Growing pepper seedlings without picking

Planting pepper seedlings is not an easy and lengthy business. But it is possible to facilitate work by eliminating one of the processes. Growing pepper seedlings without picking is possible, and healthy seedlings can be obtained with a minimum investment of labor.

  1. Preparatory activities
  2. Seed preparation
  3. Land preparation
  4. Growing seedlings
  5. Transshipment
  6. Transplanting peppers to the garden
  7. Features of cultivation without picking
  8. Prevention and treatment of diseases
  9. Conclusion

Выращивание рассады перца без пикировки

Growing pepper seedlings without picking


Pepper does not like stress. Picking it hurts, P damaging tender roots. In a non-pickled plant, the root system is much more powerful and larger.

To grow pepper without picking, you need to perform several preparatory measures: prepare seeds and soil.

Seed preparation

To grow a healthy crop, seeds are selected with care. You need to soak them for 1 hour in clean water (melt or distilled). Transfer for another 20 minutes into a weak manganese solution.

Put the soaked seeds on a cloth soaked with honey and water (0.5 tsp of honey and half a glass of water), wrap them in it. Leave in a warm place for 24 hours. After the time has expired, carefully deploy. Roots hatch for this day, try not to damage them.

Preparing the ground

Ground for seedlings of pepper without picking is loosened and enriched with nutrients. She must breathe so that the plants do not feel discomfort.

Drainage is placed at the bottom of the pots and is covered with soil mixed with peat and vermicompost. It is better to sow in ordinary plastic flower pots, sizes 7x7x8 cm and a volume of 1 liter. It is not recommended to grow seeds in peat pots. They dry out very quickly, drawing all the moisture of the soil onto themselves. It is difficult for the roots to germinate through them due to the density of the structure.

Growing seedlings

So that the vegetable can grow longer in the same place, it is necessary to plant no more in each pot 2-3 seeds. Landing to a depth of not more than 2 cm. Sprinkle with soil on top. It is better to grow in the ground from your own garden. It is tested, without pathogenic bacteria.

After the appearance of the sprouts, the one that is stronger is selected and left. The second, weaker, it is better not to pull it out. You can damage the not yet strong roots. It’s better to just cut it off with scissors.

Before sowing peppers for growing without picking, you need to decide on the place where the seedlings will stand. It should be well lit, without drafts and differences in night and day temperatures. The window sill is better not to use. Direct exposure to sunlight through the glass can cause burns on the delicate first leaves.

In the early days, pots with not sprouted seeds are covered with a film or glass. It is better to put them immediately in a warm and dark place. After the emergence of the sprouts, the covering material is removed. The temperature is maintained up to 20 ° C during the day and 18 ° C at night.


Peppers can be grown without a traumatic picking procedure using another technology. It is called transshipment.

After the appearance of 4 real leaves on each seedling, it’s time to move the seedlings to another place. To do this, you must first well moisten the soil in the pot. A wet lump is taken out more easily and the roots are not injured.

The earthen lump, as a whole, is transferred to another container, larger in size. Immediately after this, it is necessary to spray EM fertilizer or water with honey.

Water the next 14 days with clean water.

Without picking, seedlings begin to be fed from the third week, with organic liquid fertilizers and ash. You can not overfeed. It is necessary to monitor the correct lighting and periodically turn the pot from different sides to the light so that the entire green cover develops evenly.

Transplant peppers to the garden

Growing peppers without picking is different in time transplanting into the ground.Such plants are very strong and can transfer this procedure a week earlier than dived ones. Planting pepper without picking on a bed is done in late May or early June. This vegetable loves heat very much. The ground should warm up well so that the roots can germinate and adhere tightly to it.

Before planting peppers without picking, you need to take care of its nutrition. To do this, the holes are sprinkled with a mixture of humus and ash. Seedlings are pre-treated with such drugs:

  • Baikal;
  • Fitosporin;
  • EM preparation.

If vegetables are grow on the windowsill of the house, it’s better to use for fertilizers:

  • vermicompost;
  • complex fertilizers;
  • mineral fertilizers.

To give decorativeness, you can trim the bush and give the desired shape every month. The plant can delight with its fruits and appearance for many years. Warmth, light and peace at home will give him such an opportunity.

Features of growing without picking

When growing pepper without picking, avoid the following errors:

  • you can’t plant in large containers;
  • you can’t plant different species (bitter and sweet) nearby;
  • observe the handling and transplantation regimes characteristic of this vegetable.

Some growers want to immediately sow seeds in large pots to avoid not only picking, but also transshipment. It is absolutely impossible to do this.If the sowing was deeper than 2 cm. The soil will acidify, the seeds may not rise at all or the sprouts that appear will be with weak roots. Then it will be difficult for them to take root in the garden. This will affect the time of harvesting and the number of crops.

Высокая влажность вредит рассаде

High humidity harms seedlings

It happens that seedlings are very elongated for various reasons: the light has grown or there has been an excess of it. When transshipment, you can not fill it up above the limit. On the stem of this vegetable, additional roots never form, as is the case with tomatoes. The stem can rot.

Some problems arise due to high humidity or severe cooling: there are no buds and flowers. In this case, you need to spray Bud or Ovaryaz solutions in the morning.

Some recommendations:

  • Tomatoes or cucumbers will help to cope with aphids if they are planted nearby. It is convenient in small garden areas or in home greenhouses.
  • For biofuels, it is better to take hay without ripening compost or leaves. You can’t take manure, the culture will build up the upper part, and will not tie buds. If the presence of nitrogen in the soil is higher than normal, the ovary will be discarded.
  • It is not recommended to plant different types of crops nearby. Under such conditions, pollination of one species with another occurs at close range. Sweet – will become bitter.

Prevention and treatment of diseases

To get rid of fruit rot, you need to use Uniflor-bud fertilizer (2 teaspoons in 10 liters of water). They need to work on the leaves.

Thinning of the beds will prevent stem rot. By pouring a calcium solution with water in time, vertex rot can be avoided.

After the onset of symptoms, stop watering, increase ventilation, remove all infected leaves and twigs to a fork. Wipe the coating. Cover the damaged area with putty. It is made from chalk and potassium permanganate with water. Handle with ashes.

Mosaic color is evidence of viral disease of the stool. The bush is not subject to treatment. It is completely destroyed. It must be dug up and burned so that the remaining landings do not become infected.

Plant sweet pepper for seedlings without picking. 1 part.


To facilitate the work and refusing to dive will help you enjoy the process of growing peppers at home. Ibok, and to grow a healthy and rich harvest will be simple and interesting.

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