to the description, it can be grown in all regions of the country. There is resistance to drought and high humidity.

С early ripe ort. The vegetation period of the variety is only 60 days from the moment of seedling planting in open ground.

Variety characteristic:

  • leaf rosette compact: diameter 60 cm;
  • whole leaves, light green in color, completely covered with a wax coating, leaf length about 20 cm, and width 30 cm;
  • head of round shape, weight 3 kg, color light green;
  • solids make up about 8%;
  • sugar level 5%;
  • the composition contains vitamins of group C;
  • the yield is high: from 1 m2 you can collect about 7 kg of selected product tion.

It is believed that the variety Gribovsky with long-term storage becomes tastier. It can be used both fresh and pickled. Often, borsch, cabbage soup, stew or fresh salads are prepared from such a culture.

Features of growing

It is grown exclusively by the seedling method, therefore, in early March, you need to plant seeds to obtain seedlings. Planting material of this variety does not need pre-treatment or disinfection.

It is recommended that the seeds are planted in a container at a distance of 5 cm from each other. After that, the container is placed in a warm place, with a temperature regime of 20-24 ° C. In such conditions, germination occurs much faster. As soon as the first seedlings appear, the daytime temperature should be 17 ° С, and the night temperature should be 8-10 ° С.

After 30 days, when 2 pairs of leaves are formed on the seedlings, you can plant in open ground. The procedure is carried out in late April or early May. It’s important in advance to think about a place to land. This variety needs fertile and light soils, with a low content of acid-base balance (not more than 5%). The distance between the bushes should be 60 cm, and between the rows about 70 cm.

Care recommendations

Растениям необходим хороший уход

The plants need good care

Cabbage Gribovskaya 147 needs proper care (watering, weeding and fertilizing). It is recommended to water in the morning so that the sun does not evaporate much moisture. It is better to use warm water, because it increases the adhesion of the roots to the soil.About 3 liters of water should be poured under each bush. The interval is 4-6 days.

After each watering, it is important to loosen the soil and remove weeds. These procedures allow not only to get rid of the upper crust caused by heat and moisture, but also to prevent parasites. Removing the crust allows better nutrients and oxygen to be passed into the roots.

Top dressing is carried out twice during the entire growing season.

  1. 25 days after the seedlings are planted in open ground. It is necessary to prepare a solution of organic substances (2 kg of humus per 10 liters of water). At least 2 liters of the drug are poured under each bush.
  2. During the flowering period. It is advisable to make mineral fertilizers (20 mg of superphosphate or 10 mg of potassium nitrate per 10 l of water). Pour at least 3 liters of solution into each bush.

Parasites and diseases

Diseases of this keel variety and vascular bacteriosis.

You can cure the keel by spraying with a solution of Bordeaux liquid (2 mg per 10 liters of water). You can get rid of vascular bacteriosis only with the help of chemical insecticides – Regent or Taboo. The solution is prepared in a ratio of 20 mg of substance per 10 liters of water. Spray the area every 10 days.

Of the main pests, a flea and aphid should be distinguished.You can get rid of the flea with the help of colloidal salt (10 mg per 10 l of water), which is sprayed, and in the fight against aphids, the copper-containing preparation Oxychom (40 ml per 10 l of water) should be used.


Cabbage number one Gribovsky 147 is ideal for long-term storage.Harvested in early August, but the products, without loss of taste and marketability, can be stored until March. If you want to enjoy a tasty and healthy product, you will make the right choice, giving preference to Gribovsky.

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