Eggplant twisting reasons

Eggplant twisting reasons

You can determine the state of the plant by its leaves. If the leaves of eggplant are curled, this is a sign of illness or lack of nutrients.

  1. Plant appearance
  2. Causes of curling
  3. Watering and temperature
  4. Soil <
  5. Treatment
  6. Chemical treatment
  7. Alternative treatment
  8. Dive seedlings
  9. Conclusion <

Причины скручивания листьев у баклажана

Causes of eggplant leaf curl

Appearance of the plant

If the bushes are affected what or disease, their leaflets visually confirm this. At the beginning, the twisting of the leaves is hardly noticeable. If the leaves are pale or begin to lighten slightly, this is the first sign of the disease. A yellowed appearance, leaves falling down, necrotic spots are the neglected stage.

The curl of leaves on an eggplant bush is due to many reasons:

  • Insect damage;
  • Seedling improper care
  • Too much or insufficient moisture watering;
  • Lack of sunlight.

All these factors affect the development of the fruit.

Watering and temperature pa

When watering, check the temperature of the water. Leaves are twisted around eggplant seedlings due to cold water. Watering is carried out regularly, several times a week.

Favorable temperature 23-27 ° С. At lower there is a risk of cultural death. When growing on the windowsill, small differences will benefit the development of seedlings.


The soil should be moisture and breathable. Sometimes there is a twisting due to a lack of such components:

    • potassium;
    • calcium;
    • sulfur;
    • boron.


With an excess of potassium, the soil is too salty, this can lead to the death of leaves and fruits. Abundant watering will improve the condition of the soil. Fertilize the soil periodically to avoid soil problems.


If the roots are affected, then the whole bush will suffer. He will have a lack of nutrients, it will not be able to develop and give birth. Restoring a plant is possible only by curing its roots.

Chemical treatment

Лечение рассады нужно начать как можно скорее

Seedling treatment should be started as soon as possible

Treatment should be started at an early stage, Only then there is a chance to cure even a running condition.

When the leaves are twisted on eggplant seedlings, the plant is saved with chemical fungicides.

One of such preparations is Maxim. Having treated it, the plant is covered with a protective film, which prevents diseases from developing.Having made the solution in a glass vessel, in a ratio of 1: 4, they spray all the infected plants with it.

There is also a good preparation that helps in twisting the leaves of eggplant seedlings – “Vitaros”. He uses the same stack as Maxim.

The Bordeaux mixture is also used. It is purchased in a store or prepared independently. For this you need:

  1. Copper sulfate.
  2. Quicklime.
  3. Water.

Treatment with folk remedies

Twisted leaves on eggplant can be treated with folk remedies. Having cut off all the infected leaves, the seedlings are watered with a soapy solution. Such a solution will disinfect and wash away pests.

Fertilizing with phosphorus, potassium sulfate or magnesium will help to solve many problems. Fertilizing should be done during the growing season, then every 2-3 weeks, and during the fruiting period.

Dive seedlings

If the leaves were twisted on eggplant in the open on the ground, they will be dived.

The best option would be a dive when the crop appears cotyledonous leaves. Seedlings are abundantly watered to get rid of the earth.

Small bushes are transplanted into a container into which a previously prepared soil is added so that the lower cotyledon leaves look up. provided that the seedlings will be planted in separate vessels.If the foliage spun on only one bush, then the rest will be saved during transplanting.

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The sheets are curled most often due to poor crop or soil care. The first actions in this situation: disinfection, picking and treatment. This will help improve the condition of the leaflets.The best prevention will be proper watering, top dressing and observing the temperature regime.

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