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Buttermeat is one of the most common types of edible
mushrooms in the European part., Ukraine and Belarus.
People say that boletus appears when
the pine will bloom.

They grow in young spruce and pine forests in large families.
These are herding mushrooms. They are also found in open sun
lawns on green moss, on sandy hills, slopes
with a rare young pine forest. In Ukraine, boletus can
found mainly between young artificial pine
plantings where the grass grows, or in an old caked
needles. In plantings 5-7 meters high with open ground,
where the needles were raked and there is no grass and bushes, oil is not
grow. Picking up needles adversely affects the mycelium, and
do not expect mushrooms in such places.

It got its name from the oily, slippery
to the touch of the cap. The characteristic features that distinguish
most types of boletus from other paints are
sticky mucous, easily removable skin of the cap and
ring left over from a private bedspread.

The mushroom cap can be from convex to flat,
smooth, usually sticky or slimy, easily removable
skin. The stem is solid, smooth or grainy, sometimes
with a ring – the remains of a private bedspread. The pulp is whitish
or yellowish, on the cut can change color to blue
or red.

Useful properties of oil

The taste and nutritional value of butter is almost as good as white
mushrooms, but grow so abundantly that in some areas
our country, they can be collected from May to October from
three to five times.

Cedar and Siberian oil can, larch and marsh,
grainy and late very good in fried, stewed and
boiled. And recently, scientists were able to establish that
some types of oil contain a special resinous substance,
which relieves acute headaches and also relieves
the fate of patients with chronic gout.

Mushrooms contain on average up to 90% water. Remaining 10%
distributed like this: up to 4% are proteins,
up to 2% – fiber, up to 1,5% – carbohydrates, up to 1% – fat,
up to 1,5% – mineral

Mushroom proteins are high in amino acids,
including irreplaceable and assimilated by the body
by 70-80%. The nutritional value of mushrooms like others
products, largely determines the overall content
amino acids. By the content of the latter, mushroom proteins are comparable
with animal proteins, which is why mushrooms are often compared
with meat. The most complete set of amino acids (up to 22) was found
in a porcini mushroom. The content of proteins and amino acids in mushrooms
varies greatly depending on the species, habitat,
age and method of procurement. For example, in the young
mushrooms have more proteins than old ones; more in hats,
than in the legs; dried mushrooms have more than pickled ones.

Mushrooms contain a lot of iron and phosphorus salts,
potassium and trace elements, Almost all edible mushrooms contain
vitamins A,
B, B1, C,
and PP.
Studies have shown that mushrooms in vitamin content
They are not inferior to grain products. Vitamin PP in them
as much as it is in yeast, liver,
and vitamin B is not less than in creamy
oil. In terms of protein content, they surpass any
vegetables. Protein substances in a kilogram of dried porcini mushrooms
twice as much as in a kilogram of beef,
and three times more than the same amount of fish. truth
mushroom proteins are absorbed slightly worse than animals
proteins. If the mushrooms are well cooked – chopped,
boiled and fried, their digestibility increases.

Mushrooms contain valuable fatty substances that are almost
completely absorbed by the human body. Bouillon
from dried porcini mushrooms several times higher in calories than meat.
Dried mushrooms are superior in nutritional value even to meat
and sausage. In mushrooms, a person gets the necessary
trace elements – zinc, manganese,
iodine and copper.

Rare antibiotic substances were found in porcini mushrooms,
suppressing some pathogenic intestinal bacteria.
Frequent use of whites protects against cancer.

Dangerous properties of oil

Good digestibility
mushrooms are hindered by the significant content of fiber in them,
soaked in chitin. Chitin is not only not digested
in the human gastrointestinal tract, but also makes it difficult
access to digestive juices and digestible substances.
The digestibility of mushrooms will deteriorate, in particular also by those
that mushroom proteins mainly belong to the difficultly soluble
substances. Doctors consider mushrooms to be difficult to digest.

There are a lot of recipes for making pickled butter. We advise you to cook them according to the proven recipe from the proposed video – and the mushrooms will turn out to be tender and tasty.

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