Rules for planting pepper in Siberia

Siberia is a region of risky farming. But this does not prevent many growers from successfully planting and growing such a thermophilic crop as pepper. The key to successful cultivation in Siberia is the right time for sowing seeds and the proper planting of pepper. To correctly determine the timing of sowing and planting, it is best to focus on the climatic conditions of the region and on the duration of the growing season and fruiting of peppers.

Sowing pepper for seedlings. Dates for planting sweet pepper.
Siberia and peppers in the greenhouse.
Pepper seedlings. Rules and dates for planting.


In such an agronomically difficult area for growing heat-loving vegetables as Siberia, it is possible to achieve good results if the timing of sowing and planting is observed. that our recommendations can help you get a generous and healthy harvest.

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