How to store onion sets

Onions are a relatively unpretentious product, it is quite easy to grow them, but saving seeds until the next planting is not so simple. Gardeners with many years of experience know that you can get a big crop only with quality sowing, but often the question arises, how to do it? Everyone wants to have their own seeds, but only modern apartments are not designed for this. And it is in this article that you will learn how to store onion sets indoors and what conditions are required for this.

Sevc: a brief description

First you need to understand what sevc is, and only then explain how to store the onion sevc and what features it has. Onion sets are small bulbs with a diameter of 2.5-3 cm, and they grew in the first years of sowing. It is used as seeds, and then onions grow from it. Properly selected seeds are the key to success. Of course, you can use purchased seeds, but sowing has its advantages:
  • gives an earlier crop (if planted in early spring);
  • its root system quickly grows into the ground, even if the soil is without fertilizer;
  • thanks to the strong root system, even in hellish heat it can absorb moisture from the soil;
  • suitable for growing large crops and is easy to maintain.
In order to get an excellent harvest, you need to go through a couple of stages: the process of preparing for the collection, the exact collection of onion sets, the correct preparation of the crossbarrel for storage.Among other things, it is important to strictly adhere to temperature standards for storing onions at home.

Preparing the sevka

Preparing the onions for hibernation has several main stages. The first is harvesting the onions before the winter season. It is recommended to collect a crossbow for landing in late August. If you don’t know if the onion has ripened or not, look at its feathers: if they turn yellow and dry, this is a sure sign that the cross is ready. First, you must select the bow for landing and choose the right size. Firstly, a small crossbow can lie for much longer than a large bulb. Secondly, the bulb should be dried as much as possible. This can be done on the windowsill or on the balcony, the sun at this stage plays the role of a natural dryer. Most importantly, do not forget that even the onion needs constant fresh air, so you need to ventilate the room where it will be located a couple of times a day.

Possible places

Actual questions of beginners and experienced gardeners include the problems of how to store onion sets before planting, as well as where to store sets. In fact, the apartment has a lot of places suitable for storing a crossbow. TOP - 6 spaces are discussed below in more detail:
  1. An ordinary wicker basket is perfect for storing sevka, as well as for storing just onions.The basket has holes, which means that air and sun will fall on the crossbar. The basket is made of environmentally friendly material and will look very nice in any interior.
  2. Small boxes are very convenient, do not take up much space. They can be put one on top of the other, and the storage of the set will not be violated.
  3. An ordinary cardboard box may work, but you need to make holes for air so that the bow can “breathe”.
  4. Where without the old and proven method. Do you have old unnecessary tights? Consider that you have found use for them. Of course, onions in tights will look strange in an apartment, but, for example, storage on the balcony or in the pantry will not take up much space.
  5. A simple bag is also well suited for seeding and for storing onions. You can pour only 20-30 cm of onion into it, if more, then it will simply suffocate. In winter, it is advisable to keep the vegetable away from the battery.
  6. And, of course, nets. You can also store it on the balcony or in the pantry, at the same time, you can see what condition the onion is in, whether the temperature and humidity are suitable for it.
This item answers the question of how to store onions -seeding before planting and where.


Actually, storing onion sets before planting at home is very easy. The main thing is to adhere to several rules. The first - you can not put the container next to any thermal device (battery, air conditioning, etc.), especially in winter.The optimum temperature for storing a crossbar is 22-24 ° C. Humidity also plays a very important role. Dry air will simply dry future seeds, and too moist will provoke the process of decay and decomposition of seeds. Ideal humidity is 50-70%.
The main thing is to properly store the seeds. How much can this be done? Optimally for 1 year and 3 months at a temperature of 17-23 ° C, humidity - 50-70%. If the plans are to keep the crossbar in the refrigerator, then the period is 1 month. The self-shoot required for food, which is stored in a vacuum package, has a shelf life of one year, if it is 2 months without packaging.

Existing methods

For storage There are several ways to shoot yourself: cold method, warm method, combined. The cold method involves storing seeds in a basement, garage, cellar. After the crossbow passed the selection method and was put into the container, you can lower it into the basement and leave it until spring. Only in spring can a plant be obtained and planted. It is better that the air in the storage place is approximately 3 ° C, and the humidity is 60-70%. There is a second way - this is to bury the seeds already in the ground, but this must be done before the first frost. During the winter, it will not germinate, but in the spring it will really be possible to get the first seedlings. The third way is to take a bucket, put sawdust in there, put onion and then put sawdust on top again. Strong and healthy seeds are planted in the spring. A warm method involves storing seeds in a house or apartment. You need to store the crossbar in a warm (17-22 ° C) room, away from moisture and dampness, so that the vegetable does not sprout or disappears.

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The combined method is not known to all summer residents. It consists of a warm and cold method.Before the first frost, onions are in a room with a temperature of 17-22 ° C, and then they transfer it to a refrigerator or another cool place. Then in the spring, weeks 2-3 before planting, the seeds must be taken out in the sun, the temperature degree rises to 23-26 ° C, kept at this temperature for a couple of days, and then lower it to 22 ° C. Such indicators remain until planting in the spring.

If the onion still begins to rot, it can still be saved, you just need a rotten layer and let the plant dry. If it became noticeable that the process was stopped, then you can plant, if not, the vegetable should be thrown out. It is best to plant a crossbar in spring when the soil and air have already warmed up.

To summarize

Different varieties have their own storage conditions:

  • green varieties can be kept in the refrigerator for no longer than 2 weeks;
  • leek varieties are best stored in sand, the height of the pot is 5-6 cm, and sand is 3-4 cm;
  • varieties onions are the easiest to store, you can keep them in the refrigerator for a couple of months.

So, we found the answer to the question of how to store onion sets, and we learned that there are many storage techniques set as an onion, as well as conditions Seva injured before planting. There are many places for storage, the main thing is to follow all recommendations on air, temperature and moisture. Shelf life depends on the variety. It is better to keep small bulbs on landing. There are 3 ways to save: cold, warm, combined.Which of these methods is suitable, it is up to the gardener to decide, only this way he can be sure that the crossbow will lie down until spring.

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