Characteristics of the variety of Goliath peppers

Characteristics of the variety of Goliath peppers

Among the huge variety of vegetables, the Goliath pepper variety is very popular in the market. He earned recognition because of his unpretentious care and high yield.

  1. Characteristics of the Goliath variety
  2. Description of the bush
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Planting and care of the Goliath cultivar
  5. Pests and diseases of the Goliath cultivar
  6. Conclusion

Характеристика сорта перцев Голиаф

Characteristics of the Goliath pepper variety

Characteristic of the variety Goliath

Goliath pepper variety belongs to the first generation hybrids.It is resistant to many diseases and gives good yields even with minimal care. It is impractical for further planting: it does not preserve the varietal characteristics of the parents.

Goliath F1 pepper is unpretentious to climatic conditions, suitable for cultivation in open ground. This hybrid eliminates the use of greenhouses and enclosed spaces for growing.

Description of the bush

The mid-early hybrid has a strong compact bush with a ripening period of 70-75 days from the day the seedlings are planted. Protection from burning summer rays provides a powerful leaf apparatus.

The plant has a developed root system. The rhizome is close to the surface of the soil, so it must be loosened very carefully so as not to damage it.

The leaves are dark green, with a smooth waxy surface.The ovary begins to form after 7-9 of this leaf, and after every 2-3 knots.

Description of the fruit

The seeds of this variety are high cost. As a result, gardeners and farmers receive much more fruits than conventional known varieties. Proven by producers, the average yield from 1 bush is 11-12 fruits.

Main characteristics of Goliath sweet pepper:

  • The fruits are uniform, have a conical shape and size 6 × 14 cm. The average weight of the fruit – 130-160 g, they have a small seed chamber, which is important when processing. Some fruits reach a length of 20 cm.
  • The wall thickness of the fruit is moderately thick – 7-8 mm. This gives the product an additional advantage: the thick walls of the vegetable make the product juicier and tastier, as well as the possibility of long enough storage in frozen form.
  • Thanks to the thick wall, the fruits are well transported over long distances and maintain their presentation for a long time . Products can be stored for 2-3 weeks in a grid, in boxes without loss of presentation, shape and quality characteristics.
  • In a state of technical ripeness, the fruits have a green color. With the onset of biological, it changes to rich red with a whitish wax coating.
  • The fruiting period is stable and long. If the fruits are cut before the start of biological ripening, they gradually blush until the new year.

Planting and caring for the Goliath variety

Растения необходимо удобрять

Plants need to be fertilized

All planting material is pre-disinfected, so you do not need to additionally prepare the seeds before sowing. Young seedlings need timely watering and top dressing.

After transplanting seedlings to a permanent place, it is necessary to shade the beds for several days. Otherwise, young seedlings may get leaf burns. Before planting, remove all inflorescences and small ovaries. This will help the plants maintain their strength and better take root in a new place.

Land for planting is prepared in advance. In the fall, some phosphorus and potash fertilizers are required, and in the spring, nitrogen fertilizers are required. The remaining parts are introduced after planting seedlings in the phase of fruit formation and during the period of mass fruiting. Mulching the soil with a black film accelerates fruit ripening.

Pests and diseases of the Goliath variety

Compared to varietal plants that are often unable to cope with diseases, the price of these seeds corresponds to invested funds in fertilizers and plant protection products. At the same time, selection seeds are reliably protected from the tobacco mosaic virus, bacterial spotting and cancer, alternariosis, late blight, gray rot and black leg, which is widespread in recent years.

For the purpose of additional protection against pests, basil is planted in the aisles. Shrub is a friend of the nightshade culture, it releases substances that stimulate growth.

The greatest danger to pepper bushes is slugs. In cloudy and rainy weather, they like to enjoy the fruits of culture. To combat slugs, leaves and stems are dusted with wood ash.

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Goliath pepper hybrid is great for growing in the open field and is resistant to most diseases and pests.

Pepper is suitable for growing on a production scale due to its high yield. easy to tolerate the transportation without any loss of the presentation.

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