Characteristics of Aden pepper

Characteristics of Aden pepper

Aden sweet peppers belong to F1 hybrids. It has many advantages. A detailed description of the variety is considered in the article.

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. Description of the bushes
  3. Description of the fruits
  4. Care
  5. Before planting
  6. After planting
  7. Diseases and pests
  8. Diseases
  9. Pests
  10. Conclusion

Перец сорта Аден

Aden pepper

Feature varieties

Aden F1 pepper is resistant to diseases and frosts. The variety ripens quickly, 100 days after germination, fruits can be expected.

Taste very good. The variety is versatile in preparation: you can stuff, cook, cook, preserve, prepare salads, freeze. Also, the fruits are pleasant to eat in fresh

Description of the bushes

When proper care, the bush will be tall and powerful, the height of the main stem reaches up to 100 cm. The foliage at the bush is very dense, which protects the fruits from sunlight. The leaves are medium in size and they are dark green in color.

Description of the fruit

The fruits of Pepper Aden F1 are large, weigh up to 220 g. During technical ripeness (47 days), the fruits are light beige in color, and during biological ripeness (100 days), they turn red. The wall thickness of the fetus reaches 9 mm. de.


There are some rules for caring for this variety so that the plant is healthy and bear fruit.

Before planting

In Aden pepper, the seeds should be soaked in a solution of water and minerals. Aden F1 pepper hybrid is best planted indoors, which will bring more fruit. The seeds should be buried no deeper than 2.5-3 cm. The recommended planting temperature for this plant is 25 ° C.

After planting

There are very simple care rules that you should observe that the fruits grow tasty and healthy. Water the bush when the soil has dried. It is necessary to get rid of the remains of other plants, dirt, weeds. You need to feed no more than 2-3 times a month. Mineral fertilizers will help well in feeding: 1 tbsp fertilizer per 1 liter of water.

Diseases and pests

Данные перцы менее подвержены болезням

These peppers are less susceptible to diseases

In Aden pepper F1 resists all diseases well . Even good immunity can not save you from diseases if all the rules of care were not followed.


Novice gardeners get lost when they encounter diseases, but they don’t nothing really bad. The main thing is timely prevention.

  1. Verticillosis belongs to the category of fungal diseases.The danger of such an ailment is that it is not treated, that is, if a plant infected with a bush dies in any case. The risk of infection of peppers with such a fungus increases when growing bushes in conditions of high humidity and soil.
  2. Stolbur belongs to the category of infectious ailments. It appears on the bushes with a sharp yellowing of a large number of leaves. The second stage of infection will be the deformation of unformed fruits and young leaves.
  3. Cladosporiosis is also included in the category of fungal ailments. The disease is manifested by rot on the leaves and stems. If the plant is already infected, you need to completely stop watering for 5 days. Immediately clean the bush from infected areas, and treat the stems and use a solution of fundazole: 1 liter of water, 20 g of foundationazol.

It is easiest to defeat the disease in the first stages. To identify the first stages of the onset of the disease, it is necessary to conduct plant inspections.

If the plant has already deteriorated greatly due to the disease, it must be destroyed. As long as there is one diseased plant, all other healthy plants are in danger


Pests are no less a dangerous problem for plants than diseases, fungi and viruses:

  1. Colorado potato beetle – belongs to the category of the most dangerous pests. These insects are particularly voracious, 5-6 individuals can destroy the bush per day.You can fight this bug only with the use of specialized chemicals, strictly following the instructions.
  2. Slug – this pest eats young leaves of the plant and this jeopardizes the further growth and development of the plant. The easiest way to deal with slugs is to mechanically, that is, to collect all insects by hand.
  3. Aphids are the most dangerous pest for vegetable crops. These beetles reproduce very quickly, and within a week from the appearance of the first insects, the colony reaches such dimensions that it can spread to a plot of up to 1 ha. To spray the bushes in case of infection of aphid plants, an ash solution (1 kg of ash per 5 liters of water) is used. This solution is used in spraying.
  4. The spider mite is a small, dark red beetle. Drinks the juice of plants. Received a name for its feature – to leave a web everywhere after itself. Spider mites are afraid of water. It is recommended to spray them with a solution of soap and water (50 g of soap per 1 liter of water).

If there are a lot of pests, you will have to resort to insecticides. When using such drugs, it is important to follow the instructions for use.

Pests multiply rapidly. It is important to notice parasites right away, and for this you need to conduct plant inspections.


Aden F1 pepper definitely deserves the attention given by gardeners. He has amazing taste. Also, it is great for preparing all possible dishes.

Belonging to F1 hybrids makes it easy to care for this plant. Even a beginner gardener will not be difficult to grow it.

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