Favorable days for planting eggplant for seedlings in 2020

Favorable days for planting eggplant for seedlings in 2020

Planting eggplants for seedlings in 2019 depends on the climate of the region, the weather, the method of cultivation and influence I Lunar Calendar

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Благоприятные дни посадки баклажанов на рассаду в 2019 году

Favorable days for planting eggplants for seedlings in 2019

We grow seedlings

Eggplants are usually grown in seedlings.

Sowing is carried out in February for transplanting into the greenhouse or in March for transplanting into the open ground.

Remember that the sprouts need good lighting so they are artificially exposed.


Before sowing the seeds, they are disinfected in a solution of manganese or hydrogen peroxide.

The disinfected material is washed in a groove oh the water several times. For good growth, you can soak in an aqueous solution of aloe juice.

The soil mixture for sowing is prepared from garden soil, sand and humus (1: 1: 2), and then steamed.

Superphosphate (1.5 tbsp per 2 kg is added as fertilizer) land) and ash (1 tbsp. per 2 kg of land).


Eggplants do not really like diving and transplanting, so it’s better to sow them immediately in separate cups. Alternatively, sowing can be done in peat tablets or in a cochlea.

Seeds are deepened by 0.5-1 cm, sprinkled with earth and moistened with warm water from a spray bottle.

Sowing is covered with glass or polyethylene and set the temperature to 26-30 ° C. When shoots appear, they take off the shelter, and sprouts are poured with warm water under the root.


After the shoots appear, the glasses are rearranged on a well-lit window sill and the first time artificially illuminated.

Irrigation is done every 5 days using warm, settled water.

Every two weeks a complex mineral fertilizer is applied (for example, the liquid substance “Ideal”).

a week before eggplant transplant harden: open the window leaves in the room, increasing the hardening time every day.

Landing dates for 2019 od

Favorable days

Favorable period of sowing seeds or planting seedlings accounted for the growing phase of the moon.

These will be the following days:

  • in February from 6 to 18;
  • in March – from 7 to 20;
  • in April from 6 to 18;
  • in May – from 6 to 18;
  • in June – from 4 to 16.

Relying on the Lunar calendar of 2019, it is best to plant eggplants for seedlings in 2019:

  • in February – 7, 8, 11,13,16 and 17;
  • in March – 10, 12, 15 and 16;
  • in April – 11.12, 18-21;
  • in May – from 8 to 10 or from 15 to 18;
  • in June – 5, 6, 11-15.

Adverse Days

Лунный календарь поможет определиться с датой посадки

The lunar calendar will help determine the date of planting

You can not sow seeds 3 February 4 and 5 (during this dangerous period the waning moon is combined with the infertile sign of Aquarius).

Unfavorable days in 2019 for sowing seeds and transplanting eggplant seedlings:

  • in March – 3,4,5,6, 30 and 31;
  • In April – 1, 4 and 5, and also from 26 to 28;
  • In May –4, 5, 24 and 25;
  • in June: 2,3, 20,21 and 22.

According to the signs of the zodiac

The best time to plant or plant eggplant is when the Moon is in the sign of Taurus or Scorpio.

If such days coincide with the waning phase, then you need to focus on the sign.

  • In February of ak Taurus notes 11 and 12 numbers, and Scorpio – 24 and 25.
  • In March, the Moon is in the sign of Taurus from 10 to 12, and in Scorpio – 23 and 24.
  • In April, the sign of Taurus falls on the 7th and 8th, and the sign of Scorpio – on 19 and 20.

In May, the Moon resides in Taurus on the 4th and 5th, which is the end of the waning phase of the Moon and indicates the onset of a new moon. Thus, it is possible to plant eggplant on May 4, 2019, but 5 is not recommended.

The sign of Scorpio in May marks the 17th and 18th. In June, the Moon is in the sign of Taurus 28 and 29, and in the sign of Scorpio – 13 and 14.

