When the bow went to the arrow

When growing on a bed of onions, gardeners often encounter the fact that the onion went into the arrow. Onion shooting does not matter if it is decided to grow a vegetable on a feather, but when an onion crop needs to be planted in order to harvest a rich harvest in the fall, the appearance of onion arrows during flowering of a plant becomes a problem for summer residents, and they often do not know what to do with the colors appearing.

  1. Why the onion arrow
  2. Storage of planting material
  3. Selection of planting material
  4. Time for planting
  5. Take action

Лук пошел в стрелку

The onion went to the arrow

Why the onion arrow is bad

the onion arrow is nothing more than an inflorescence of a plant, and onion shooting is a flowering on which garden culture needs to spend energy and minerals received. The time after the vegetable has started the onion flower, ripened seeds appear on it, because the arrow is the part of the plant that is responsible for its propagation, however, if the peduncle develops in that type of onion crop that sits to receive a crop in the form turnips, it does not bring any benefits, for example, it is not necessary for the bow to start shooting for:

  • slime,
  • shallots,
  • of the onion type,
  • leek,
  • batun,
  • schnitt.

The arrows are also not useful for garlic.

Family shallot – one of the species that rarely releases arrows.

Of course, the formation of arrows does not cause the vegetable crop to become unsuitable for consumption, however, the vegetable that has undergone the shooting process becomes unsuitable for long storage and quickly rots, so they try to use such a plant before the onset winters. In addition, when growing the above varieties, experienced gardeners do not allow the appearance of onion arrows so that they do not affect the yield.

Among the reasons why the onions go to the arrow, there are several:

  • properly stored seed,
  • incorrectly sized bulbs for planting,
  • violation of the terms for planting onions.

Storage planting material

Failure to observe the storage conditions of the seed is one of the most common reasons why the onion set went in the arrow. Sevok for the upcoming planting should be kept at a temperature not understood above 0 ° C. It belongs to frost-resistant plants, therefore for its storage the environment will be most favorable at -3-4 ° C rather than warm air.

If in the next harvest season there is an intention to plant onions with seeds, then the temperature of their preservation can be Do not worry: they are able to survive the winter at any temperature, but we must not forget that growing the bulbs by planting seeds in a year will not work.The process of growing onions in the garden will be reduced to the cultivation of the original seedling, which will be stored during the winter, and then planted on the garden.

An exception to the general rules for harvesting from the north is derived hybrid varieties of onions from seeds which already in the first season receive a good harvest in the form of strong turnips.

An important factor among the storage conditions of planting material so that the onions do not go in the arrow are humidity indicators in the room where the seeds are kept. Maintaining dryness in the arrow will allow avoiding the dryness in the cellar, otherwise the planting seed sprouts early and the sprouted onions will go to the beds, which most often goes into the arrow.

Some gardeners recommend increasing the shelf life of onions process it with lime so that there is no trouble in the spring.

Selection of planting material

Shooting of onions is directly related to the incorrect selection of the size of the bulbs for planting, although many gardeners do not pay this due attention Rich is in vain. On how correctly the size of the bulbs was chosen for planting on the bed, it depends on whether the bow will shoot. Inadequate seed is one of the reasons why the onion goes into the arrow. So that the onion does not shoot, it is necessary to grow it from the sorted seed.To get good seedlings and to harvest a rich crop in the autumn, the seed planter diameter for planting should be no more than 1 cm. Such material is small. The middle fraction includes specimens with a diameter of 1 centimeter to 3. The fact that the size is more than 3 cm belongs to the large fraction.

The probability that a large-sized bow will go into the arrow is about 70%. If you want to grow an onion crop without arrows, it is better to give preference to smaller fractions.

Copies of a large fraction are more suitable for growing early onion herbs. If the target is strong onion turnips, it is better to plant the middle fraction, since there is almost no shooter on the set bow of the middle fraction.

Time for planting

Another reason for the formation the shooter on the bow is a violation of the timing of the landing of planting material. The way to avoid bow shooting is to choose the right time for planting crops on the beds. So that the sowing does not give an arrow, it must be planted in a rather warm soil, and this most often occurs at the end of April. An early planted sowing will give flowering, at the same time with long planting periods in the spring, do not wait for strong bulbs in the fall.

To prevent the onions from shooting, it can be planted before winter.This method is suitable for areas where moderate winters persist, but it should not be used in regions with harsh climates where long-term winter sevocs may freeze.

If sevocs for planting are purchased in retail chains, then avoid manifestations of possible problems with its storage, so that it does not go out of color, you need to warm it up in a warm place (for example, under a central heating battery or in direct sunlight) for up to 3 weeks.

To plant a sowing, which would not go in the arrow, n it’s necessary to purchase winter varieties characterized by increased frost resistance.

Taking measures

What should I do if the bow went in the direction of the arrow, despite the measures taken?

Initially, if a vegetable lets out a color, they try to save it, cutting off all the onion arrows that appear. Use such cleaning as early as possible. The faster this is done, saving the plant from the peduncle, the larger the turnip will grow. Trim the onion color directly below the neck, as close to the base as possible. When fresh flower stalks appear, they are immediately cut off.

It is easy to recognize the green vegetable that went up when growing in the arrow, by the thickened neck. It is used for culinary purposes in the first place.

Many gardeners, when asked if the bow went to the arrow what to do, are advised to use it on the feather, trying to select the seeds in the next harvest season and prepare it for planting correctly. The resulting juicy tops will become an indispensable ingredient in summer salads.

When the plant starts to bloom, the arrows break out, they must be removed regularly, which makes it possible to get a crop that is not so rich, but quite worthy of small and medium-sized turnips.

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