Onion fly control methods

Pests of seasonal plants annoy the gardener from year to year. Every person who owns a small garden or large land must know how to deal with the onion fly or how to handle the onion fly.

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Onion fly

A pest that is difficult to fight is able to destroy the entire crop. How to water a garden for prevention and what to do for a decisive struggle with insects?

Insect worms and pests

Onion flies have the signs of a parasite – this is the most common pest of onions and root crops planted in the open. There is not much information on how to treat onions from onion flies, so a new gardener is better listen to the advice of professionals. Not many insects attack onion species. The parasite harms stems that begin to dry in the middle. Root crop parasite is not so terrible. So how to treat onions from a parasite?

Effective parasite remedies must be prepared in advance in order to quickly respond to a problem in case of anxiety. The destruction of onion flies with home-made solutions is not only a guarantee of success, but also a chance to preserve the entire crop without losses for the gardener.Looks like an onion fly unremarkable and does not belong to the most dangerous insects like a tarantula that harm living cultures, but you should not neglect caring for unpretentious onions.

Why do we need increased caution? Preparing for the season from winter will help to eliminate any threats before planting:

  • parasite attacks;
  • rotting of the bulbs from excessive moisture (watering is carried out no more than 5 times a month);
  • leaching of nitrogen (watering does not solve the problem, and soil is fertilized before planting).

Before planting, it is important not only to protect the onions, but also to contribute to the development of all neighboring crops. From parasites helps timely prevention and caution on the part of a person. No gardener is engaged in landing on un moistened dry soil. The first sign that a harmful onion fly has appeared is rot and poor growth. Get rid of the parasite in the garden is mandatory.

First aid for the onion fly

Poison onions from parasites should be after the onset of the first symptoms of the disease. The negative process begins with the yellowing of individual parts of the stem. If an onion fly or its larvae has bred in the garden, they destroy the plant day after day, sucking the juices out of it (even garlic suffers from it). The stricken bow dims, and then its green arrows begin to fall to the ground. Nothing will help such plants.Saving the crop should be done immediately, while measures to clean the plants can still make a difference. Processing is the only way to clean the onion from the parasite. A parasite appears with the arrival of heat. Processing is carried out until the complete destruction of dangerous parasites. Each day of procrastination, while the insects continue to multiply and damage the crop, can lead to the most disastrous results for the entire garden. Only thoroughly spraying the stems will help protect the plant and destroy insects. For sevka, this is the only opportunity to start growing after it is possible to destroy all the flies. With the onion fly larva, things are even worse: in such cases, processing may be necessary for neighboring crops (carrots, garlic or fruits will suffer), growing on the beds near the infected onions. If you simply water the areas affected by flies or larvae, you will not be able to avoid damage to the bulbs. How to save an onion from the parasites of an onion fly?

What is the danger of an onion fly

The fight against an onion fly begins with recognizing the threat. Onion is an unpretentious plant that even a novice gardener will cope with. Bulbs are planted in a greenhouse or with the help of seeds in open ground. Minimum processing of beds and the availability of this subspecies allows you to get a crop by the end of summer.The gardener rarely thinks about how to get rid of the onion flies or cultivate the earth with chemicals.

The first alarm bells are written off in extreme heat or inadequate watering – the green shoot has turned yellow. If it is not possible to water the culture, then the green arrows also fade. The problem of the onion mature is that no one seriously considers the threat it poses.

What does the onion fly look like? Outwardly, there are practically no differences between the onion and the usual individual. Seeing a pest, a person may simply not recognize it.

The threat from a healthy onion specimen for a garden is as follows:

  • destruction of green onions;
  • eating flower petals;
  • eaten parts of the pulp in vegetables or fruits;
  • destruction of small crops in the garden.

Without attaching importance to the pest, the gardener harms to myself. For an onion healthy individual, there is no significant difference in what kind of plants to eat. The entire life cycle of this insect takes place in the garden or garden. Spraying the earth is not always profitable, but there is always time to process the green arrows. The soil on which the crop sits must be loosened and etched from insect larvae.

In one area, bulbs can be planted for up to 2 years, and best of all, for one year. The necessary care (you can save the harvest) is always easier to do than to spend time on further struggle.Ways to scare away insects, if they have already wound up and are on the beds, include saturating the irrigation water with Metronidazole tablets. It is not recommended to spray such a solution before harvesting.


