Pepper Variety Banana Dessert

Sweet pepper Banana dessert stands out among others not only by its original name, attention is attracted by its long large fruits. The variety was grown by Siberian breeders. And he got this name because of the similarity of the ovary during its milky maturity with a bunch of bananas.

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Сорт перца Банановый десерт

Sort pepper Banana dessert

Characteristics of the variety

The Siberian vegetable has a medium early ripening period: the vegetation period from emergence to technical ripeness is 120-125 days.

Allowed breeding ku Life in a sheltered space, under cover from a film or in a greenhouse, and in open ground.

The characteristics of the plant indicate its resistance to sudden changes in temperature, windy and cold weather, lack of moisture.


Fruits can claim the title of the longest among bell peppers: they reach 35 cm. The shape is elongated, the walls are thick, powerful (about 7-10 mm), smooth. Weight – from 200 to 250 g.


  • during the period of technical ripeness – milk, cream;
  • at the moment of biological ripeness – bright ruby, red.

Description of the plant:

  • the bush is closed, strong;
  • reaches a height of 65 to 80 cm;
  • leaves are deep dark green in color, medium in size.


With strict adherence to all recommendations for planting, growing and developing, the yield will be about 6 kg / m².


The taste of the fruit is pleasant, intense, without bitterness. The pulp is juicy. The list of dishes for the preparation of which a vegetable is used is very extensive.

Peppers can be consumed both fresh and frozen, as well as raw materials for homemade preparations: whole-canning, lecho, etc.

Growing seedlings

Рассада очень тяжело реагирует на пересадку

Seedlings are very heavily reacts to transplanting

It is necessary to plant seeds for seedlings approximately 70 days before the planned planting of peppers in the garden – in late February or early March.

The most favorable planting for good seed germination – with an air temperature of 25 to 28 ° C.

When the first true leaves appear on seedlings (about 2 to 3 weeks after germination), seedlings are planted in individual containers with a volume of 300 – 500 ml.

Attention! Sweet pepper does not tolerate transplantation very well, therefore, after planting in separate cups, growth may temporarily stop.To help the seedlings better adapt to the new conditions, spraying with the “Epin” biological stimulant can.


It is necessary to transplant the seedlings into the garden after frost, in the absence of threat their return, tentatively – in May.

Depending on the geographic location of the site and the climatic conditions of a particular area, Bulgarian pepper is planted:

  • directly into the open ground;
  • into sheltered ground – under a film or other covering material.

When transplanting, you must hold specific recommendations: place seedlings at a distance of at least 45 – 50 cm from each other, 4 to 5 plants per m². Peppers of this variety does not make sense to deepen, because they practically do not let side shoots. A depth similar to that of the seedlings growing in the cups will be sufficient.

To form a bush, leaves and existing lateral roots are removed after the procedure until the first fork.


The variety is beneficially influenced by:

  • moderate watering;
  • the application of complex mineral fertilizers.

In the summer period it is necessary to do at least 2–3 top dressings. Harvested in July – August.

Siberian pepper is a varietal crop, so you can remove seeds from it for further sowing. This will save money: there is no need to purchase the product in the store.

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