Landing in different regions

The timing of sowing and transplantation depends not only on region, but also from the weather.

In the southern regions, seeds can be planted in the first half of February, in order to transplant plants in the greenhouse in April. For transplanting into open ground, sowing is done in early March, and replanted in the second half of May.

Sowing seeds in the middle lane begins in mid-March, and is planted in the greenhouse from the second decade of June. For outdoor cultivation, sowing is done in early April, and transplanting in the third decade of June.

In the northern regions and Siberia, eggplants are often grown in greenhouses, sown in mid or late March, and transplanted in mid-June. .

Transplant to open ground

The time of transplant to open ground depends on the established weather, air and soil temperature.

Daytime temperature for eggplant growth – not lower than 20 ° С, and better – 25-28 ° С.At night – 13-14 ° C. The soil should warm up to 15-17 ° C at a depth of 20 cm.

Transplant dates

Высаживают рассаду в середине июня

Seedlings are planted in mid-June

In the south, the desired temperature is set in May: sometimes at the beginning, but often not earlier than the second decade.

In the middle lane, good weather occurs after June 10, so transplantation is done from the second decade or in the middle of the month.

In the northern regions eggplants are transplanted in the middle or end of June.

Transplant rules

  • The site must be sunny and sheltered from the wind;
  • The bed needs to be prepared in the autumn – dig and fertilize ( compost or humus);
  • Observing the crop rotation, this vegetable is planted after peas, carrots, salads or cucumbers (can not be planted after nightshade);
  • From the fall, they make tall and insulated beds: they dig out trench to a depth of 20 cm and fill it with branches, sawdust, foliage; watered with mullein solution; pour fertile soil on top, raising the bed 30 cm;
  • In addition to organic matter, wood ash, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen fertilizers are added to the topsoil;
  • Before planting, the soil is loosened and watered warm water;
  • A transplant is done in the evening or on a cloudy day;
  • Plants are transplanted with an earthen lump or with peat pots (tablets);
  • You can immediately install individual pegs for tying;
  • For the first time, seedlings are covered with a film or other non-woven material;
  • Minimum The distance between the holes is 35 cm, the optimal one is 40-45; between the rows 50-60 cm recede;
  • If the bushes are planted in a checkerboard pattern, apply a 60 cm by 60 cm scheme (if 2 bushes are planted in 1 hole – 70X70 cm).

Sowing in open ground

Sowing eggplant directly in open ground is possible only in very warm southern regions (like the Krasnodar Territory).And even in the south it is better to sow them under film shelter.

Sowing dates that meet favorable conditions begin in April.

Seed preparation

Before sowing, the seeds are checked for germination or germinated in wet tissue (4-5 days). For disinfection, they are soaked in a dark manganese solution for 30-40 minutes, and then washed.

For hardening, the material is placed in a damp cloth and placed in the refrigerator for a day. The next day, the seeds are kept warm, and then again in the refrigerator. Thus, staying in warm and cold alternates several times.


The soil on the bed is fertilized and thoroughly loosened. Make grooves with a depth of 1.5-2 cm and moisten with warm water. The seeds in them are laid out every 3 cm, sprinkled with earth and slightly compacted. The sowing must be covered with a film, constructing a temporary greenhouse.

Seedling care

Young sprouts are watered every few days, focusing on the soil condition (it is not possible to overmoisten the seedlings).

Watered strictly under the root, using warm, standing water. The greenhouse is regularly ventilated to control the level of humidity.

When 2 real leaves appear in plants – they dive, planting eggplants according to the 40X50 pattern.

Alternative sowing

Eggplants do not like diving too much, so sometimes they are sown immediately in separate holes. If you plan to sow without shelter, you can do it no earlier than May.

3-4 seeds are put in each hole. Subsequently, weaker plants are removed and the strongest ones are left. Some gardeners leave 2 bushes in each hole.

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