How to save frozen peppers

Often, after transplanting seedlings, repeated frosts return. If you do not protect the seedlings, they will suffer. Many damaged plants are thrown away. But do not resort to radical methods. When the pepper has frozen, you should try to save it. There are several effective and universal ways to resuscitate a culture.

  1. Spraying with cold water
  2. Spraying with special preparations
  3. When to treat
  4. Analogs
  5. Fertilizing
  6. Prevention measures
  7. Conclusion <

Спасение замёрзшего перца

Saving the frozen pepper

Spraying with cold water

One of the simplest and most affordable methods is that the plants will thaw slowly, as at minus The water in the cells turns into ice. During self-thawing, the process is faster and not always right. When the sun gets on the frozen pepper, the ice in the cells does not have time to thaw. It breaks from the inside.

The plants are sprayed with water so as not to harm them even more, the liquid must be necessarily cold. Otherwise, culture can no longer be saved. The procedure is performed before sunrise. If you miss this point, there will be no effect from processing. For spraying use an irrigation hose, on which a small spray is installed. For this purpose, they also use a spray gun. The next step is shading the plants. To protect from sunlight, take thick paper, cardboard or other objects that are at hand.

Spraying with special preparations

There are many remedies that have anti-stress properties. More popular is Epin Extra. The treatment of plants with the drug allows one to achieve the following results:

  • mobilization of the internal resources of pepper;
  • stimulation of the natural physical processes of seedlings;
  • development by sprouts of resistance to adverse weather conditions, they will become less sensitive to temperature jumps.

To prepare the product, take chilled boiled water. You can not boil it, but then it is worth acidifying, because the tap water is alkaline. And Epin in such an environment loses its qualities. For this purpose, you can add 5 ml of vinegar or a little citric acid to it. For 1 ampoule (0.25 g) of the substance, 5 liters of liquid will be required.

When to process

Замёрзшие растения нужно подкормить

Frozen plants need to be fed

They treat plants in the early morning or evening, since the active substance of the drug quickly disappears in the sun. It is advisable that the weather be dry, as the product is absorbed by plants for 2-3 days. Spray all parts of the frozen pepper, paying attention to the leaves from the inside. The treatment is repeated after 7-10 days until the sprouts are completely restored.


Instead of Epin, you can use another well-known drug called Zircon. This is an effective tool that will help save plants that have frozen even at temperatures up to -8 ° C. The solution is prepared in this way: 1 mg of the substance per 10 liters of water. The spraying rules are the same as for Epin. It is processed at least 4 times every 7 days.

If there is an opportunity to purchase more preparations Healthy Garden and Ecoberin (sold at Natural Centers of Agriculture), then they can be combined with HB-101 and Epin. The mixture will help to quickly restore frozen seedlings of pepper and stimulate its growth. Some gardeners put plants under cardboard boxes after processing.


Feeding is one way to reanimate frost-damaged plants.

For this purpose, use complex preparations. For example, you can apply Agricola-Forward. Such a fertilizer contains three essential components in an accessible form for peppers: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus. Their proportions are suitable for culture. Also, many macro- and microelements are included. Consumption of complex preparations – 10 g per 1 square. m.

If the pepper is frozen, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers are often added. 4 and 5 g respectively. Fertilizing products contribute to the activation of plant growth. But you need to carefully monitor the amount of substances added.It is better to introduce minerals in small doses, because if they are in excess, the situation may worsen.

Prevention measures

In order for the pepper not to freeze, you must follow the recommendations:

  • do not rush to plant seedlings in a permanent place, because May nights are still cold and there is a risk of repeated frosts;
  • if the planting is completed and the temperature drops, it is worth covering the bed with plastic wrap.

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If you couldn’t avoid the troubles and the peppers froze, you need to take measures to resuscitate them. Often different manipulations give the effect and plants come to life. The main thing is to make them until full recovery occurs. The culture also has the property of natural recovery. Peppers let out lateral shoots and leaves from the stem. When freezing, they are not removed if the frost was not on the ground. pull the them at the first, it is necessary to provide additional care to germs.

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