Growing onions in a plastic bottle

Greens are an important nutrient for every person, and we try to use it in large quantities, because in it contains many useful substances and vitamins, so necessary for our body. But it is precisely at that period when our body is most in need of vitamins, it is snowing in the yard. In the modern world, it is easy to solve the problem by simply going to the supermarket, where the shelves are full of fresh vegetables and herbs all year round.But there is another way available to everyone: grow onions at home in a simple bottle. A bow in a plastic bottle is an excellent way out.

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Как вырастить лук в пластиковой бутылке

How to grow onions in a plastic bottle

Preparatory stage

With the advent of the first cold days, it makes sense to plant onions. The first green crop on the windowsill will delight the eye and adorn the gray, dull landscape outside the window. Often in the spring the vegetable itself lets out greens, so why not plant? Then the idea comes to mind to grow onions in a bottle.

The method is simple. The main thing is to prepare a container (it should be plastic) for planting, and an island of summer will appear at home. You can plant onions in a 5 liter bottle or 2 liter. It all depends on how many seeds there are. On the bottle mark the places where the seedling will be located. It is advisable to do this in a checkerboard pattern. Each hole on a plastic bottle is tried on and cut smaller than the size of the head itself. If you make a cut at the top, then you can plant there.

To grow onions in a plastic bottle will only work in the prepared soil. It is easy to buy ready-made in a specialized store, but it is also not difficult to make the mixture yourself at home. To do this, mix the soil, peat and humus. Filling the container, carefully tamped, otherwise the earth will spill out into the holes. There is a second way – growing on toilet paper. Previously, the paper needs to be moistened well, squeezed and laid out in a container so that it fills all the void. Do not forget about regular watering.


We continue to figure out how to plant onions in a 5 liter bottle. Landing requires care and caution. If the plant already has a feather, then you should try not to break it. It is important to ensure that the top of the head sticks out, then the greens can easily and quickly grow. In the early days, water will be washed out from the watering, so it is advisable to put something under the container with the vegetable. It is important to pour onions in a bottle on the windowsill often, but not to fill it.

The basic rules for growing are as follows.

  1. The planting material should be medium-sized: large is inconvenient to plant and it will not fit even in a five-liter bottle, and small heads will not be able to stop the spilling of earth from the holes.
  2. It is important to remember that this is a sun- and heat-loving plant, so grow onions in a bottle will turn out on the southern or eastern windowsill, otherwise cultivation will not bring the desired results .In extreme cases, the greens will grow slowly and sparse.
  3. Green onions in a plastic bottle will grow faster if the sprouts are planted slightly looking out of the holes outward.
  4. Planting of each next layer should be carried out at a distance not less than 3 cm from the previous one.
  5. Before planting, it is important to soak the heads in water, where they let the roots. Better yet, sprout them. So the green crop will appear on the table faster.

Adhering to these recommendations, it is real to notice the first feathers after one week.

Features of care

Onions in a plastic bottle on your windowsill can please a generous and juicy crop, but for this you need to take into account the specifics of home care. First of all, regular watering is required. It is better to do this not around the edges, but in the center of the container, otherwise the earth will become covered with mold, and the roots may rot. Watering is carried out by a sutra, this is reflected in the taste and smell of feathers. Drying of the earth should not be allowed.

Before the green crop appears, you must constantly loosen and fertilize the soil. Top dressing is suitable both dry and in the form of a solution. Growth will be accelerated if nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, nitrate, or nitrogen fertilizer are added to the ground.

The plant does not require special care. It is unpretentious, but in this way it is realistic to provide constant greens in the family diet. It is interesting to observe the very moment of forcing green onions in a bottle.Already on the third day, the first green sprout can be seen on some heads, but by the seventh day, most plants will begin to actively grow and produce feathers, only rare ones will not hatch. By day 11, some can already take the first test crop. Grown 2 weeks and already get enough harvest for making a delicious salad. It is likely that some will not germinate, but new feathers will appear on the others for a long time.

Growing onions in a plastic bottle using forcing is quite simple to observe: if it is not possible to place a large capacity, then an alternative is a smaller plant, for example, in a liter container, where the plant is planted. The planting and care procedure does not differ, but the compact design is suitable for everyone.


People have long wanted to have greenery on the windowsill, but if they used to grow it in cans and bulky boxes, now there is growing onions in a plastic bottle. Such a bed impresses with its compactness and simplicity of design. A similar method is suitable for any housewife, because it will take a minimum of effort and financial investments, especially since in such a capacity it looks more attractive than in a bank.

The disadvantages include time consumption and scrupulousness in manufacturing and landing. This method will not work for those who do not like to get their hands dirty: the occupation is not clean and you will have to come into contact with wet ground. For such a suitable option – growing vegetables with toilet paper. The right material is in any home.


If you follow simple tips, the question of how to grow onions in a regular bottle will not bother, and it will not be difficult, and the onion will only bring a lot of pleasure and delicious dishes with fragrant herbs.

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