Tillage before planting new crops is a person’s primary task. Fighting flies is not just recommended; further harvest depends on the destruction of the flies. On the garden, especially densely planted, whole groups of different pests appear. Insects corrode both the upper stems and the rhizome of plants. Damaged stems no longer save water and fertilizer. Onions are the first to be hit by pests because the stems become a source of nutrients for parasites and a refuge for eggs laid by insects.

It is recommended to cultivate the crop in the garden as a preventative measure against the appearance of the onion fly. To get rid of insects (to remove them completely and kill all the larvae) will help special fluids and mixtures with which to spray the stems. If the stem is already damaged, they should be treated with particular care (they are not allowed to spray with chemicals), because the substances enter directly into the bulbs. Folk remedies will help save even hopeless plants, and the cost of their preparation will be minimal. How to process onions in the garden if you do not use chemicals? Folk recipes come to the rescue, including solutions from carrot tops or birch sap against insects.Any safe way to deal with flies will come in handy for the gardener.

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Methods of controlling insects

Methods of controlling when the parasite starts and the onion suffers from it, folk remedies in order to get rid of parasites, methods for treating or watering infected plants – an experienced gardener will gladly share tips on caring for onions. Home-made products are always highly effective and safe, after which you only need to carefully water the diseased culture and mulch the soil. Different means are chosen to fight flies and larvae.

Some gardeners like to etch insects with ammonia, while others choose more gentle methods.

To fight flies and getting rid of larvae, you can use kerosene or a concentrated salt solution (1 part of salt in 3 parts of water). Any methods and methods should be as safe as possible for humans. Onion fly control measures depend on how many plants were affected.

In autumn, it is best to spray the entire crop and reduce the amount of moisture (water 2 times less). For these purposes, a saline solution (a high concentration of salt) will do. Liquid ammonia is not worth destroying larvae. Tobacco dust is more gentle than insecticides. Concentrated drugs can damage the crop.If it is not possible to apply a salt solution from the larvae, and tobacco dust harms the plant, then use:

  • Intavir;
  • Actara;
  • Creolin;
  • Piperazine tablets;
  • Fitoverm;
  • Spark tablets;
  • preparations or insecticides for fruit trees;
  • special toxic chemicals;
  • Metronidazole;
  • tablets with ammonia;
  • tar;
  • effective Fly-eater.

The people have many recipes, the use of which will save the harvest. A solution of salt and tobacco dust or ash, insecticides – all these methods help to solve the problem at home, without the help of strangers. The use of any means should be a deliberate step that does not harm the person himself.

The bulbous parasitic individual does not tolerate tobacco dust or saline, which will not spoil the future crop.

How to save onions from larvae? Methods of dealing with the onion fly larva are selected according to the capabilities and requirements of the gardener. Protection against the onion fly is the primary task of the gardener who is worried about his own health.

Folk remedies for the fight against the onion fly

Prevention of the appearance of the onion fly and treatment of crops from the onion fly using tobacco dust is carried out using folk remedies. It will not be difficult to get rid of onion flies with ammonia or soapy water. How to save an onion from an onion fly?You can apply one of the folk recipes, which does not require special costs of money. The fly is even afraid of soap diluted with water. The main thing is to determine the exact concentration of the substance. After treatment with ammonia, there will be no trace of the onion fly. A quick-acting mixture is prepared from tobacco leaves, fertilizer and ground pepper.

Soap diluted with water can be used. Such solutions will be able to destroy the onion fly larvae. A solution consisting of:

  • 1 tbsp. Will help treat green shoot, if it is completely infected to the bulb. l tobacco;
  • 1 tbsp. l black pepper;
  • 200 g of ash.

The whole plant is dusted with such a solution, and then the earth around the onion is fluffed. Salt soil with a mixture is also not recommended. As soon as the fly flies out of the bed, constant watering will become a care for the stems. The outbreak of flies is noticeable by the state of the plant.

If flies are wound up, the use of chemical preparations from onion carrion is simply necessary, but only in cases when the green arrows completely dry. Fighting onion flies with folk remedies helps to maintain a crop that will not be scared to eat. Fighting onion flies with folk remedies, such as a mixture of ash, salt and tobacco, is not only effective, but also cheap.


It is easy to make a remedy for a vegetable parasite own hands. Homemade mixtures are in stock for each experienced gardener.Visual photos show how onion carrion harms the entire culture and spreads to neighboring plants.

An effective tool based on salt concentrates or insecticides to cope with the onion fly. What folk remedies for onion flies to choose? An effective means for scaring away the onion fly will be the solution in which the gardener is absolutely sure, so how to treat the onion from the onion fly depends solely on the choice of the gardener than how to water the plant.

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